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A quick, lyrical, collection of poems with lots of energy.,Tayi Tibble's words are beautifully written and portray such deeper meaning. I think a lot of young people, women in particular, will find it to be relatable and see Tibble as a fresh voice in the genre with poems that are nostalgic and comedic but also reflective of trauma and colonization. Tibble uses a lot of slang and sensuous language and many of the poems are about relationships with men and growing up. They definitely invoke feeling and deeper thought. It's a great addition to an adult poetry collection, offering a unique perspective in a short volume that is quick to read and easy to enjoy.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a digital ARC from Knopf via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Tayi Tibble’s second book of poems Rangikura was just reprinted with Knopf. (The volume was first published in 2021 in New Zealand.) Tibble, from Wellington, New Zealand, writes a poetry that blends her Māori culture with the attitude and wisdom of a young Millennial or the elder stateswoman of Gen Z. (Tibble was born in 1995.) Her poems are wildly bold, not shying away from colonialism, climate change, and the banality of pop culture. They are defiant and tender, as illustrated in these lines from “Tohunga”:

good on you babe. / You got what you wanted. / The juicy earth / the factoried women / the rivers / the mountains / all bowing for you. / I’m proud of you / the way you erected / monuments in your image….

You can read the whole poem here:

Congratulations, Tayi!

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Although this was not a collection that resonated with me, there was much to appreciate in Tibble’s poetry. Many of her poems explore strength and vulnerability (although in contexts mostly unfamiliar to me), identity, and sexuality. She mixes poetic devises and language with slang in an interesting way, but, again, not something I connected with. I did appreciate her owning and celebrating this dichotomy between youth and pop culture, and being very connected to her ancestors.

This collection was worth reading for me as it stretched me outside of my poetic comfort zone and because it’s always educational to read writing from an Indigenous perspective.

Thank you to Knopf and NetGalley for the e-ARC!

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I picked this book up to review because I was drawn to the cover, which is bright and active... so is the inside! The poetry is fresh and modern, and gives a good feel of the poet swimming in the social milieu that is being described. The best part is how subversive and delightful her exposure of prejudice and pride in being indigenous is a cloak that doesn't grant invisibility but declares presence. She is large and in charge here, and this is a highly recommended collection for anyone who enjoys modern poetry and the interface of cultural embrace in a modern and still biased world.

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The writing style wasn't for me, but I finished it because it was only 72 pages. The metaphors read like what they show an acid trip to feel/look like.

I'll pass on anything else the author writes.

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First, I LOVE the cover. It's what sold me on this poetry collection immediately. I also really liked the more current language and form of the poems (it made me think of Joshua Whitehead?). Unfortunately, I just don't think this collection was meant for me. A lot of it went over my head.

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Homegurl is literally the next SZA. This is for my ABG bitches who wake up wake up gotta put on make up listening to Tinashe off a cracked iPhone, thinking about how much their ex pains them while working at your local boba joint with boys with nice cars whispering pretty little nothings all around you.

Lyrical at best, Tibble needs to quit playin and drop the mixtape already goddamn

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These are active accessible poems about growing up female and Maori in New Zealand, about finding your voice and a place for all the competing voices around you and inside you, about finding the boundaries of your body and how to live in the world. They are moving in both senses of the word--slithering and hissing across the page in various forms, and moving in that they reach out and grab the reader's attention and emotion; they are full of recklessness. They engage with history and the immediate present at the same time, and demand that readers do both too. I enjoyed the specificity of Tibble's voice.

Thanks to the publisher, the author, and Netgalley for my free earc. My opinions are all my own.

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Rangikura is a collection of poems and short poetic stories by a contemporary Māori author, Tayi Tibble. Each poem holds a beautiful rawness which draws the reader deeper into the life of the writer.

Although the author does not state Rangikura is autobiographical, it reads as if it is the author’s life story. At times the poems have no punctuation, a smattering of punctuation, or poems that resemble stories. All rules of writing have been thrown to the wind and I love it in this wild whirlwind of emotion.

Tibble’s writing style brings about this sense of uninhibited, sensual wildness that runs throughout the book. Make no mistake, this is adult poetry. Profanity punctuates key points, while the author tackles topics of sexuality. This evidence may be found as early as the first poem, Tohunga.

These poems are not quiet, ruminating words to be read on a Sunday afternoon at the library but should be read aloud with intense dynamics to an audience of one or 100.

