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I adored the world and background of this graphic novel so much that I actually did a little happy dance when I found out that the story continues. The main characters in this - Callie, Declan, Lasser, and Radish - are pretty fun, quirky, and interesting and their adventure in this is definitely one to follow. With it being pretty mild, this is great for middle school aged kids on up, although some of the jokes are a little more adult so if you’re on the stricter side, you may want to pre-screen. I’d trust my kiddo with it though. Overall, definitely a fun read.

I would like to thank the author, publisher, and Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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I really enjoyed the character development of this story, as the main characters come to terms with their “specialness” and begin to see it as a gift! The art is so expressive that it does wonders to flesh out the story. I am so impressed with Cook’s ability to pull all aspects of this book together; I am excited to see what they make next!

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I'm so glad I finally got to read Katie Cook's comic series after seeing the posters for it at her NY Comic Con booth for years. Having it all compiled into a book made the reading experience much more enjoyable, though I will be sure to check out the web comic series after I catch up through volume 2.

Callie and Declan are adorable characters. Their relationship is so cute and they work well together as a team during their journey into the other side. Radish is also hilarious as Callie's "protector" and knight in shining armor. Lasser is a fun foil, and I enjoy his snarky side comments.

Thank you to Ten Speed Press and Netgalley for providing an ARC for review!

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I need Radish forever immortalized on my flesh, please and thank you. I CANNOT wait for the continuation of this series. The spirits/sprites were definitely my favorite part of the story with there little remarks throughout.

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**ARC provided by NetGalley for honest review**

Nothing Special, Volume One by Katie Cook was something special after all. It reads like a middle grade to young adult fantasy graphic novel and follows our friends Callie and Declan and a radish with attitude as they cross into a magical realm to find her missing father. This graphic novel has magic, and mystery, and lots of heart, the art was really cute, AND it was unique, a hard trait to come by these days. Solid recommend, can't wait for the next installment. Please give this a try!

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Fun and adventurous fantasy ride! It was original webtoon comics but now It got published in physical form.
The main heroine Callie is not ordinary human, she can see ghosts of flowers, fruits, trees etc, she is feeling like outcast at the human world she lives in. Her dad is so mysterious about telling her why she can't go with him to the magical realms. One day he got missing and Callie and her new friend Declan are deciding to go find him and the adventure begins.

I devoured it so quickly. The story absorbed me and didn't let me go until I finished the last page. I fell in love with the characters and the worlds the author made. I would never thought that my favorite and also the best character gonna be the radish, Callie was such a dork and oblivious about everything. Declan was such a cute gold retriever I would like for friend too.

I don't have anything negative to say, I love it a lot, The artwork is exactly the type I enjoy, the characters was fabulous and the story itself was enganging, interesting and funny. I had a really good time reading it.

Thank you so much to the publisher and Netgalley to give me an opportunity to read an ARC,

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I'm giving this one 3.5 stars because I love how adorable the art is and because I genuinely laughed at and enjoyed most of the story.
My main issue is that it's so wordy. Things that could be expressed simply take several panels (not just speech bubbles) to get a basic point across. It makes sense with one character specifically, but every single character has an unnecessary motor mouth and it makes the story feel like it's dragging.
And then there are little details that get mentioned and introduced but they go nowhere and are not really dealt with or brought up again. I feel like I'm being nitpicky about this, but it's annoying that so much gets said yet some points just get ignored.
It is incredibly adorable though, not just in art but in little comments and details. It's cute enough that I'd recommend it even with the issues I had with it.

Happy thanks to NetGalley and Ten Speed Graphic for the fun read!

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I originally read this on webtoon and loved it then. This is a story about a girl who knows about this whole other world that her father works in. There is only one rule, don't cross the gate. One day her dad is taken and she goes on an adventure to find her dad and ends up finding so much more. This is a great story, and would be great for even preteens and teenagers as it would be relatable in some of the things that are in this story. The art is very pretty as well, very well drawn and brings the story to life.

