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A Wedding at Heatherly Hall

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I loved reading all about heatherly hall. Such a beautiful setting with lots happening to keep you entertained. Would 100% reccomend to everyone.

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It took me a little while to get into this (I think that’s due to me rather than the book) but once I did, I found myself reaching for my kindle at any spare moment to read a few more chapters. It started off at quite a relaxed pace but as you got nearer the end the tension and drama just kept ramping up!

I really felt for Rosa in this book as she doesn’t have an easy time of it at all and there are some really poignant and emotional experiences that she encounters. However she soldiers on and puts her brave face on for the majority of the time which just makes the reader respect and warm to her even more - or it did in my case at least

On the opposite hand I wanted to slap both Eva and Hannah at times for risking what they’d already got for the illusion of something better - it’s definitely true that you realise what you had when you no longer have it…

Overall I really liked this book, it had emotional moments, tense moments, drama, romance and laughter at times as well. A lovely return to Heatherly hall!

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A heartwarming saga of sisterhood at Heatherly Hall. The characters are fun, colorful and there is excellent character development in this wonderful book. The book is full of humor and funny moments with some cozy mystery. This is a really great story with lots of interesting things happening that will hold your attention until the end. Wonderful reading that you don’t want to miss!

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this is a cute, sweet story in a series, but can be read as a standalone. really enjoyed the story. good characters and gorgeous setting.

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This is the third in the series of The Westbury Book featuring . the sisters Rosa, Hannah and Eva. Rosa is the parish priest, Hannah runs Heatherley Hall and Eva is dentist. In the latest instalment we have thrills, spills and excitement aplenty. The story includes the missing legendary Jet Set jewellery that has been a gift to Wallace Simpson, but had been lost in the Hall. This leads to the girls deciding to hold an Agatha Christie style event culimating in a treasure hunt for the missing jewellery. Combined with a high profile wedding between a musical superstar and a Bollywood legendary leading lady. I have thoroughly enjoy the story. Perfect escapism, lovely characters and a story line that keeps the reader entertained. Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood publishers for the ARC.

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A Wedding at Heatherly Hall is another engaging chapter in the lives of Hannah, Rosa and Eva. The story has lots going on and is very entertaining. Nothing is ever straightforward for the sisters, but they usually succeed with the help of the community, family and friends. The characters are relatable and most likeable. It's an immersive read full of action and emotion with plenty of lighter moments. I like the family dynamic, the humour and the believable characters.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

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There's an old story about the actress Shelley Winters. As it goes, well after she had established herself, Ms. Winters was asked to audition for a film. Annoyed at having her skills questioned, on the day of the audition, she sat across from the director, pulled both of her Oscars from her purse, plopped them on the table, and quipped, "Some people think I can act."

It's a good story, but what does it have to do with Julie Houston?

Well, if anyone should ever foolishly question Houston's talent, she can now display not one, not two, but an entire library of glorious books. Yes, indeed. Julie Houston can write.

In A Wedding at Heatherly Hall, her latest visit to the fictional Yorkshire village of Westenbury, Houston revisits the lives of sisters Hannah, Rosa, and Eva as they face the pressures of an overbooked spring season. Enamored with the story of a rare piece of jewelry that long ago disappeared from the Hall's grounds, the three intend to produce an Agatha Christie inspired theatrical production and treasure hunt. And when a Bollywood star and famous musician suddenly need a new wedding venue for that same weekend, the trio jumps at the chance to show off their venue's skills.

These two major events alone would provide plenty of fodder for one novel, but Houston is not one to let her characters rest. There are twists, turns, and surprises—family drama, relationship drama, and all other drama in-between. There's love, tension, blunders, and a ton of fun. From almost any other author, all of this might feel chaotic and exhausting. Yet Houston understands how to weave a story so all of these points come together in such a way that you can't wait to read what will happen next.

Part of this is because of Houston's trademark humor, which is brilliantly on display here. She never fails to make me laugh, and A Wedding at Heatherly Hall is no exception. Perhaps because of how she drops these jokes at just the right time, Houston has crafted a world that feels fully lived in. These characters, their heartaches and triumphs and laughs, feel real. Dropping in on Westenbury is a lot like visiting old friends and, even after multiple books, I can't wait to return.

