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This was my first read by Robyn Carr. I’m a fan of the show Virgin River and so I thought I’d give her books a try. I wanted to finish it but finally DNFd at about 75%. I just don’t care how it ends (and can most likely predict it). I hate to be harsh but the dialogue was so awkward and some of the characters actions and advice to one another was like …?!?! Also, the cover is very misleading!

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The Friendship Club by Robyn Carr is a contemporary novel and it does have a touch of romance but really fits best in the women’s fiction category. The story in The Friendship Club really centers most on friendship and support while following a group of four women and telling their stories.

Marni McGuire is a celebrity chef in her mid fifties who has been married twice in her lifetime resulting in being widowed and divorced and feels as if she has been through it all. Marni keeps busy working most of the time with the help of her longtime friend, Ellen, who is happiest behind the scenes of the show and is also a widow.

Marni and Ellen both are happy with where they are in life but Marni has to do a lot of convincing of that fact with her daughter, Bella, who insists Marni needs to date. Bella is pregnant and confides in Marni that her marriage may not be as happy as she would like so she finds herself needing the women to lean on. Along with Marni, Ellen and Bella there is Sophie, who is interning for Marni who has found herself in a rocky relationship and needing the friendship all the women find with one another.

Robyn Carr is probably one of those authors that really doesn’t need an introduction to any fans of the women’s fiction genre but if you haven’t read her yet I would highly suggest doing so. This new novel is a good example of how deeply her stories are filled with family and friendship and it was so nice to see the characters supporting one another. All the characters in The Friendship Club had their own stories and unique situations that made getting to know them enjoyable and made the pages fly by. I know I will definitely return to this author in the future and recommend others do too.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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This book is perfection in showing the true bonds of freindship that can impact and enrich your life. I have always loved Robyn Carr books for a great romance but the friendships that were the center of this story were EVERYTHING! I loved how this brought together women of all ages. Marni, celebrity TV chef who is the center of bringing this group together. Ellen, Marni's assistant and best friend who's been with her for 20 years who has caught the eye of her neighbor. Bella, Marni's daughter who is pregant and wondering about her marriage. Sophia, the beautiful young college student who finds herself in the sites of a stalker. And Marni finds herself forming a friendship that becomes more with Sam, Sophia's father. Each woman's story is wonderfully written and connected so brilliantly.

I think I'm in my "friendship era" and this was the best addition to it.

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Robyn Carr does it again! 5 stars all the way. Marnie is going through a lot and connects with her friends through the pain and turmoil. I hope if I’m ever going through anything at this age, I have friends that help me through this, or I’ll just re-read this book. Thank you to Robyn Carr and the publisher of the book for the copy of this book.

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I love reading Robyn Carr’s books because you always know what you are going to get. Small towns, great characters and heart. I felt like the ladies in this book were my friends and I was experiencing everything right there with them.

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Robyn Carr is one of my favorite authors. I first became hooked when I binged her Sullivan’s Crossing series. She is so talented with developing the best relationships between her characters.

This book focused on two widows and an assortment of their friends and family who adored them. I loved how they’d all congregate at Marni’s house when they needed support.

While I enjoyed this book as a Mom in her late 30’s, I could see this being even more relatable to women in their 50’s and 60’s who had experienced many of the things that Ellen and Marni had. There was a fantastic theme throughout if not giving in to the idea of life having already passed the main characters by.

I cannot wait to see what this amazing author gifts us with next!

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I would recommend Robyn Carr's new book, The Friendship Club. She is one of my favorite author. Wonderful story for everyone to enjoy. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely. Happy reading!

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This was a cute book by an all time fave, Robyn Carr. Was there an HEA? Absolutely. Did she create incredibly realistic characters? Also yes.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this book!

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Since Robyn Carr is one of my all-time favorite authors, this book was a must read.

This story is about 4 woman who are wonderful friends and lean on each other for good and bad and although they have their own secrets, they learn lessons from one another.

The women in this book ultimately took a chance to find their HEA.

Bella was a total hot mess and although she drove her mother and husband crazy, things worked out for her in the end.

Of course, since this is a romance book, there is always a HEA, it's just the journey you get to go on to get there and I definitely enjoyed the book and the journey.

5 stars

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. First, I want to say that this cover is deceiving. Not once do the three women in this story sit in a pool together. I felt like the story could use a better cover. Regardless of the cover, I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the supporting characters. I felt like this could be an honest group on women as opposed to the Hallmark version of women and relationships often found in romance books.

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Marni has had a cooking show for years and a group of friends as they change and grow. ARC from NetGalley.

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This is a wonderful book about 4 women and the support and love they share. They each have baggage and dilemmas that keep them from exploring a future. Each helps the others see how strong they are alone but how friendship and motherhood can bolster that strength.

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Robyn Carr's newest book, The Friendship Club, was a wonderful story of friendship, family, loyalty and more. This is women's fiction at its best. Although there are a couple of romantic relationships, it is not a romance. Widowed, then recently divorced Marni McGuire, is a celebrity cook with her own show. Her best friend, Ellen works with her as well as a young intern Sophia. The fourth woman in the story is Marni's daughter, Bella, who is married and expecting her first child. Bella is trying to convince Marni to start dating, and find a man. Marni is happily single and so is Ellen. Sophie begins dating a man, but it turns out he is abusive and when she breaks it off with him, he begins gaslighting her. Bella is worried that her husband might be having an affair. These four women form The Friendship Club and support one another as they come to a crossroads in their lives.