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Do you like unknown parent mysteries? How about coming-of-age stories featuring the weird kids? If you answered yes, then this graphic novel is for you. Nothing Special is a beautifully illustrated story about two teenagers who aren't as human as they appear and the adventure that sparks friendships and romance. Callie has always felt like she was the odd one out, always on the fringes at school in the human realm. Her father, a magical antique shop owner, is overprotective and is keeping secrets from Callie that he says are "when you're older" answers. Well, Callie is now 17 and some of those answers are about to change her life!

I loved this graphic novel and will be buying my own copy. It was a quick but fully fleshed-out plot. There were surprises that I didn't see coming when Callie set out to the magical realm with Declan. And Radish, what a character! If you're a fan of any kind of RPG, adventure game, or just plain like a good story then this one is for you.

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A delightful story with adorable characters where adventure meets magic. It just makes you fall in love with the characters. I loved the humor, characters, plot, the world, and the ghost radish. Just the plant spirits part made me feel like I would definitely love it and I did.
Now, I'm just gonna wait for the second volume in the series because I can't get enough of the characters.

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This graphic novel is so cute! I can’t wait to hear more adventures! Yes, there’s a romance but it’s also about family and friends and journeys. What a fantastical, magical world! I was sucked in immediately.

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“Nothing Special” turned out to be pretty special, indeed! I loved the vibes of this story, the artwork and the characters in all. I related so hard to the main character and loved the story.

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Super cute! I loved this so much. The story and the art were both great. The tone was light, upbeat and playful. The female lead was fierce and very relatable. Some of the stereotypes about men are so spot on and hilarious. Even the romance was adorably sweet.

Such a fun graphic novel.

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DNF. I didn't like the story and the artwork wasn't great so I couldn't get into it. It just seemed very unpolished and rushed

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Through the Elder Woods is volume one of the Nothing Special graphic novel series by Katie Cook, which is currently scheduled for release on March 5 2024. The first season of mayhem, magic, vegetables and adventure from Katie Cook's beloved Webtoon, Nothing Special, is collected in this gorgeous graphic novel, which also features exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

In the grand scheme of the worlds at large, Callie thinks she's nothing special. Sure, she's friends with the ghost of a radish and her dad owns a magical antique shop--but she's spent her life in the human world. Her dad won't let her join him on his collection trips in the magical realm “for her own protection”, so she’s only caught glimpses of that world through the gates of the town where her father’s store is. On her seventeenth birthday, Callie goes home with her friend Declan to find her home in disarray and her dad missing. Signs of a struggle point to the portal to the magical realm and when there are signs, you follow them. Now it's up to Callie, Declan, and Radish to band together and bring him home. As they face creatures good and bad, and all sorts of adventure, Callie and Declan may just find out that they are both special in their own ways after all.

Through the Elder Woods is an entertaining read, and one that I enjoyed on several levels. First, and with graphic novels very important, I love the art style. The artwork captures the emotion of the characters, gives subtle clues to the larger story, and also has a sense of fun and whimsy to it. It matched and complimented the story perfectly, and I enjoyed the book as a whole. I thought the character development and slow reveal of the world building was very well done. I loved getting to know Callie as she was figuring it out for herself. I loved getting to see her relationships bloom, and while there is romance and the dreaded love triangle hint in there, that part of the story never overshadowed the adventure and figuring out just who she was and what she wanted. That made me very happy. I think the fact that even when the adventure and danger got serious, there was still a light hearted whimsy to the overall story is what really captured me with this book. I will be eagerly awaiting book two, and perhaps finally exploring Webtoon for more as well.

Through the Elder Woods is a fun and engaging graphic novel. I only wish I had discovered it sooner.

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Such a sweet and cozy read!! It’s great to see a printing of this and I know everyone is gonna eat it up! The overall messaged is emotionally adorable and the little characters are the absolute cutest. Radish!! Ugh, so cute. Definitely give this a try!

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(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)

For seventeen-year-old Callie Benson, the high school experience has been especially ... challenging. She can see the echos of plants and animals who have died but not yet moved on - and her furtive conversations with invisible spirits have earned her the reputation of the "crazy" girl on campus. Her father is a demon who's always gone, traveling between the human world and other realms in search of magical objects for his antiques store. Her mother - well, Callie doesn't know much about her; it's just been Callie and her father for as long as she can remember. Callie knows that she's not human - at least not entirely - but beyond that, she's not sure what she is. Just that she's nothing special.