Tibble’s writing mesmerized my spirit from the first word and led to my reading the entire book in one sitting. I also gave a poetry reading to my husband, my audience of one, from various selections in the book. He enjoyed it and my enthusiasm for this work.

Desiring to review works from Indigenous writers, I sought out options with only “Indigenous poetry” as my parameters. I believe the Māori gods brought me to this powerful collection as the first suggestion offered to me.

There is a poem in the book, Te Araroa, which speaks of discrimination that the author has been made to feel intensely because of Tibble’s Indigenous heritage. The raw brutality of the discrimination faced by the author broke me to tears.

Although the poetry had various traditional Māori words and beliefs throughout the work, it did not hinder my understanding of the work. In fact, these qualities enhanced the magic of the words.

Rangikura is definitely a book for adults only, with lush, sultry, powerful and beautifully uplifting poems. I easily classify this collection of powerful stanzas as the new poetry lover’s classic.

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I read Tibble’s collection Poūkahangatus last year during the #ReadForMaui online readathon. I’ve been keeping an eye out for any new poetry from her because that first one moved me so much.

This second collection is just as powerful as her first. Tibble’s grasp of rhythm and pacing is astounding. Even reading the text, I can feel the pulse of her words. This is poetry meant to be heard, to feel the vibrations of her anger and her rebellion.

I loved this collection and I can’t wait to see what Tibble writes next.

Many thanks to both NetGalley and Knopf for the opportunity to review this arc.

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An unpredictably beautiful and unique collection of poems. Tibble does it again and is definitely one to watch!

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Thank you for this beautiful ARC of poetry from Tay Tibble. These poems are vivid; I felt present within them as I was reading her story. A beautiful book of poetry that gave me the opportunity to learn about Maori culture. Would definitely recommend to avid poetry readers.

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With her signature voice blending wit and humor, RANGIKURA covers girlhood, young womanhood, and feminism. Tibble sheds light on experiences ranging from rebellion, body image, and the sense of losing one's home while growing up Māori in modern New Zealand.

My favorites are Lil Mermaidz, Takakino, Homewrecker, Hot Hine Summer, Hine-nui-te-pō, My Ancestors Send Me Screenshots.

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I am a huge fan of Joy Harjo and creative First Peoples. This is an excellent addition from a lovely melodic voice. Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.

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I am a lover of poetry, but I found myself confused at many points in this collection. However, where this book of poetry had continuity issues, there were phenomenal moments of clarity as well. Many moments in this collection moved me and sat with me well after I finished the book. Though I have mixed emotions, I did enjoy the experience rendered.

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A poetry collection for all of the girls raised on Lana Del Rey's <i>Born To Die</i>. Sneaking liquor from your family, smoking weed with your sorta boyfriend, and reflecting on all of it. I love the irreverence for the world here. But don't be mistaken, her reverence for her spiritual world and cultural history never misses. A good mix of poems and proems (prose poems). I would point out specific poems that I loved but once I dug into this collection each poem was a hit. I particularly enjoyed the way she discussed shame.

Thank you to NetGalley and Knopf for this e-arc. <3

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Tibble is excellent at telling a whole story in few words, complete with emotion. This was a quick read that felt very modern and current, and a lot of it felt like a friend talking to me in the middle of the night. Definitely recommend!

Thanks to Knopf and Netgalley for the e-ARC!

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I read 35 percent and had gotten this book based on the title and cover. DNF (did not finish) The poetic storytelling really was confusing and I didn’t know what my opinion was. It’s for a much older audience but it went past my head. It’s erotic, vague, and contains vignettes of perhaps the author’s life or fantasies. Like I would suggest you become an expert of Māori culture and livelihood (hopefully I’m not wrong about this) because it’s filled with vocabulary I wasn’t aware of. It’s a niche poetic piece of writing. I wasn’t impressed but I could see this being a great piece for English curriculum to analyze for junior or senior year of high school. I would rate this at 2.5 which is three stars for having qualities of a brave, vulnerable, and exciting poetic piece.

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There's no doubt Tayi can write. She balanced playful language and flow with vibrant Maori cultural references so well. This collection featured vivid imagery and lines that made me pause, but they were intertwined with distracting Gen Z slang. I know that makes me sound like a boomer rather than a millennial, but I'm interested to see what Tayi writes next.

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A big thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

I really, really love poetry, but sadly, this one wasn't for me. I don't know if it was the writing style, but something was definitely missing.

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