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"There Are No Dragons in This Book" by Donna Lambo-Weidner with illustrations by Carla Haslbauer is a picture book for young readers challenging them to find any dragons.

This is an interactive picture book that declares there are no dragons, but will have children giggling and searching for fire-breathing creatures on every page. In spite of the narrators claims, there are plenty of dragons to be found hidden in plain sight.

It’s a cute book, but the illustrations feel a little loose in execution. The narrative works, but oddly, I recently read a similar book that was executed better, but can you really have too many dragons in hiding books?

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Thank you to NetGalley and NorthSouth Books for the opportunity to read an advanced reader's copy of this book for an honest review.

“There are No Dragons in This Book” by Donna Lambo-Weidner was incredibly cute and a super fun story for younger readers to spot the…well…the things in the book that weren’t dragons but looked similar to dragons ;)

I could definitely see kids coming back to this book again and again! It’s a fun story for adults to read to younger children as well.

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This book was adorable! From the colorful and funny pictures to the silly rhymes and story. My youngest was giggling throughout our read of the book. She kept looking at the pictures to assist her in solving the mystery of what was in the book. Thank you to NetGalley and NorthSouth Books for an advanced copy! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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There are No Dragons in This Book by Donna Lambo-Weidner is a cure picture book where there are definitely no dragons. Nope. Not a one. Follow the trail and evidence to see for yourself if that's true or not. ;-)

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I need to first express my understanding at just how difficult it is to be an author/illustrator [neither of which I would be ANY good at] and how difficult it is to get books published and I recognize the hard work both the author AND illustrator put into this book.

That said...

This book really didn't work for me. I understand the concept, but it felt forced and the "bait and switch", when it finally happened felt...meh, kind of like the "boy who cried wolf" story. And reading this on the kindle made it impossible to read some of it [which WILL work with a physical book, but not ever with a tablet and/or a computer]; having to turn it just didn't work in that format.

And then there are the illustrations [and this is not a good thing]...they are like a child drew them, with colored pencil, with really weird perspective and a very odd color scheme of purple and orange [even the adults have notes of these colors]. But what really bothers me are the expressions. All of the people [but especially the adults, like they are angry that they too, are being lied to about the dragons] in the illustrations are making bizarre angry expressions. They are not remotely cute, often made me uncomfortable and don't fit the text at all. It's very off-putting and mildly disturbing.

I just didn't get into this one and I am both disappointed and unable to recommend this to anyone.

I was invited to read/review this by the publishers [NorthSouth Books INC] and I thank them, the author and illustrator, and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Cute sorry that my daughter really enjoyed! She loved shaking the dragons out!

Thank you NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC.

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What do you see on the page? In this picture book regular human items are described, yet the illustrations might tell a different story. Hidden behind ordinary things there might be something scaly in need of help. Work together and maybe there will be dragons in the book!

The illustrations are creative and funny, with things to find! Awesome book!

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Thanks to Netgalley and NorthSouth for the ARC of this!

This was such a silly picture book! My 7 year old really enjoyed it. Good for fans of There is a Monster at the End of this Book.

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A lovely book I loved. Cute, lovely illustrations, well plotted
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Thank you to the author, NorthSouth Books and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This children's book geared toward younger preschool children is a wonderful way to sharpen observation skills - because in spite of the title, *of course* there are dragons in this book. There are hints on every page, as the book takes us through the entire house, and it's fun to see who can find the hints.

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The book was just about what I expected- no real story, just hidden dragons on each page for children to gleefully spot. I liked the interactive bits to get the child involved. The illustrations were disappointing, however; very juvenile looking, almost as if they were drawn by a child . . . which could work in some situations, but, sadly, not in this case.

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Very short and sweet book. I think kids would like the parts that ask you to shake it and interact with the book!

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SUPER CUTE. I love when the author tries to distract and divert attention away from the obvious. It makes it so much fun for young readers. And I love when they ask you to get involved and shake or flip the book to move the story along. That interactive element always thrills me.

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This book was simple and cute and I would definitely consider buying it for my son. There wasn't really a plot but I think he would chuckle at the cheekiness of it and find it funny.

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But a very interesting book about dragons. I like how she told a story how dragons act but they weren't really there. They follow a little girl through this book. The pictures are beautiful as she looks at the dragon but cannot see the dragon. You need to story become more involved with it. At the end you realize there was really a dragon in the book

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We visit a busy, diverse community home where both children and adults are trying to decide whether they are seeing dragons. Or are they seeing something else?

Full of whimsical, pastel coloured illustrations I love the way that this interactive book encourages observational skills and discussion as we try and solve the mystery of whether there are dragons in the book.

It was fascinating to hear more about author Donna Weidner's inspiration and writing process for 'There are NO DRAGONS' in this book. You can read her full interview on my blog, Story Snug.

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I read this with my son (of course) and we loved the interactive aspects of the book! We are all about books that actually have you participate in some way. I did have a DRC for this book so it was a bit harder with the computer but I made sure that he got the point!

The illustrations were cute and fun. I do think it's a bit simplistic but that's okay because my son didn't mind. Overall, we did enjoy this one!

Thank you to NorthSouth Books and Netgalley for a DRC of this one! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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There are truly no dragons in this book... whatsoever!

This was a fun read for my kids and they thought it was funny! I was a little put off by some of the illustrations, but they seemed to not mind.

I think this would be a fun story time read for little ones in preschool or kindergarten.

Thank you NorthSouth for this ARC copy!

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There are No Dragons in the Book was written by Donna Lambo-Weidner and illustrated by Carla Haslbauer.

I did not care for this children's book and would not recommend it. It seems like the title is a lie to children that are read the book. And why would we lie to them. I think I would have liked it better if the title said "are there dragons in this book?"

I also did not care for the illustrations. So this book just did not work for me.

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There Are No Dragons In This Book by Donna Lambo-Weidner is a children's book where kids look to make sure there are no dragons in the book. The expected publication date is March 5, 2024. I'd like to thank NetGalley for the Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of this book.

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in this picture book. I didn't care for the story, and it's not something I would likely read to a child. I also didn't like that the story actually did have dragons in it only because I feel like a child might be upset that they were mislead. However, I'm not the target audience, so kids may love it.

On a positive note, I did enjoy the colorful illustrations. It definitely gives the reader a lot to look at. Three out of five stars is what I gave There Are No Dragons In This Book by Donna Lambo-Weidner.

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