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Kill Switch, a dark romance by Penelope Douglas, is not for the faint of heart!

Definitely read the trigger warnings for this book, but if you're a fan of dark and steamy romance you will enjoy this!

Kill Switch is a wild ride from start to finish, and Damon will hold you by the throat as he takes his revenge.

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Okay, so I know that there are MANY people who are obsessed with Penelope Douglas and this book series in particular. I was really excited to get a chance to read the series based on what others have said. Unfortunately, I have to say that I really struggled reading it. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea? DNF, giving a three star because I can't leave it blank.

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In this third installment of the Devil's Night series from Penelope Douglas, Damon returns from prison and is left to deal with all the fall out of his incarceration. Damon is most certainly anti-hero material, as he has done some terrible things. He's not a sympathetic character, but Penelope Douglas does a great job of taking him from criminal to someone that can be redeemed and loved.

I don't want to spoil anything with this review, so I'm not going to say much about the interesting reveals and surprises found in this story. What I can say is that this dark romance does a great job of exposing Damon's often hidden characteristics that explain just why he's the way he is. He's not a nice guy by any means. He might just be the poster boy for real bad boys. His revenge plot seeking to ruin the person who put him in prison is front and center.

I will warn readers that this is a long book, and even more so with the bonus content. There are plenty of flashbacks to fill in the story. There are times when the story is slow and sometimes repeats stuff. It is a very dark tale of revenge and romance, so a reader should expect dark content in a dark romance.

As far as Winter goes, I found her to be a very interesting character as well. She is strong and hopeful and just what Damon needs in his life. What I've liked about this series is that the characters grow (up) and change quite a bit over the course of the story, which makes it very interesting. There is also a high level of entitlement for these characters as they are raised with privilege, bringing a certain edge to the story that fits well.

Overall, I enjoyed Kill Switch, especially the second half which is paced more to my liking and where things really get moving. If you are a dark romance fan, I'd recommend this series to you with the recommendation to read from the beginning to get the whole story.

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Oh my gosh. I love a good redemption arc and 😍😍😍. I do wish I would have read the others in the series first before reading this one, but it honestly just pushed them higher up on my tbr list. When I started learning what made Damon tick my heart broke. I had suspected but I still wasn’t ready. This book gave me a book hangover, I need to go eat some chocolate or something to make myself feel better 😅

❤️ Tropes ❤️
💋 Bully Romance
💋 Enemies to lovers
💋 Opposites attract

Winter needs to leave town. Her Dad left them destitute and in need, and someone swept in to save her family. The guy she put in prison. He married her sister but she knows she isn’t the one he wants. And he wants to torture her. But there is no escape when he controls everyone in town, and will destroy anyone who tries to help her.

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This story follows Damon and Winter’s story which is recommended to read after the second book in the series. I am really enjoying this series so far and was super excited to read Damon and Winter’s story. I do have to say that I was expecting from conflicts in this book and compared to the first two, it was very tame. The story did focus on self-development and healing which I liked but I was hoping there to be more chaos in the devil’s night world. There were some conflicts left open like the mom/sister left the storyline, Ethan left the storyline, and some other things. The story alternates between Damon and Winter’s pov from past and present. I liked seeing how Damon and Winter’s past affected their futures and seeing them grow.

Damon is the MMC of the story who has had a traumatic childhood but is obsessed with the girl who reached out to him when he was a kid. From all of them, I really liked Damon and enjoyed reading his story. He went through so much but seeing him develop was great. Winter is the FMC who went blind at a young age and now her sister is married to Damon. I liked her story and seeing how she thought of the world. She also developed and I really enjoyed her perspectives. There were many side characters but mostly are those from the previous books. The romance is enemies to lovers and childhood instant love with some steamy scenes. I enjoyed the chemistry between Damon and Winter but I wish we saw more of their romance developing.

The ending was well done and I enjoyed the epilogue/short story we got in this book. This was a great book but not my favorite compared to the others in the series. I did enjoy seeing Damon grow because he deserves to find true love after all he went through. I recommend checking out this series because you don’t want to miss out.

*this book was sent to me by Berkley to give an honest review in return*

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let's just say I thought I was prepared for Kill Switch after the first 2 devils night books, I was absolutely wrong. This definitely wrecked me and left me in a massive emotional state afterwards. I absolutely despised Damon in the first two and now here we are...... on my knees for him in KS.

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📖: Kill Switch
🖋️: Penelope Douglas
⭐️: 5 of 5
🌶️: 5 of 5

Manipulation, control, and the hunger for possession.

They say that toys are meant to be played with but not all toys are meant to be owned.

Everyone knows Damon as the bad boy who always gets what and who he wants but what happens when they don’t want him?

