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Great designs to color. Perfect for any age. Anyone who enjoys coloring nature pictures will enjoy this collection of birds.

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Bird Book for KIDS is a coloring book about birds. I think children will find the facts ver interesting. Is a very short description about each bird. Read and color the birds.

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A cute little informative coloring book for children. As a kid my preferred coloring books and gifts had some information to learn about, and each bird picture comes with a little description and information for children to learn about.

I liked how there were a wide variety of birds, and it didn't shy away from including vultures (as a former "Weird Kid" I KNOW they'd have been my favorite, especially after learning that they eat dead animals.) The pictures to color in had variety, and were both simple enough to easily color in - but descriptive enough to give any child looking at it an idea of what that bird would look like in real life.

The only thing I think would have been nicer would have been more variety with the pictures for the birds - as it is, both the name page, the coloring page, and the flash cards all have the same bird image. I think as child I'd have preferred some variety in the images, rather than simply coloring the same picture multiple times. Also, I think either the description, or somewhere near the pictures, should have a description of the coloration of the birds so any kid who wants to color them in "properly" has the ability to easily do so.

However, as it is, this strikes me as a good coloring book for a child (whether or not they're particularly interested in birds, as I think this could help kickstart that interest), as well as something that would be a fun thing to include in any gradeschool science class that includes an ornithology lesson.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author, and Zeitgeist for providing me this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is perfect for young nature lovers. It is both a coloring book and a terrific source of information on many bird species.

Start with the introduction that is full of interesting facts. Then a child may color wherever their fancy takes them. Each bird species has several pictures to fill in, along with information about them.

I very much like this book. Even as an adult, I learned a lot in these pages.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Zeitgeist Z Kids for this title. All opinions are my own.

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A commendable book to engage as well as educate – but something that's a lot lighter than that sounds. Here we have 25 birds, and relevant information about each, opposite the page-sized portrait we have to colour them in, accurately or as our hearts desire. We get a kind of title page for each bird, with the clutch size and oddly enough its group name, and that can be coloured in too, before we turn over for the main spread, where the verso is the large-print information and the recto is for our art. The reverse of that each time is blank for bleed-through and suchlike.

As a lesson in each bird, it's fine – just three or four sentences don't sound like much, but this is just designed for the basics and that's what we get in nicely concise form. The illustrations are pretty good, too – not too fiddly and frustrating, but with good easy poses and enough detail in the background for the right eye and colouring to produce something pretty decent. Also, we don't get the expected birds all the time – trying to second-guess the next one to turn up, as they're alphabetically, is kinda thrown when the kagu proves to be worth its place here.

The issue is, of course, this use-once book is entirely black and white, and the bulk of entries don't tell you the real colour of these birds. So apart from the snowy owl, which was already the white it ought to be, these could so easily end up entirely wrong, a bright yellow crow, red-winged ostriches, and so on. I think this is only a way in for mistakes and inaccuracies, and as creative as one should be at the age this aims at, there is little that beats Getting Things Right. Especially as this alleges it wants to turn you into a birder – good luck with that once your wishlist includes a purple and gold swan!

That said, the fact this taught me things – that sparrows can swim, for one – is credit to how it's been put together. I would find the necessary authenticity to the colouring online, but I would hardly hesitate to get this as a treat for a very young scientist – a strong four stars. (Although the cards at the end are a mediocre bonus – more to colour, but collecting and trading is rather unlikely.)

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This book was so adorable, I loved everything about it, the illustrations were so well done, they suited the book perfectly, the story was amazing as well. I’m sure the kids are going to be just as enthralled with this amazing book as I was. I will definitely recommend! Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this early copy

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What a delight. This book may have been written for children but I've got a sneaking suspicion grown up kids will enjoy it, too.

You're not going to learn each and every fact about the birds discussed, of course, but that isn't the intention. It's meant to introduce us to a variety of birds, some well known and even common to most areas, others less familiar to us. I liked that although basic information was shared, the author doesn't give specific coloring for each. In other words, the pictures to color are wide open to one's imagination. It follows a simple format, too. First, an introduction page I'll call it, giving very basic facts with a drawing of the bird. The author then shares more info, most of it quite interesting and intriguing. I mean, do you know which bird's head changes color depending on its mood or activity? How about which one can live up to 100-years in captivity? Many fun facts like this are shared.

Then, after this, there's a separate page to color of the bird. I had the digital version but am assuming based on its format that these pages are deliberately blank on the back side, a fun plus for those who might want to remove the picture to color outside the book. Another fun plus, there are smaller versions of each bird in the back meant to be colored and used as trading cards of a sort. This would be quite fun in a camp or classroom setting where children could freely color and trade cards of their favorites. Learning while having fun.

Bottom line, a fun, informative book that not only offers coloring but aids in bird identification and provides information almost without the used knowing it. Thanks #NetGalley and #Zeitgeist - #ZKids for allowing me an early peek into this fun book. Given the abundance of chickadees in my yard, it was great to see them included.

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Pros: As a kid I loved coloring books and books with fun facts. These are also the type gifts I love to give the kids in my life--where they can be creative and can learn. My favorite fun fact in this book was to learn the group name of the different birds! I also loved that this book included birds from around the world.

Cons: I don't think this will be the case in the printed version of the book, but the pages seemed to be a bit off in the arc with blank pages or small bits of illustrations on some pages.

Thank you to NetGalley and Zeitgeist, Z Kids for the opportunity to read this book.

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Short yet sweet! The illustrations are fun. I liked how each bird was on its own and the facts for each one. It was out together very well! This was fun to color.

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I thought this was a great idea. It’s a bit wordy for the age range but definitely a great concept. I wish there was more information on colors to help guide the children on what colors to use.

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The writing is dynamic and the information simple enough for a child. However there is quite a bit of text, as such I’m not sure the age rating is appropriate, even some 7 years old (unless quite good at reading) might find it off putting. It would probably be necessary for parents to accompany their child.

The drawings are realistic and simple enough, once again I believe they are too complicated for the age rating. I think its more appropriate for 6+

The concept of a colouring book combined with a documentary is intereseting and it does give plenty of varied informations.

It start with a general introduction about birds and then dive into the description of 25 birds (either by specific species or by genera) accompanied by their drawing. There are two drawing per bird, one of just the bird and another in a landscape.

It doesn’t offer only full page drawings, there are also a few in the text of the introduction. There are also quite a few card sized drawings, that can be cut out, at the end of the colouring book.

The problem I see with this is that we have no way of knowing the coloring of the birds we are supposed to draw. The in text birds are also not identified, if you don’t know them already you can’t go check them out on the Internet.

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