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The Day of the Labyrinth

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When reading this book, I found a lot of religious basics throughout the book and that is not what I enjoy when reading.

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Was very excited to read this because the description seemed so intriguing. But this book was a tremendous let down. It was so completely boring. Try as I might I could not get into it. And I love the romans and the greeks and have read a lot of books both historical and fictional and yet this one was so boring. The story just kept meandering on and on and I found it to be torturous to keep reading until eventual I decided to put myself out of my misery and stop. Maybe it would have gotten better had I kept reading but one cannot hope that a reader will sit through a hundred pages of torture before they get to something actually worth reading because most won't. I try to finish every book I read even if I don't like the characters or think the story is boring but this was borderline unreadable.

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