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After reading The Bite I was excited to be chosen to read The Hunt. I enjoyed it even more than the 1st book.

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Z. W. Taylor continues the tale of Charlotte who when running from a violent ex suffered The Bite(paper) and had to survive the three new moons to fully become a werewolf. Now she has to go through training, training that involves learning to be a tracker with a team by surviving The Hunt (paper from W by Wattpad Books) in a haunted forest filled with magical traps. I’ve enjoyed this series a lot and am looking forward to the next tale that will deal with the dangers facing the pack that have been hinted at so far.

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I liked the growth of both Charlotte and Levi. I can't wait to read the next book. I'm excited to see where the story goes. It's pretty interesting. It was a little slow at first but it picked up.

Thanks for the ARC!

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Just like in book one, The Bite, I was happily surprised to see I enjoyed another book with little to no romance. There is a slight attraction in this book, but we also learn about True Mates so it made sense that the attraction fizzled out. When I first started this, I hoped there would be a romance because I thought Charlotte had grown a lot from her Trauma in book one, but I quickly realized she still had a lot to overcome. In book one, she becomes a werewolf, but in book two she needs to find her purpose, home, and security within the pack. I'm anxiously awaiting book 3 as I think we may get a True Mates situation eventually. I also really enjoyed that book two picks up right where book one ended and after reading the chapter 1 teaser from book three, I know that picks up pretty quickly after book two. It makes for a seamless read.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with book two. I learned a lot about this new life Charlie faces and watched her character learn and grow into her new identity. Will definitely be reading book three!

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Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review The Hunt by Z.W. Taylor. All opinions are my own.

The Hunt is book two in the Moon Blood Saga series. I had the good fortune to have already read book one, The Bite, a few months ago and enjoyed it. The Hunt picks up right where we left off and was an easy transition. I do believe it would be fairly easy to pick this one up without reading The Bite and still enjoy the read.

Book 2 finds Charlotte training, shifting more easily into a wolf, taking on challenges and tests with the pack and simply finding her place in this world while also making friends. If I could only pick two words to describe this book's plot, I would say learning and adapting. I would have loved to see a romantic interest hit the scene (maybe in book 3) which kept this from being a 4 start for me. I do love the characters especially Charlotte and Levi as well as the other paranormal characters such as the vampires. If you love Werewolf culture and legend this one is definitely for you. Th Hunt is already available to purchase. Happy reading.

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Ms. Taylor, you have done it again and made a beautiful gem of a novel. I could not stop reading (unless it was for restroom breaks or for snacks, because I am a simple girl). Everything amazing that could be put into a book, you did and you did extremely well! The plot was PLOTTING. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Besides a few typos, this book is perfection. Though, I must say, I am hoping book 3 will let Charlie girl find her mate…(I totally get it though, if she shouldn’t, I’d just love to see Charlotte experience the love she DESERVES). It has been a pleasure reading this love letter to our girl Charlotte, and I hope you let me do it again with the next one!!

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I purchased The Bite from my local bookstore and was excited to see that NetGalley had the ARC up for review. I immediately requested to review The Hunt. I was happy when I was approved.

I really enjoyed The Hunt. I liked seeing Charlie’s character development and her learning to control and become one with her wolf. I liked learning more about the wolves and the Rouges. I will say that I would have liked for more action.

I liked how Charlie had to learn how the pack functioned and how to function within the pack. I enjoyed the introduction to other characters like Andrea.

Overall, the pacing of the story was good, it was a good read and didn’t take long to complete it. I will definitely be reading the next book. I’m invested and I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the Author for allowing me to read this ARC for an honest review.

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I was OBSESSED with this story when it was on Wattpad, so the fact it is becoming a published series makes my heart extremely happy. Regardless if you have read the Wattpad version or not, I highly recommend this series. The werewolf, vampire, and witch lore is beautiful! The werewolf lore is the most prominent because the main character is a werewolf and I love it.

