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This book had me turning the pages! It was full of mystery, intrigue, romance, and murder. Sam is an FBI agent sent to the Culhane Ranch to solve a murder case. Lila, who had just lost her husband, and Roper, the Culhane ranch horse trainer, as well as the three members of the late Frank Culhane's first family, are all suspects, as well as the guy on the neighboring property. So many possible suspects helped to make the book interesting. I'd been reading this only at night but decided I really had to figure out who-done-it so I finished it today. Can't wait for the next one to come out!

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Wow. There was a lot going on in this book and I loved it. There are elements of mystery, family drama, and romance. There are many characters, each with secrets and motivations. The writing is atmospheric with vivid descriptions and I felt transported to the heart of Texas.
Many thanks to Kensington and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Frank Culhane, a prominent Texas rancher, is found murdered in a horse stall, sparking an investigation led by Detective Sam Rafferty. Suspects include Frank's second wife, Lila, and his first wife, Madeline, who is determined to remove Lila from the ranch. As the investigation unfolds, secrets and motives come to light, leading to unexpected twists in this romantic suspense novel by Janet Dailey.

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I really liked this book! It is a mystery book located on a horse ranch. I didn’t realize until the end that this book is a series with the second book coming out in late 2024. Left on a major cliff hanger.

There is a lot of tension, drama, family dynamics, secrets, and danger from more than one source. There is also an attraction between Detective Rafferty and Jasmine, and also between Lila and horse trainer Roper.

Although a couple of issues are resolved and secrets revealed, there are more that aren’t so we’re left with a cliffhanger.

Interested to see how the next book works to tie up loose ends.

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This was a great book. It kept me turning pages until the very end. My only complaint is that I have to wait until the next one publishes to find out what happens.

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If you are a fan of Dallas then you need to read this book.

This book is so perfect for fans of Dallas. It follows Jasmine who hasn't always been responsible and solely focused on the money her dad (Frank has). Life gives her a rude awakening when she discovers her dad's dead body. Her father's death opens a murder investigation and family rivalry. It has mayhem, family drama, a murder investigation and a picturesque location.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions are mine.

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Really enjoyed this mystery about the murder of Frank Culhane a wealthy Texan with a horse ranch and a great rider. He main horse trainer was Roper, who was also on the circuit but due to an injury was training. Frank was found in the stall of his main horse One in a Million by his daughter . Both of his children were simply after money and immediately blamed their step mother Lila. The first wife came back for the funeral and the scheming begins. THIS BOOK IS A VERY GOOD READ.

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I liked that this book had me quickly turning the pages. It was full of mystery, intrigue, romance, and murder. I really liked Sam, the FBI agent who was sent to the Culhane Ranch to solve a murder case. I also liked Lila, who had just lost her husband, and Roper, the Culhane ranch horse trainer. There were so many possible suspects which helped to make the book interesting. I kept guessing who might have murdered Lila's husband, Frank. That suspense made it so I could not put the book down until I had read the last page. It was quite an interesting ending. I received an advance copy of this book and I willingly chose to write an honest review.

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Family drama doesn't get any better than this. Janet Dailey's library of titles contain some of the best mysteries in print right along with drama and characters that will definitely remind those of a certain age of DALLAS. PLUS. you get to set the pace of your reading, binge or a couple of chapters at a time, you'll still get the whole story and see all of the clues as they happen. I've been reading Dailey's books for quite some time, but as long as she keeps writing books this good, I'll keep reading them.

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I would like to start by thanking NetGalley and Kensington Publiahing for an advanced copy of this book.
One in a Million is the first in a series. For me the story was ok. I think the book being told as more of a 3rd person story is what made it a difficult read for me. A romance novel with little romance but not swoon worthy and a little mystery thrown in there. Normally this would be a book I'd be in love with but I don't know what exactly it was. I didn't feel invested or like I got to know any of the characters well and no one really jumped out in this story. The mystery aspect with a little twist was why it made the 3 stars for me. Overall though I probably wouldn't pick up book 2 in the series to read it.