So yes, if someone should ever wonder about Houston's writing ability—and really, who would do such a thing?—I hope she proudly pulls her entire collection of books from her bag. A copy of A Wedding at Heatherly Hall should be perched right at the top.

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Engaging, more than a touch chaotic, emotional at times, and extremely funny – this book really is the author at her wonderful best, one I thoroughly enjoyed, and the perfect conclusion to this excellent series.

Hannah has now hit her stride as she runs day-to-day operations up at the Hall, but still has plenty of moments of self-doubt – and she still has that rather unfortunate self-destruct button as far as her personal life is concerned. Eva’s wrestling with the shared care of her children and her part-time work at the family dental practice, while organising the Hall’s art-focused activities: Rosa, the village vicar, is settling into family life but with some significant challenges to come when a figure from their past resurfaces to make things even more difficult.

But they have a strong team in support – and when asked, at short notice, to stage the high profile wedding of a rock star and a Bollywood actress, they’re happy (well, fairly…) to take it on. In addition though, they’ve also agreed to put on a murder-mystery (without the murder though…) on the following night, an am-dram production and treasure hunt set around a long missing set of jet jewellery (with a central extremely valuable diamond) originally intended as a gift for a visiting Wallis Simpson.

There’s a tremendous amount going on in this book – I’ve hardly scratched the surface with that brief synopsis – with emotional and practical challenges, romantic entanglements and disasters, constant interference from their horrendous older sister (with some more associated surprises), and the unexpected (and totally wonderful…) involvement of Paddy’s elephant (yes, really… I did say “chaotic”, didn’t I?). There’s even a historical thread exploring what really happened on the night that jewellery jet set disappeared – and that was something I rather enjoyed.

The book’s many characters, familiar and new, likeable or otherwise, are so superbly drawn and the author’s firmly in control of every unexpected twist and turn and complication of the different concurrently unfolding stories. There’s drama aplenty (and have I mentioned the many real surprises?), and a few really touching moments to bring a tear or two – but also a good measure of the author’s trademark humour, both character-driven and gentle and a little more raucous at times, always perfectly judged.

I read this book in a couple of sittings, and have to say I loved every moment – I’m going to miss my visits to Westenbury and Heatherly Hall, and having to leave these wonderful sisters behind, but I’ll look forward to seeing where the author’s writing takes her in her future endeavours. While you might love it best if you’ve read the two books that came before – not critical, just a recommendation – this is a book I think so many other readers would enjoy every bit as much as I did.

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I love this series and love Julie Houston's style of writing. This is another heartwarming and cute story that kept me reading and turning pages.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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I love Julie Houston's writing. All her books are excellent & this book for me is at the top of the list.
Heatherly Hall is run by the triplets Hannah, Eva & Rosa. Past books have covered their past & now their lives are moving forward with the usual twists & turns that push them to their limits.
The books covers a celebrity wedding, a missing necklace & relationship problems. The characters feel like friends now & it's great to catch up with their lives. Julie's plots are entertaining & make you want to read the next chapter in the Heatherly Hall story.
Highly recommended read.

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Such a delight to return to Westenbury and Hatherley Hall with the triplets, Rosa, Hannah and Eva with such a lot going on, weddings amateur dramatics missing jewellery and more family shenanigans, a lovely, comfortable read

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The Quinn triplets Eva, Rosa and Hannah return to Heatherly Hall as they each try to navigate the challenges of their lives, all while overseeing an A-list wedding and solving a mystery of missing royal jewels destined for Wallis Simpson back in the day.

A Wedding at Heatherly Hall by Julie Houston concerns not a wedding of one of the triplets, but instead a last-minute booking by a Bollywood superstar and her fiancée, a global superstar musician. The high-profile nuptials bring with it all the attendant personnel required by such a huge wedding, including celebrity chefs, security, tabloid press, and of course, other celebrities, not to mention an elephant.

