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A cute addition to the series. Not quite as good as the first book but a cosy read. Hulda, Merritt and Owein are amazing characters. And Hulda and Merritt's love story is probably the only I've read that didn't make me cringe lol.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy.

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My favorite of the series! Owein levels up again, Merritt & Hulda make it official, and all the action takes place in a Gothic English manor! What's not to love? I hope this series and my adventures with these characters continues for a very long time.

I had a whole other plot direction in mind as I read, and Holmberg threw me delicious curve balls instead. This book was hard to put down once you get past the BIKER/LIKER boring stuff in the first chapters. I confess I love when the action takes place at Whimbrel House between the characters on the island and NOT at Hulda's job. I'm glad to see she's aware she needs more balance in her life :)

Onward and upward for this little found family! There's plenty of magical mischief to thwart and mysteries to solve, but most of all plenty of love and living to do. Whimbrel House is a series you will want to hug then share with others.

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We have read Hulda's story, then Merritt's. Now we are moving on to the story of Owein. He is just a boy stuck in the body of a dog. A foul set of events trapped him in a ticking time bomb. His own mortality may be solved by the Queen of England, of all people. The royal family has a strong urge to keep their magic lines pure, and Owein has a strong urge to continue living. Arranged marriage to one of the royal heirs seems fair enough.

Honestly, great story with some non-trope views on the subject. A touch of mystery arises as someone objects to the rather unusual situation and chaos surrounds the chaotic boy. We have some new characters on the scene with strong presence in the story. I had a heart-dropping moment that Holmberg was going to try to ressurrect a dead villain yet again like a bad 90s sci-fi, but it was twisted into an intriguing plot point.

Pro story moment comes in the worldbuilding. We get to dive deeper into the magics of the world as we visit England and their more concentrated lineages. And they have druids. Very Isles of them.

My only complaint lies with the tensions between Hulda and Merritt coming to the forefront a bit too much. It is their love story overarching the series, so I suppose a little of them in the background is to be expected. Fortunately it rode the border and ended up not overshadowing Owein and his personal crisis of identity. That was the star of the show and what kept me reading until the end.

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Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for granting me an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review! Unfortunately, as this book has already been published, I will not share my review on Netgalley at this time.

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Bravo! Charlie Holmberg has done it again and brings us another beautiful story in the Whimbrel House series, the third, to be exact, and I hope it won't be the last!
In Boy of Chaotic Making, Charlie picks up where she left off in the second book and tells the story of Owein, the boy who transferred his soul to Whimbrel House when he died and whose spirit was later stolen by Silas and transferred to the body of a terrier
As always, a very well written book, a clean story suitable for all types of readers, with abundant dramatic moments, the characters that we have learned to love in the previous books and new characters with very well described personalities.
Whimbrel House is one of those books that make the reader feel as if they had met an old and dear friend again: it makes you happy while you read it, at the same time you don't want it to end and when you reach the last page, you can only think about when there will be another meeting.
I thank the author and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
The opinion I have expressed above is based solely on what I think and feel about this book.

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I’ve loved this whole series. This one was a little hard for me to get into but I still greatly enjoyed it!

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I had really hoped that this book would work as a stand alone but unfortunately, it does not. I really loved the character Owein, he had such a fantastic character arch in this book and it really made me cherish him. This was very fast paced, which was a welcomed change from the first two books. However, it was much more serious with a little less whimsy than the first two. There was also new plot lines added that were not present in the first two books that really had a hard time cementing into the story. Overall, I enjoyed the read, however it did not stand up as well to the first two in the series.

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I love this series! I love the way she’s built her magic system and the emotion she’s infused in the story. The plot keeps you hooked with subtle hints of clues and foreshadowing

I felt like the pacing was a little slower than the other two, but with enough mystery to keep you enthralled and full of old characters you love and new characters you find fascinating.

The sweet romance continues with just the right amount of caution to fit Hulda and enough sizzle to fit Merritt. She’s built their slow burn so well!

The ending leaves you both satisfied and anticipating.

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*4.5 out of 5 stars*

Our story continues!!! With the exploding revelations from Heir of Uncertain Magic, Boy of Chaotic Making tones it down a bit. BIKER is now essentially in Hulda's hands, Merritt finally gets to see his sisters, and Owein gets summoned by the Queen of England!

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a good turn of adventure of Merritt, Hulda and Owein from the first two books. It seemed a little slower but I think that's because the intensity of the first two books wasn't so present in this book. The plot was interesting and opened up to a bunch of new characters.

The highlight of this book was definitely the growing relationship between Owein and Merritt. Those were the scenes I was definitely most invested in. While Hulda and Merritt's relationship still develops, and I love them - this book had a heavier focus on Owein. I loved hearing his thoughts and feelings and can't wait to see how much more these characters develop.

Book 4 cannot come soon enough as I am intrigued for the next journey Hulda, Merritt, and Owein have to encounter.