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This is a classic who dunnit story filled with an abundance of drama, mystery and even some romance. If you were a fan of the 80's TV show Dallas, you will see the similarities between the book and the TV show of the infamous episode "Who Shot JR"

I found this book very interesting with an eye-opening cliffhanger. It is the first in "The Rivalry Series". I was not thrilled by the end of the story, the murder of Frank Culhane had not been resolved. It felt like one big soap opera.

I didn't realize this book was released after the death of Janet Daley. I truly hope there is a follow-up book to solve the murder mystery.

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When the patriarch of the Culhane family is found dead in the barn, everyone assumes it was natural causes, until fentanyl is found in his system. Everyone is a suspect: his kids, ex-wife, wife and even the neighbors. Bringing in a Chicago detective to help because they are short handed, he has the possibility of a new job. Sam has his work cut out for him in more ways than one.

Lila, the wife, seems like the most likely suspect because she is set to inherit a good portion of his estate. She also found out some information about him right before he was murdered. His son, while he wants the house once Lila is out of it, is a lawyer and wants to do things legally. I also didn’t feel like Jasmine, his daughter, did it, even though she was spoiled and hated Lila. His ex-wife was formidable and I didn’t care for her.

With a list of suspects and motives, I thought this book would move a little faster than it did. It did keep me guessing until the end. Some of the characters grew on me as the book went on, while others had me hoping they were guilty.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next in the series. I received an ARC and this is my honest, voluntary review.

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This book was a bit all over the place between the horse ranch, murder mystery, wild animal farm, and romance with the detective.

I thought the plot was interesting, but I felt like it could have been more effective streamling one aspect or character. If it stuck yo just the mystery it would have been better without side tangents. The wild animal farm part was just too weird too and seemed thrown it to add content.

I really only liked one character too, Roper. He just seemed genuine and a hard worker, including care for the horses. The Culhane family members all just seemed too selfish or bossy. Then there was Sam getting romantically involved with a potential suspect in his case, so not appropriate or realistic.

I didn't get classic Janet Dailey storytelling and romance in this book like I'm used to. Hopefully it's just a one off.

Thank you to Kensington and Netgalley for providing me a copy of this ARC for my honest review.

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A marriage going bad. A horse race meaning a lot to the family. A death that they don't know who did it. The twists and turns of the story will keep you wanting to read the story. The dynamics of the characters will keep you guessing. Some parts were sad. But overall I enjoyed the book.
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Publisher and leaving a review by my own choice.

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I don't think I've read any of Janet Dailey's books prior to this one, unless maybe it was years ago and I've forgotten. I picked the book up because I've seen the author's name on many books and asked myself why in the world haven't you sampled her work. So I picked it up and I'm glad I did as I enjoyed it. May be reading more from her older books. I didn't know the author had died, and this was one of her unfinished stories which was released posthumously.

Frank Culhane may be the wealthy patriarch of one of Texas’ most prestigious families, but his party girl daughter, Jasmine, is only interested in the money the ranch brings in—and the cowboys. Until the day she heads to the stables in search of their hot horse trainer and instead discovers her daddy’s body in their prize stallion’s box stall.

Roper’s rodeo career was cut short by an injury. Now, he’s hungry to compete in reining events, like the prized forthcoming Run for a Million. In the meantime, until his family can afford their own breeding business, he’s got to work for the rich ranchers who snub them—including the Culhanes. But when an autopsy reveals Frank was murdered, Roper lands on the list of possible suspects.

A city outsider, Detective Sam Rafferty’s investigation propels him into a tangle of simmering rivalries. For the ranch is now in the hands of an explosive Frank’s young, glamourous second wife, Lila, and his scorned first wife, Madeline. Lila has a genuine passion for ranching. Madeline is determined to destroy her.

Through Sam’s interviews, more tensions surface—there are Madeline’s grown children who’ve been bypassed for control of the ranch, the socially dismissed McKennas, and the breeders, politicians, and gangsters ready to profit from Frank’s death. But tricky alliances are also brewing. While Lila and Roper clash, they discover a fire beneath their sparring. And with a killer still at large, the heat between Jasmine and Sam could put the case, and all their futures, on the line . . .

