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3.75 rounded up.

This was a super short horror novel that I read in under 30 mins.

It’s creepy but more gross than anything.

Wait til you see what this 80 year old granny does with a glass tube and veggies. Lots of farting and excrement in this one. Oh yeah real nasty. So get ready…or if your stomach is weak…maybe think about passing on this one.

There wasn’t much of an ending to the story. I mean considering this lady had a demon exorcised from her body, it just seemed a little anticlimactic BUT overall I still really enjoyed it.

My fav things were the illustrations, creepiness and the how disgusting it was.

I’m excited to check out other work by this author.

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Not a lot going on here other than the commentary about the abuse of the Jewish community by the Nazis during World War II. Here the minions of Hitler are far more frightening than the minion of hell portrayed in this brief novel. The writing is fine but the story of possession is unimpressive.

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This story may be short, but it packs more horror, suspense and psychology than many other longer books. Exorcisms are a fascinating subject and, as a Catholic, I’ve read many novels and non-fiction books about them. What I loved about this one is that it brings the Jewish perspective, since the possessed woman was a secular Jew, and the information provided by the Rabbi who tries to help was very interesting. It’s curious to see the similarities and differences between religions in a plot that is pure suspense. The scenes of possession were so creepy that they made my skin crawl. There are a few excellent illustrations that add to the spooky vibe. I liked the characters and how their beliefs and religious backgrounds influence their decisions. Agnes, the possessed woman’s backstory was also engaging. Spooky!
I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thank you, #NetGalley/#Eddie Russell!

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