*AUDIO REVIEW - I love these narrators. It's a lot of fun listening to these books in audio format. I think I like Hulda's the most because Amanda Leigh Cobb does such a great job of bringing her personality through.

**I received an advanced eARC and ALC from the publisher for my honest review. This review was completed using the ALC**

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After not really enjoying the second book in this series, I was kicking myself for getting the ARC of book 3 as I then felt obligated to read it....
This series, unfortunately, continues to go downhill. The first book was so good, and the other two books have just been meh in comparison. I would say I enjoyed this book slightly more than book 2 but only because the plot becomes more clear much sooner, but the book was pretty simple and lacked any real tension or drama. The more the characters learn about their magic the less interesting it becomes to me. Additionally what really made book 1 good was the creepy factor and the mystery of both the house and the villain, both of which were lacking in book 3.
I am shocked that a fourth book is planned, but considering what was discovered at the beginning of book 3, I can only hope Holmberg plans to go back to the original story of book one and tie up loose ends. Hopefully that concludes this lackluster series.
Thank you to the publishers for the ARC. I also found this book on kindle unlimited with free audio, which helped me get through it much faster than I would have if I was just reading it.

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The third book in the Whimbrel House series wraps up the main story arc and gives readers of this series a HEA for at least two of the main protagonists.

Hulda Larkin is now the director BIKER and planning her wedding to Merritt Fernsby. There have been a few snags in her takeover as director, mainly her old boss keeping secrets and hiding illegal activities, but Hulda is looking forward to the future with Merritt, Owein, and the members of Whimbrel House. Then Merritt and Owein receive a missive from London, it appears the Queen is requesting their presence, because she might have a deal for them that they can’t refuse.

I will admit that the pacing of this novel started out a bit slow for me and I struggled to keep reading. But once Hulda has her “vision” and rushes off to London to meet her fiancée I suddenly became super invested and engaged. This book is a wrap-up of sorts of the several books in the series, despite there being a new novel slated for release later this year. This is Hulda and Merritt finding their HEA, Hulda wrapping up some things at Biker and honing her magic, and Merritt discovering his roots. Of course, Owein is one of the main protagonists as the entire book revolves around him making a deal to move his soul from his current terrier body into a human one. Honestly, I had no idea how the author would pull this off without some kind of questionable actions, but she managed to do so. I’m assuming the next book in the series will focus more on him and less on Hulda and Merritt.

This is such a charming, cozy fantasy series. I really love the found family aspect and the unwavering support each character gives each other. It’s not meant to be a standalone and I wouldn’t recommend skipping the first two books in the series as they are necessary to the ongoing series plot arc. But it is a wonderful historical fantasy world that you might want to check it out.

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This year, I took some time and re-read Keeper of Enchanted Rooms by Charlie N. Holmberg. I immediately followed it by Heir of Uncertain Magic, and when that was over… I needed more. Luckily, NetGalley and 47 North enabled me to continue the series with Boy of Chaotic Making, which I devoured in two days.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Charlie Holmberg’s books, and the Whimbrel House series is as delightful to read as the Paper Magician series. The characters are all so great, they’re people I want to be friends with. And she’s bringing drama and growth without tearing their relationships apart, which, in my opinion, marks her as one of the great, because if there’s one thing I hate is the drama coming from a stupid misunderstanding between people who say they love and trust each other. But I digress…

This is the third installment of the series, so I can’t say tooooo much without spoiling the previous two books. There is another mysterious person against our main characters, although this time it’s less ominous than in the first two books (on the other hand, I don’t think I could handle it being MORE ominous). Each of the MCs is made a tempting offer that could drastically change their lives, and the way they handle them shows their growth and character.

If you’ve been looking for a nice, comfortable, wholesome story, look no further. Whimbrel House is it.

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I absolutely love this series! A great choice for when you’re looking for a cozy fantasy with a unique magic system.

This books takes off where book 2 ended, with Merritt and Hulda engaged, and Owein trapped in the body of a dog. An opportunity arises in England that might solve Oweins furry problem, but it quickly becomes clear something is amiss.

I love the writing of these books and this one does not disappoint. I highly recommend this series!

Thanks to Netgalley for providing an ARC for an honest review.