If you have never read the Wattpad version and like werewolf books, you have to read this. It continues after the first book and continues on the storyline.

If you have read the Wattpad version of the story, there are some changes to the storyline, which I think will enhance the story and make it even more epic. Every time Ethan was mentioned I got so giddy.

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This book is a treasure! It is so much more than just another werewolf book! Truly I can’t express how much I love this series and this author!

If I could jump into a book it would be this one. The characters, the world and the found family check all the boxes! The author writes so beautifully I just feel transported. I love how Levi calls Charolette “Charlie Girl” I just adore it and melt! If I got to have my grandfather longer I truly feel he would be an extension of Levi. A whiskey drinking hard ass that loves big, feels hard and is healing from the journey of life!

If you haven’t read book 1, what are you waiting for! It’s a quick fun read with layers of found family, growth and strength! Charlie was in an abusive relationship and when she finally gets the strength to run she finds her self alone and lost in the Alaskan wilderness. Of course these remote woods would be home to big predators like bears and wolves. But Charlie finds that some wolves have a human side to them. After a near death experience she has to make a choice run or start fresh as a part of this new pack. Because werewolves are real and she’s one of them!

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Book two was even more bingable and action-packed than book one. I am really enjoying this series so far!

Love Charlie's journey from abused and on the run to finding out who she is and who she wants to be and learning to thrive in those parameters as a werewolf with her new found family.

I am immensely enjoying the side cast as well. I think Andrea was a great addition to the group and a much needed friend for Charlie.

Overall, the addictive and bingable vibes carried over to book two nicely, making it a solid book in the series filled with mystery and thrills.

Looking forward to book 3!

Tysm for the ARC!

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The Hunt is book 2 in The Moon Blood Saga by Z. W. Taylor.
I loved reading book one The Bite I devoured this story in one day.
A fascinating werewolf series that is compelling and very engaging.
An action packed read that had me hooked from start to the end.
The story is descriptive and the world building was wonderfully created.
I can’t wait for book three!

Thank You NetGalley and Wattpad Books for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!

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The Hunt picked up right after The Bite ended, and we see Charlotte adjust to her new life as a werewolf. She is conflicted about her purpose, both personally and among the pack, but she decides to enter tracker training. Meanwhile, Levi is investigating further threats from the rogues, while balancing inter-pack politics.

I thought The Hunt had better pacing than The Bite. It felt like the author really ramped up the mystery and thriller elements. Especially with the Hunt scenes, I was on the edge of my seat. Where the author really shines is writing physical location descriptions. The haunted forest was described so eerily, and it almost felt like I was in there with them.

I do think that the plot wasn't as fleshed out as it could've been. There was a lot going on, and it was hard to keep track of some of the characters. I wish this book leaned even more into the action elements. I expected there to be more scenes with the rogues and more high stakes situations. I didn't feel super invested in the characters or the character relationships. I felt like Liam's connection with Charlotte was a bit forced. The way Liam was written makes it seem like he's much younger than her, so I felt like they didn't fit together well romantically. Andrea, however, was a great addition to the story! I felt like Charlotte needed a female friend, and Andrea fits the role perfectly.

Thank you so much to Z.W. Taylor and the publisher for sending me an ARC of The Hunt. As always, my reviews are one hundred percent voluntary and all opinions are my own :)

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The Hunt is the second part of The Boon Blood saga. When I read the first I loved it and it was totally addictive and I wanted to read the second part at that exact moment.

A few months later I have the opportunity to read the second part and I didn't find myself as caught up as I was with the first but it was a roller coaster of emotions and something that I really liked is the fact that we see Charlotte's immense growth.

Here we see the inside and both the positive and negative side of being a werewolf (or werewolf heh), and how this changes your life completely, for better and for worse. With its new challenges, its bonds, its expectations, fears and dreams to follow. I think this book is a great bridge that leads to a third.