My thoughts:
This book read like a soap opera with lots of drama. The good kind that keeps you wanting more. This was both a romance and a mystery and was a fun read that kept my attention. I liked getting to know more about prize winning quarter horses. The book had both characters to love and hate. I hated Madeline, the first wife, and didn't like the evil step-mother second wife either. I hated the hateful son and the neighbor guy with the exotic animal ranch. What a horrible way to make a living - holding animals in cages and releasing them for people to hunt and kill for sport - absolutely sickening! I did like Sam, the FBI detective and also liked the cowboy, Roper. I never figured out why they let the FBI detective, Sam live on the ranch while he was investigating. That just seems far-fetched to me. I was disappointed at the end when I realized the story wasn't finished in this book and hope there is a follow-up book to finish this was that was in progress when the author died.

Thanks to Kensington Books through Netgalley for an advance copy. Expected publication January 23, 2024.

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I couldn't put this book down.When you have several stories in one you will not get bored. You will definitely want to read this one. It does have a cliffhanger which with this story I didn't mind. Can't wait for next book!

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DNF at 30%. I’ve been a fan of Dailey’s for a while now. I enjoy her Christmas and cowboy series because they are unique, family centered and take place in the past. From the get go I just couldn’t get into these characters for many reasons. When conversations don’t match the character’s “voice” it drives me crazy, the flow is gone and the writing seems amateurish. The patriarch of a horse and cattle ranching family is killed, the second wife and his kids are facing a battle of rights and wits. His children are in their thirties, act like teenagers and live like spoiled rich brats. I got as far as the fed arriving at the scene where he immediately lets the victim’s daughter become his chauffeur and their guest house his new accommodations. I’m not sure Dailey did her police research on this one. Sorry but I just couldn’t go any further reading my advanced copy.

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What a tangled web of deceit. Frank Culhane was a rich horse breeder with a stallion worth millions. He also rode in competitions on that horses daughter.. When Frank is found dead by his daughter, the FBI is called in. Sam was the agent assigned to the case and certainly had his work cut out for him. Roper was the horse trainer that had tons of experience, but Frank wouldn't let him ride in competitions. I loved when Frank's son got uppity after Frank died. " you will say I understand, Mr Culhane". Entitled jerk. Roper quit on the spot, knowing Darrin knew nothing about the horses or training. Lila Culhave (the widow) hired him back the same night.
The story had lots of intrigue (to be continued in the next book- I can't wait. We will see if the romances play out.

I got this book from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review

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As in many of Janet Dailey stories she touches on a topic that few realizes is happening. The story is loosely a romance suspense. A mixture of some realistic and not realistic characters. The story reminded me a bit of the old series “DALLAS”, rich Texas ranchers with lots of drama. What really opened my eyes was the inhumane treatment of animals that are being hunted at an exotic wildlife ranch. They do exist! The story ends with a new twist and cliffhanger, which will have one wondering what’s next? Thank you NetGalley for this eARC. I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story. #NetGalley #OneinaMillion

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One in a Million is the first book in a series called Rivalries. Janet Dailey is the author, although she is dead, her husband and daughter actually are writing the books. (Not thrilled with this information.) I enjoyed the story and found the twists and turns interesting. It is a cliffhanger and not all the various character’s stories were wrapped up, which is why I think it is a series.

One in a Million is based on the Culhane Family. They are rich, very rich. They own a lot of land in Texas and train some of the best rodeo horses. Unfortunately, the father Frank was found dead in one of the horse stalls. Experts have determined that he was murdered. There are many reasons that he could have been killed and a number of people who could have murdered him. There is more trouble that happens including some weird happenings. The FBI sent out an agent, Sam who slowly begins to narrow down the various stories.

One in a Million belongs in the genre of romantic suspense except for the fact that the romance and the suspense are not the same people. The story line was interesting. There are a couple of twists that were foreshadowed and some that happen out of the blue. One in a Million by Janet Dailey (via her husband and daughter) was an interesting read.

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