“Now you belong to me.”

From being sent to prison and now out. Damon is married off to Winter’s older sister. Marriage is usually about love and commitment. Damon has other plans.

“Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, Winter Ashby, because we’re not done.”

Trapped and constantly watched by Damon. Winter feels like she will never escape from him.

Will Damon be able to convince Winter that he is still the same person she fell in love with? Can Winter let go of the past?

“Don’t let me go. No matter what you hear or what they say, don’t let me go.”

Find out in Kill Switch!

This is the third book in the series but can be read as a standalone. I was able to easily follow along and enjoy it being the first book I’ve read in the series. I plan to go back and read the others.

Damon, my heart goes out to him. The trauma and lies. No wonder he has such a bad reputation but there is more to him. I don’t care what anyone else says, I loved him! I’m sure he will be my favorite from the series.

Winter, the way she saw the world even though she’s blind. It was beautiful how she didn’t back down and her strength.

The tension was hot!🔥🔥 I devoured this book. If you enjoy really dark books, then this is for you!

Thank you Berkley for allowing me to join this tour! As always, my review is my opinion and thoughts.

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Kill Switch by Penelope Douglas is a captivating thriller that seamlessly blends suspense with emotional depth. The beautifully written narrative is both visceral and evocative, drawing readers in with its compelling storytelling. While the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat, the novel also surprises with its poignant moments that tug at the heartstrings. Far surpassing the typical thriller, Kill Switch is a work of pure brilliance that will leave readers enthralled until the very end.

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Probably one of my favorites in the entire series! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Damon after the other books but he really became one of my favorites in this book!!

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once again, i just don't seem to click well with penelope douglas' writing and it makes me sad because i truly wanted to enjoy these books.

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Can we talk about character growth?! I don’t know how Penelope did it… but I went from loathing Damon… to him being my favorite character!!
This is book 3 and continues in the Devils Night world and cannot be read as a stand alone.

He is damaged, but cannot help but root for his story!

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I am not one for a redemption arc but honestly I ate this book up!
As a Damon hater in previous books I think understanding his past has made me see him in a different light and seeing Damon’s softer side was nice. Don’t worry he is still batshit!
Winter and Damon’s relationship was heartbreaking but you’ll be out back together !
Loved the action and suspense and cannot wait to read the last book!

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Kill Switch is the third book in the Devil's Night series by Penelope Douglas. This four book series is about four friends (Michael, Kai, Damon, and Will) who have a lot of power in their hometown. Every year, they lead the Devil's Night activities, which is a night of sex, drugs, drinking, and debauchery. This book tells Damon's story and how his relationship with Winter developed. It goes back and forth in time, starting with when they were young, and as their present story progresses, we learn more and more about their sullied past. Winter is the reason why Damon went to jail for three years but he still can't help but want her.

I won't get into much more detail about the plot so that I don't spoil it. This book has a lot going on. There is a lot of juicy drama tied to their friend group, his family, and between Winter and Damon. I really enjoyed all of the twists and turns in the crazy storyline!

I thought Kill Switch was going to be my least favorite book in the series but I was so wrong! Damon is a character that I disliked from the beginning of the series and I was not looking forward to an entire book devoted to him. There were so many layers to him and his past that I didn't expect. Although traumatic events shouldn't be an excuse for bad behavior, they can explain why a character does what they do.

I loved the strong connection and chemistry between Winter and Damon. Their connection is tested time and time again with trauma, deceit, and lies but I rooted for them to end up together anyways. Their relationship is dark and twisted and I enjoyed every bit of their story.

I strongly recommend that you read the first two books in this series so you understand the story. Although each book follows a different character, they have overlapping timelines and the stories are interconnected.

Steam level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥½

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Who knew Damon would be my favorite anti hero when starting this series? His character growth alone makes this world worth it. It sucks you have to read them in order - because the first two books aren’t the best - but I have to recommend this series to dark romance lovers.

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"Don't let me go." Those words stuck with me long after I finished this book. It looks like it took me three days to finish this book, but that isn't true. I finished it in one and then went back and re read it again immediately. If you ask me, who was your favorite character in any book of this series, my answer would be Damon. Maybe I always love the broken ones, but I have to tell you, Damon takes the cake. Reading the first two books of the series you can see that this boy is seriously damaged. The backstory on Damon is literally everything. I cannot get over this book and his fierce love. Damon is the wildcard of the group, but there is good reason for the way he is. While reading the first two books, I couldn't understand how this was going to play out. He went to prison for statutory rape and Winter put him there. The events leading up to this were unclear until this book and reading about it literally broke my heart. Damon and his kill switch. Their story is amazing.

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