In addition to the wedding, the sisters also are trying to stage (and solve) a long unsolved mystery of the missing “Jet Set,” beautiful diamond necklace and earrings, that had been destined to be a gift for Wallis Simpson, but went missing before they could be given to her. The triplets decide that staging a mystery night at the hall, might both bring in the punters and answer the question of where the jewels went.

Each sister also grapples with their own personal problems while helping to manage the hall. This is the third instalment of the Heatherly Hall series and the tenth book that Houston has set in Westenbury, Yorkshire, so faithful readers will be rewarded with the appearance of characters from other books.

This is another fun escape to the grand rooms of Heatherly Hall while daffodils bloom in the fields.

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The trials and tribulations of the triplets Rosa, Hannah, and Eva continue. Not only do they have to organise the wedding of a famous Bollywood actress and a rock star at short notice, but they are also producing a play about the night a set of jade jewellery intended as a gift for Wallis Simpson went missing in the Hall the following day!

That in itself would have been sufficient plot for a novel, especially when it seems many people believe the jewellery is still hidden somewhere in the Hall and are keen to find it. However, Julie Houston also introduces love tribulations for two of the triplets *and* brings Joe's ex-wife back from Australia to claim their daughter. I'm sure I've griped about this before, but there is just too much going on what with a wedding, a treasure hunt, a play, two love triangles, IVF, an ex-wife, and Virginia deciding to play lady of the manor. It felt a bit like things had been deliberately disrupted (having only just been settled in the previous book) only to be resolved almost instantaneously at the end of the book.

Overall, a pleasant enough read, although I think anyone who hadn't read the previous books might have struggled with the dynamics and relationships.

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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A joyous read about Hannah, Rosa and Eva and the Bollywood wedding they're hosting at Heatherley Hall. It's light, it's fun, and it's actually funny. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. A good read.

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Back to Heatherly Hall for another great story, continues with the lives of the triplets. Lovely read, can be a standalone or as part of the series. 4 stars

Thanks to Netgalley, author and publisher for this ARC

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This book is pure entertainment! Continuing the story of the triplets who inherited Heatherly Hall, it is at times hilarious, at others, heart warming. Although part of a series, the book could also be read a s a stand alone novel, though the family relationships are so complicated I nearly drew a family tree to keep up with them! I highly recommend this book, and am looking forward to the next in the series.

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Thanks to the Publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy.

It was lovely to meet up with the girls again and the story kept you hooked wanting to know what will happen next when the girls are given an opportunity to host a wedding of a celebrity.

There’s lots of twists and moments that make you laugh, along with some secrets that are brought into the open.

I highly recommend this book.

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I'm a great fan of this author's - and I think this may well be her best book yet!

Eva, Rosa and Hannah are always looking for ways to bring in more income to Heatherly Hall and secure it's future; when they get the chance = albeit at short notice - to host a celebrity wedding they go all out to make it a success. At the same time, the story of a missing set of jewellery comes to light and they use that to plan a fundraising evening with an Agatha Christie Am=dram play and a treasure hunt. With so much happening, the private lives of the triplets are pushed onto the back seat, but there is so much going on there too . . .

This is a cracking story! Westenbury is one of my favourite mythical places and I adore all the characters who live thereabouts. There is so much to enjoy in this one; the characters, the story, the fun and laughter and the devious undercurrents - all adding up to a book which kept me hooked all the way through. Julie Houston's writing just keeps getting better and better and I am happy to both highly recommend this novel and give it a resound five sparkling stars!

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley; this is - as always - my honest, original and unbiased review.

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Great to catch up with the triplets and does not disappoint full of surprises regarding the running of Heatherly Hall especially when they land the chance of hosting a celebrity wedding.
Lots of twists and funny moments dealing with family problems and secrets being revealed and having to deal with Virginia who is a nightmare and constantly stirring up trouble.
Loved the characters each with their own secrets and quirks but sticking together no matter what is thrown at them.
Could not put this down kept me wanting to find out more.
Would highly recommend and can't wait for the next book.

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Always enjoy reading this series and reading about the sisters and there antics! Loved reading about the previous and new characters too! A perfect Sunday afternoon read!

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