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Charlie N Homberg’s Boy of Chaotic Making is the third book in the Whimbrel House series, and so this review will contain spoilers for the first two books: Keeper of Enchanted Rooms, and Heir of Uncertain Magic.
Boy of Chaotic Making is where we finally come to Owein’s story. After having his two-hundred-year-old soul yanked out of the house he grew up in and shoved into a terrier at the end of Keeper of Enchanted Rooms, Owein is naturally dealing with some issues. He’s sharing a small dog’s body with at least part of the dog’s soul, he is only able to communicate with the people around him through Merritt, and now he’s being summoned over the Atlantic by Queen Victoria.
At the same time, Hulda has inherited control of BIKER and is trying to deal with the mess that Myra left behind, while Merritt is doing an average job of just being along for the ride.
For a book that is supposed to be all about Owein, this story does him dirty. He travels all the way across the Atlantic and is offered a new human body and a title in exchange for breeding with the British upper class. This presents a perfect opportunity to discuss the rampant eugenics that has been brought up in each of the first two books, and yet instead all we get is a shallow scratch at the door. Specifically, Owein scratching at Hulda and Merritt’s door while they stay locked inside make the decisions for him.
This book fails to give Owein the voice he deserves. Merritt is the main way that Owein communicates with others and he actively censors what Owein says to him, sometimes dismissing what he says altogether. When Owein tries to use his spelling board he is spoken over and interrupted. It’s no wonder that Owein is as desperate for a voice and a body of his own as he is.
While the ethics of finding Owein a body is discussed in depth, Owein is rarely included in these conversations. When this issue comes to its conclusion, the result is unbelievably convenient and dealt with almost flippantly.
This was a book that had ample opportunity to explore character growth in new directions for all three of our protagonists, but instead we were given rehashed versions from the previous two books and a complete lack of agency for the titular character. The latter could be excused if there was some kind of discussion around this lack of agency, but there was none.
Ultimately, this story dropped some breadcrumbs for what to expect in book number four, but left me with many, many questions and a deeply unsatisfactory ending. This series is on a path to an alarming place where eugenics and the purification of bloodlines appears to be glorified, and I don’t think I want to be there when it arrives.

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A boy like no other embarks on a transformative journey of magic and self-discovery in the next enchanting Whimbrel House novel by Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg. In just one sitting, you will become a pages turner. Interesting and enjoyable read.

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I want to thank NetGalley and the publisher for not only giving me this book, but introducing me to this entire series and Charlie Holmberg! I am now a forever fan! I’ve read each book and this one might be my favorite! Well written and quick paced, it’s hard to put down once you get started! I assume this isn’t the end well hear from the Larkin/Fernsby gang and I can’t wait to read more!

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Once there was a dog who'd been a house who'd been a boy. Owein could remember that. He was now a mixed terrier breed dog. He communicated with his many greats nephew via magic. Merritt Fernsby loved Owein (his many greats uncle). And he enjoyed talking with him, but one of the consequences of doing so was a temporary loss of his voice depending on how long they'd been talking.
Hulda Larkin, Merritt's fiancee, loved Owein too. So it was the three of them, after discussion, who decided to see exactly what the Queen of England had in mind when she said she was interested in Owein. And especially what she had in mind when she said that they could find Owein a human body and transfer him into it and marry him into the royal family. Merritt and Owein travel to London to find out exactly what the deal is. Adventure ensues.

The characters in the book are well done, especially Merritt, Owein, and Hulda.I liked them for who they were on the page and for the way they interact with one another.

The world building is consistent with the first two books in the Whimbrel House series. I like that for every kind of magic used there is a natural sort of reaction. For example, Merritt's voice is affected when he converses mentally with Owein.

In general, the plotting and writing is well done. It's better to have read the first two books before you read this one. The story moves along at a good pace. And I was a little surprised at the culprit in the mystery.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It's well written and entertaining. If you like historic fantasy set in a slightly different world from ours, then you would most likely enjoy this book and series. It appears there is a book 4 on the horizon. I look forward to it.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. This did not affect my opinions or review.

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This is the 3rd in the Whimbrel House series. Hulda is adjusting to her new position with BIKER while she and Merritt grow closer and planning their future together when they are approached by a representative of Queen Victoria interested in bolstering the magic bloodlines by offering Owein (currently inhabiting a dog) a transference of his soul back to a human in return for an arranged marriage with a girl in the magical Royal bloodline. Hulda and Merritt are intrigued, yet a bit queasy at the prospect, but Owein is thrilled, so the three of them travel to England to see what's what and carrying a few of their own demands. Once there they meet the family and set about their business, but mysterious accidents arise seeming aimed at Merritt. And the game's afoot.
This has the same wonderful characters and many new and intriguing ones. The plot is much more linear than that of the last book, and builds steadily toward a well realized climax. There is steady growth in the main three characters and their relationships, and it all makes for a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

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Absolutely nothing happening in this part of the series. The whole book seems to be written for the purpose of affirming that X and Y characters finally got together in a happily ever after and Z character got what he wanted the most in the world, with little to no obstacles. I understand not having plot twists, but this story forgot to have *any* plot intricacies whatsoever.

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Merritt Fernsby and Hulda Larkin have set a marriage date. Owein who had haunted the Whimbrel House and had his soul put in a dog, is basically happy until an offer comes from Queen Victoria. His soul can be transferred to a human if he agrees to marry into English nobility when the new body is of age. According to Charlie N. Holmberg, that’s when things start going wrong with roofs collapsing and other attacks. Someone doesn’t want Owein to be a Boy of Chaotic Making (paper from 47North). Fun, and maybe the end of the trilogy.

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