There are certain things that I still cannot understand and that remain a great mystery and it is not known where they are going to go. I also felt that the story lacked a little rhythm, like at times it felt a little heavy, slow... but as a whole it is a very good continuation.

Thank you Wattpad Books for the trust and for keeping me in mind to read this second novel. I read it through Netgalley.

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I am definitely invested in Charlie Girl’s story at this point. I love the character development and the slow pace of this book really works for this world.


This book started out slow, which I expected after the Bite. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be as interested but it hooked me after a little bit. I loved the ending with the hunt! I think it was done very well and brought the perfect amount of excitement to the story.

I will continue reading this series once the next book comes out! I also love Levi’s development throughout the book, and Charlie’s growth. At first I was sad the vampires weren’t going to be in this book much but it worked out perfectly for Charlotte and Levi’s relationship.

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The Hunt is the second book in the Moon Blood Saga. Charlotte has gone through her full shift and now has to get used to “pack life” and decide her future. She is still struggling to move past the things that haunt her from the past.

Charlotte is so much more strong in this book. I have to say that I enjoyed this book sooo much more than book 1. It has more action…..a little side note of some potential romance (nothing spicy) and some intrigue all packed into a great story!

You are going to want to read… more chapter…..until the end!

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I loved that the book started out right where the first book ended. We didn't miss anything! It's also quite suspenseful just like the first book. Charlotte is learning how to deal with her new life as a werewolf. She has to prove to the pack that she’s worthy to join and that she has something to offer. She’s also still dealing with her past traumas that often haunt her as she works hard at becoming a tracker. At some parts it's slower paced and maybe a bit longer than it needs to be which is why I gave it 4 stars. The suspenseful parts are soooo good it makes it worth it and I am excited to continue on with the trilogy.

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I was excited to see the character growth for Charlotte in this book, in the first book there was growth for her but she was going through multiple traumas that she needed to go through before her personal growth could blossom once she felt mentally stronger. This book does her justice with the dealing of the traumas and helps her to development beyond those, which in some stories the trauma's a main character goes through is their whole personality.

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Special thanks to netgalley and the publishers for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Okay I will admit to having been an original reader of this series back in its wattpad days and am so happy to see this author getting the chance to publish the story. That said, wow has this story ever changed! I was a little wary after the first book which felt like a much more drawn out version of the original story, but I would also say that this book made up for that tenfold. I feel like this is the book where the series really starts to break ground as the mystery of the forest, the rogues, and this ominous voice starts to really take shape. I found myself really captivated by the story wondering what would come next, and puzzling over some of the mysteries.

Former readers should go in knowing this is a very different version of the original story, but I would say it is actually an improved one. I was wary at first, but the changes to the characters, dialogue, and just general world building details have made this a stronger story that still has the same heart as energy as the first one!

The one thing that I will say keeps me from giving this book a full five stars is that while it was really building towards one, I feel like the climax of the book never fully landed. So much ground work was building up to the hunt and I was expecting something more vital to take place that would swing the series’ greater plot into further focus but that didn’t really happen. The book was definitely still a very interesting read, but I just felt it needed a bit more of a punch at the end there. That said, it’s still quite deserving of a 4.5 stars!

That said, now that I’m done I am in a reading slump because all I want is the third book. Truly I am desperate. And to anyone reading this who knows the old version, it’s all because I am waiting (*desperately*) for Ethan.

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I liked how finishing the first book didn’t leave a massive cliffhanger but the second book also reintroduced concepts and characters.
The plot points and character development was good.
Overall enjoyed the book.

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I tend to do this a lot and request books after reading the synopsis, but apparently this day, I wasn't wearing my glasses. I didn't know that this was the second book in the series and therefore went into it mildly confused. But to no fault but my own.

Beyond that, I loved this book and everything in it. I will absolutely be going back to read the first book and possibly do a re-read of this book.

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