Callie's world opens up when she discovers that a fellow classmate named Declan can see the spirits, too. Callie helps him gently dispel an especially giant spirit who has camped out in front of his house (and, more alarmingly, watches him sleep at night), and the two become fast friends. When Callie's dad goes missing on her birthday, she and Declan enter the other world in search of him. With the help of a demon named Lasser and the spirit of one very possessive radish, can Callie rescue her father - while also coming to terms with what she is?

NOTHING SPECIAL is one very special strip. (Sorry, I had to.) The storytelling is magical, and I especially love the spirits that follow Callie around. (A sassy radish? Sign me up!) The mystery of Callie's lineage is a juicy one and I enjoyed the big reveal with her mom at the end. Cook's artwork is charming with just the right amount of cutesy mixed in. Bonus points for bonding over pop culture references.

You can also find it on Webtoons, where Katie Cook is already well into Season Three. (This book comprises Season One, chapters 1-29.)

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The world that Katie Cook has managed to create here is so vibrant, fascinating, and full of heart. It was such a joy to follow Callie on her journey, watch her connection with Declan blossom, and meet so many downright hilarious characters along the way. I enjoyed every laugh and smile from the frequent hilarity, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the truly heartfelt messages about family, friendship, self-discovery, and the pure magic of life - no matter how imperfect it may be. This story will definitely stick with me for a long time!

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Thank you Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed Press, Ten Speed Graphic, and NetGalley for the advanced electronic review copy of this fun book! This was such an adorable story! Gorgeous illustrations, great, fast-moving plot and great characters made for a fast, fun read. Nothing Special turned out to be very special indeed. Can’t wait for the sequel!

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EEEEEP!! I’m SO excited!!

I once reviewed Katie Cook's <i>Nothing Special</i>, a comic series that I’d read on the Webtoon platform, and very explicitly stated that the only complaint I had about the series was the fact that I could not purchase a physical copy of it as a graphic novel. This egregious oversight has now been corrected!

<i>Nothing Special</i> is a story about a teenage girl who has always felt like somewhat of an outcast in the human world and prefers to talk to the spirits of plants all non-humans can see than the humans around her. Callie Benson's life changes when one of her fellow students begins seeing the plant spirits as well and realizes that she knows what they are. And when her father suddenly goes is kidnapped, Callie and her new best friend, Declan Hickey, set off on a dangerous adventure to find and rescue him.

Despite the somewhat dark nature of Callie's father's disappearance—there was a mild amount of blood on the walls!—<i>Nothing Special</i> is actually an incredibly cute comic and story. The macabre of the tale is handled in such a way that it’s kind of more cute than anything else. The flow of the tale and the adorable cartoonish quality of the artwork allows for the dark aspects and characters to come off as rather light-hearted in the most fascinating of ways. And best of all, you fall in love with the characters super quickly.

From Callie, to Declan, to Raddish, and even to Lasser—whom you do initially sort of hate; but don't worry, he really grows on you!—everyone in this wonderful series is so easy to adore. Honestly, I'd be really surprised if anyone could legitimately say that they don't love the amazing personalities that lead the adventures held within the pages of this book.

The story is episodic in nature, a rather quick and brilliant read, complete with light-hearted darkness and a wonderful cutesy feel to it. You leave this book eager for the sequel, but also feeling as though the main plot is wrapped up quite nicely in a very sparkly and swirly bow.

I happened to love this story <i>so much</i> when I first found it online that in the span of two months, I’d already read it more than five times. So, naturally, I was more than thrilled to see it on NetGalley and even more excited to submit multiple preorders (gifts, anyone?—and I’ve already recommended this to a student who loves fairies, magic, and the macabre!).

I would highly encourage, especially if the artwork looks like it could be your style, to pick this one up and give it a read. I’m of the mind that it’s a choice impossible to regret!

<i>I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review—and it was as brilliant as I remember it being!</i>

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