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My Throat an Open Grave

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4.25 stars
'My Throat an Open Grave' captures the allure of David Bowie's Labyrinth, the edge to tales like Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland, and the fear experienced at every campfire ghost storytelling.

The story's unfolding, portraying just how normal yet subnormal the town/setting is, was a significant tool of Tori Bovalino's. I have read all of their work, and some have hit the mark & others have missed; the one thing that remains consistent is their unique craftmanship to twist just the right amount of reality/magic/other in a story.

This book did a fantastic showing the contradiction of religious towns and how toxic the views enforced can be to women - because it's always women who suffer or must sacrifice to appeal to men. The restriction of views showed how Winston was indeed the monstrous place & not the land owned by the Lord of the Woods. Leah was such a good character; her choices & emotions were complex & displayed an ache that was warped by her town's views. So, her journey to reclaim Owen was relieving to see.

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