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Dr. C. Lillefisk's Sirenology

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I always enjoy reading things about mermaids and other sea creatures like that. It had everything that I wanted from this type of book. I thought the guide worked well and glad it was everything that I hoped for.
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Dr. C. Lillefisk's Sirenology is a beautifully illustrated fantasy encyclopedia of incredibly unique and creative mermaids! This book dives into mermaids who spend their entire lives lying still, building ecosystems on their back; mermaids with grotesque weaponized features; mermaids in lakes, oceans, streams, and beyond. It reads like the musings of a obsessive scientist working toward understanding of mysterious creatures. The artwork is beautiful with a distinct sketching quality - playing into the idea these were drawn by Dr. C. Lillefisk herself. While I feel some of the information of the mermaids could have gone a bit deeper to provide a more encompassing context for the illustrations, I enjoyed the read. If you are looking for a unique take on mermaid reading with accompanying artwork, Dr. C. Lillefisk's Sirenology is for you!
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This anthology of sirens was mystical, magical, and wonderfully amazing to read and discover. I loved all the illustrations and the detailed descriptions of all the categories of sirens.
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