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Ninja Kitties Trouble at the Bridge

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A painful attempt at a franchise for the very young – and I mean very young. Almost half this book is spent setting up which colour Ninja Kitty is which and what their powers are, allowing the plot little space to show itself – and for the action – and I mean "action" – to be presented in really awkward, disjointed stop frames with no flow between them at all.

Basically here a bridge due to carry some royal pigs has been attacked by the token baddies, and the kitties are up against it. Oh, but what's this – one of them has a bigoted thought before anything's happened? And oh no, one of them interrupts another when they ought to be battling the problem with the bridge and not just hanging around yacking about it?

Yes, you get multiple threads to this half-arsed story, and neither really work. The snide comment gets redressed at the end, long after we've forgotten all about it, and the interruption – the belittling forgetting that we all contribute equally to team power – is so underplayed and limp it really fails to register. I don't know where to start with these books at times, but cheesy, broad, daft and very, very basic is a beginner. Beginner readers for one thing should definitely be seeing better books than these – one and a half stars.

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This was a quick read with adorable graphics. There are a lot of different ninja kitties but this one focuses on Zumi. This book will be good for younger audiences as the story is pretty basic. This is a great transitional reader for kids ready to start reading on their own.

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THIS IS PURE GOLD. Please Im sooooo happy after reading this I cannot explain it to you please please Im 28 and still laugh a lot with this and enjoyed it. Its like that old movie that you watch: it can be cringe but its so nice and common and just cute and marvelous that you love it. Just--- read it

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Learn about the power of listening! Believe in the power of Ninja Goodness!

Very cute and well done. I will be carrying this at the comic book store where I work.

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So kawaiiiii!
Everything is so cute and serious at the same time. Multiple characters but easy to read with kids. It gives all the visuals of cartoons and games which I feel is a good way to encourage kids to read more.

Action packed. Good over evil. Just a good way to read with kids!

Go for this series without a doubt.

Thank you, Fox Chapel Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

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Another adorable, super cute graphic novel/picture book about kitties! Kitties are strong. They have superpowers. They are resilient and they work together, they do good.
Honestly, with cute little books like this, you can never go wrong if you are looking for a last-minute gift for a little one. This book will be loved and enjoyed by both the kids and the parents alike.

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My 8-year-old daughter and I read this book separately. As a parent, I like that the story teaches a child how to solve problems and work as a team. The story is written out like a graphic novel. I feel that this makes it easier and fun to read for my daughter. My daughter said that she felt as if she was working with the ninja kitties as each issue popped up. She said that her favorite part of this book was the gem powers and the butterfly ninja kitty Sora.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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