I really liked all four women in this story. They all had their strengths, as well as their weaknesses. Each one had a distinct personality and their own issues they were dealing with. I loved how they supported each other and found some humor sprinkled throughout the book. Dating over 60, issues of being single as you age, pregnancy and the issues women deal with during that time, grief, secrets, stalking and more. More than anything, this is a book of friendship, and women supporting women. This story deals with abuse, how it is hidden, what the police and and will do, therapy and how it helps and the aftermath of it. (there are no scenes of actual abuse) If this is a trigger for you, you may want to skip this one. I enjoyed the ending of this story, even though it didn't end the way I was hoping. All the stories were tied up nicely.

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I’m happy to be part of the blog tour for Robyn Carr’s new novel: The Friendship Club. Two of the main protagonists in this story are women in their 50’s so I could relate to them, even though their life circumstances (one divorced, one widowed) are different than mine. It was an engaging and “romantic” read and focused on the power of female friendship. I think my only other Robyn Carr novel was Virgin River (now on Netflix)- and I enjoyed this one, too!

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I loved this book. The bond between the four women is amazing. Going through the trial of life you could only wish for friendships the them. Laugh love and through it all a bond that will never break.

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Touching story about strong women

I love stories about strong women. This was a very touching story of four women at different stages of their lives.This story is all about women building each other up, not tearing them down. It's about others coming together when a friend is in need, often around food as three of the women are involved with a cooking show. Celebration of the monumental moments and gathering strength and inspiration where you can.

This is a standalone novel that will have you smiling and crying about important moments as we are invited into a slice of their lives. They've experienced joys and heartache and pain and the older women are role models for the next generation. Many topics are touched upon including the highs and lows of divorce and death, cheating and love, karma and boundaries, and taking those experiences and delivering a great read.

What's nice about Robyn Carr books is they are so real. This could be any group of women in any town across America. We are dropped into their lives for a very small period of time, but experience all "the feels" as if we've known these characters for years. There's always a good message woven in like giving back to your community. Thank you #netgalley #robyncarr and #HarlequinTradePublishing for this ARC. Publication date is currently set for January 23, 2024. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I also purchased this book in audio format and it was a great listen, too. #TheFriendshipClub

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I have read many books written by Robyn Carr and am a fan of her voice and style. In this book, she focuses on female friendships across generations and facing the roller coaster that is life sometimes. I enjoyed this quick read and would recommend it to those who like to read this subgenre of women's fiction with a slice of romance.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for a digital ARC. All opinions are my own.

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This was my first read of a Carr book, I so love her Virgin River tv show. I found Marni and Ellen to be excellent strong characters but I didn’t enjoy Bella. Bella I found to immature and I didn’t believe the pregnancy contributed to the way she acted at all. This started out slow as we got to know the main characters and then it picked up nicely with several HEA at the end. I look forward to hearing more about Ellen perhaps in a story about her next.

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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to receive this book for an honest review

I generally look foward to reading Robyn Carr books and I was so happy when I received this one. But for some reason I just could not get into it. It started off ok but then I felt board.

Maybe this one just wasn't for me. I look foward to the next one.

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the setup…
Marni McGuire is a highly successful, long-term host of cooking show who’s pretty satisfied with her life now that she’s in her mid-fifties. Her only daughter Bella is pregnant with her first child and somehow thinks her mother needs love in her life, though she’s struggling in her own marriage because her hormonal emotional rollercoaster is driving her husband (and her) crazy. Marni was widowed when Bella was an infant and is divorced from her second husband. Her best friend Ellen who’s also her show’s extremely talented producer is equally content living a single life after having been her late husband’s caretaker for years. Unfortunately, Sophia, their promising young intern is in a relationship that is scary but she’s hiding that from them and her father. When Marni and Ellen find themselves in friends-to-lovers romances, they not only keep them secret but question whether they should disrupt their contentment.

the heart of the story…
The thing I liked about this story is how all of these women were talented, successful and had strong senses of self and self worth. Marni and Ellen’s reluctance to enter into committed relationships was born from their prior histories. Why take the risks when your life is working so well? It’s when they discover Sophia’s peril with a stalker crazy man she dated briefly that the women form a bond, opening up about their pasts that provide wisdom and insights, secrets they’d not shared before. Poor Bella was going crazy and needed her mother’s guidance.

the narration…
Plummer is a wonderful storyteller and I liked the voices she gave to these four women.

the bottom line…
I enjoyed this story about four strong women who form a bond as they face new crossroads in their lives, sharing with and supporting each other without judgment and always with respect and admiration. Sophia’s issues were a frightening illustration of what so many women face today and it has nothing to do with being weak or strong. I also liked the honesty of their relationships with the men in their lives who were a reflection of their own great choices (excepting Sophia). It was all highly relevant and insightful.

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