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The Night of the Sleepover

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My first book by Kerry Wilkinson - I was excited to be have the chance to read The Night of the Sleepover after reading the description. It did not disappoint.

4 girls going to sleep at a sleepover and only one waking up, with a mystery that was never solved was such a good storyline. I absolutely loved it. Kerry's style of writing is so engaging, I loved the characters, the side stories and the twists and turns. I Genuinely did not see the ending coming and am over the moon that there is going to be a sequel.

One of my top five reads of the year, will be telling everyone to read this. 5 stars without a doubt

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The Night of the Sleepover by Kerry Wilkinson is another jaw-dropping read from this bankable author who never fails to deliver the goods. Add his latest to your TBR immediately.

Twenty years ago, Leah attended a sleepover with three of her closest friends. It is a night she will never forget, but not for the reasons that one would expect. When morning comes, Leah is the only one of the four left, her friends mysteriously vanishing into the night, and never to be seen again. For years, Leah has dealt with the whispers and speculations in the small town where she grew up. How could she have slept through an event that, for some reason, has left her as the sole survivor?

I was immediately intrigued by the original spin placed on this storyline, and raced through the pages to get to the crux of it all. With twists and turns that left me blindsided, the author has crafted a diabolical tale that will leave you speechless.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for an ARC.

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Yikes, The Night of the Sleepover by Kerry Wilkinson was a rollercoaster of a ride. This truly was an addictive psychological thriller filled with head-turning twists.

Four girls close their eyes. Only one wakes up.
Leah and her three best friends get changed into their pajamas, eat pizza, and argue about what film to watch. They laugh together until the early hours. But the next morning, Leah blinks open her eyes and sees three empty sleeping bags. The other girls are gone.

Twenty years later. In her small hometown, still-haunted Leah has never been able to shake off the rumors and whispers. How could she have slept through it all? She must know what happened.

Now, a documentary is being made about the night Leah’s best friends disappeared. Is the truth about to come out?

The story and writing were done well as the author unraveled the story and brought tension and twists to this story. The plot is quite clever, and the characters are written well and believable. I thought I might have had it figured out, but then so many good twists kept me guessing until the shocking end.

And, yay, there is a sequel to this book. Cannot wait. I would recommend this book and this author.

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Having read everything this author has written i was so excited to be given the opportunity to read this latest book. How on earth does the author keep coming up with such brilliant and original idears?
This has everything including believable characters and a storyline set in two time zones.
The reader is led along various paths with twists and turns here and there but i have to say i didn't see the ending coming. I read in two sittings, rather upset that i had finished it.
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for my copy.
I would give ten stars if i could.
Loved it!

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When I saw that this was available, I immediately paused my current book because I already knew this would be absolutely amazing..... and of course it was!

The plot has such a unique premise and the the whole story is so realistic and possible that it sent shivers down my spine! More than once I teared up at the pain and distress the characters were facing and its all just real!

The characters are well written, the behaviour so human, the plot is cleverly written and so layered that I was immersed from tbe start. Once I started I couldnt stop and the fact that this is being written at 3am proves that.

What a book! A must read!! This is exactly what you want from a thriller

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I was impressed by the complexity of Kerry Wilkinson's book What My Husband Did, which I read awhile ago. So when I saw that he had written a new book, I was very interested to find out more.

As it turns out, Wilkinson's latest has an interesting and quite original premise. Four girls are at a sleepover. They have a great time, doing all the silly and enjoyable things that girls do at sleepovers. But when one of them wakes up the next morning, three are missing. What happened to them?

And years later, still struggling with questions that she has no answers for, the survivor has to live with the fact that many in the community remain unconvinced that she has no idea what transpired that night...

After it is announced that a documentary will be made about the incident, there is a possibility that Leah may find out more about the events that have shaped her entire life.

But when she receives a threatening message warning her to prevent the documentary plans from going ahead, the grim truth is brought home to Leah once again that someone out there certainly knows more than they are letting on - and they are determined that nobody else will discover the facts of this decades-old case.

This is an excellent thriller, delivering twist after twist on what is already an unusual idea. Gripping and creative, well worth reading.

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