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Wow this book was not so easy to read. Dark and deep this book takes you to the sixteenth century Geneva when around 500 plus people were burnt mostly women under suspicion of witchcraft.

This might be the most infuriating book I have read with the most infuriating male protagonist (not infuriating in a good way) written in the historical fiction. And then I thought many people even today are like Henry Audet. Not letting women abort when it is their right under the name of being prolife is one of the most unjust a religion can put into practice against women. Why not men? Do you ask the men when you ask women not to abort to take the responsibility? I don't see it happening.

Anyways so over-all this story is amazingly researched and written but I felt that it lacked depth. I did not feel anything for any characters, we didn't really get connected to them but just superficial parts of them. We don't really know them and that is what disappointed me.

I would have liked to read more about this historic events that took place in Geneva. There are so many lines where misogyny is oozing like a bad pus but I know that was the point of the book but even then at some points it became too much to take.

It's dark and twisted mind of the men that era that is so blinding that it made me stop a lot while reading to process how they thought.

Overall a good read but I would have liked to read in more depth.

Rating : 3.5 stars

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Wow, this was like a punch in the gut. Seeing the witch craze in 16th century Geneva, through the eyes and mind of witch hunter Henry Audet, was insane, nauseating at times, and deeply moving. The research that author Catherine Fearns did to make this story come alive - blending historical characters both known and unknown, with fictional characters - was richly done. Reading this book took me right back to the classroom, to a women's studies course I took many years ago where we studied the witch hunts of medieval Europe. This story was really well done, and deserves a wide readership. This is not horror, per se, but the story is the more horrific for being historical.

I am also reminded why I always thought John Calvin was an uptight ass.

My thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for this opportunity. Richly deserved kudos to Fearns!

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An absolutely captivating historical fiction that will transport you back in time and capture you from the start. The witch-hunts were a terrifying time in history, and Fearns does an excellent job of bringing the time period, the fear, the suspicion, and the characters to life. It was interesting to see it all from the perspective of one of the witch-hunters, and you might find his views a bit frustrating at times (I know I did). It can also be a bit disturbing at times, but I think it was intentional, and really drives home the horrors of this time in history even though this is a work of fiction. Highly recommend for all horror lovers!

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While this was a good book, it wasn’t the book for me. I feel like this book was wonderful for someone who enjoys parts of history as well as fiction. While it’s not something I was particularly interested in, it was very well written!

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What a phenomenal book.

All the Parts of the Soul is an extremely uncomfortable read, but incredibly captivating in its horror. Through the eyes of Henry Aubert, a magistrate from Geneva during the witch trials of 1545, you’re forced to witness the misogyny and cruelty inflicted upon those accused of witchcraft.

If you want a well-researched historical fiction novel, this is for you.
If you want a book with incredible prose, this is for you.
If you want to seethe with feminine rage, this is absolutely for you.

It’s genuinely hard to describe how this book made me feel, which I mean in the most positive way. The male protagonist is a loathsome man, whose struggle with the justification of torture for the greater good makes you sick to your stomach. I have never wanted to scream at a character in a book as badly as I have with this one. I was horrified at times while reading; I was captivated throughout.

Catherine Fearns did an incredible job with this novel, and I will be thinking about it for a very long time. A highly recommended read for those who are comfortable with discomfort.

Thanks to NetGalley for the eARC!

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Thank you Netgalley, Catherine Feams and Quill and Crow Publishing House for the Arc of All the Parts of the Soul.

This book intrigued me as Id not long read another historical fiction/horror book regarding the Witch trails which raised a lot of emotions for me. The story begins as Henry, a magistrate who is sent off to a village where the plague has struck and murmurings of witchcraft is whispered through the streets. Henry has taken a gruesome interest in the witch trials since he was a preteen and he takes almost a twisted pleasure in hunting down these women who are different .

Catherine has a skill of bringing her research into fictional writing. As the story unfolds, you see how unlikeable Henry really is. To the point that you know he's twisted. Catherine is both descriptive in her work, both with building of characters to the gore aspect. I feel that this book does uphold the trigger warnings that are placed at the back of the book. I feel that the horrifying aspect, for me anyway. Isn't the gore, it's the misogyny and the historical research that women had to live through these times.

It did, as I thought it would, raise some strong emotions within me and that's a sign of a well written narrative!

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This a dark and twisted historical fiction centred around the witch trials. The concepts of witches, dark magic, the trials, and plagues was interesting because I haven’t really researched or read too much around the subject.

‼️ I would definitely search up trigger warnings if you intend to read this.‼️

Honestly this was hard to get through, mostly because this is generally not my type of book. The main reason I picked it up was because the cover intrigued me and I was interested in reading more about European history.

This book was a slow start and just felt like it was being dragged on but started to pick up pace once you are half way through.

You can tell that the author put some much work and dedication into this story from the descriptions of everything, the Latin chapter titles, how well written the characters were, and highlighting what women experienced in the fourteenth-sixteenth centuries from a male perspective. It really was quite horrifying at times.

Overall, this book was well executed and interesting but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I do recommend it if you love dark historical fiction.

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This book was brought by Netgallery. Thank you, for allowing me to read this book.
Rate 3.5
This book is a historical fiction that takes you back to the Sixteenth century. Foucus on the woman and how they were treathed for they "unusual craft" . The life that brings back to the plagues where dark magic has been used and these poor woman has been haunted by theses men.

The history of this book focuses on the highlight of this era. This brings to me that this book was well told. Character delevopment was also was very much detailed. This book brought it a game to pulling out your emotions.

Thank you for these lovely expericence, Netgallery.

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All the Parts of the Soul" is a historical novel that takes us back to the 16th century, in the midst of the Protestant Reformation. The story introduces us to the life of Henry Aubert, a lonely magistrate who must investigate accusations of witchcraft in a small town.
The book is very well written, the author does a great job of describing the period and the atmosphere of the place. The characters are well developed and have depth.
The story is intense, with a plot that keeps you on edge. Themes of fear, superstition, faith and belonging are explored.
In terms of characters, Henry Aubert is a very interesting character. Despite being a very intelligent and rational person, he also struggles with his own fears and doubts. His development throughout the story is very well accomplished.
Overall, "All the Parts of the Soul" is a very well written historical novel, with interesting characters and an intense and gripping story. Recommended for lovers of historical novels.

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This was an enjoyable and unique story. I have read a lot of books about witches and witchcraft but never one quite like this. I am still thinking about it now

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I immediately gravitated toward this title because I love gothic literature and the red and black cover really stood out. While it’s well-written and researched, despite a some editing issues, I just couldn’t get into it. This story dragged which shocked me because it’s not an incredibly long book. Henry, for all his introspection—90% of the book is just him discussing his feelings with himself—is not a character I could connect with. I don’t dislike that the author chose a magistrate as the main character. That was an interesting spin. I think if there was more focus on Henry and Louise, really building up their interactions, the pacing issue and lack of emotionality could have been fixed. I think the wisps of a story are there and with the right guidance, this really could have been wonderful.

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Gorgeously dark, a very unique way to tell a witchcraft story, from the perspective of not the accuser or the accused but the magistrate. Thanks for the DRC

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My biggest criticism of this book is the trigger warnings are at the end. This seems bizarre to me.
Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's not for the faint of heart, not quite horror but definitely some more gruesome and sordid details.

The book is driven by Henry's dialogue of the events, intertwined with his own struggles and thoughts of what he is doing, his character made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated, which I think was intentional. Louise on the other hand, her character is beautiful, caring and independent. The interrogations and trials of the witches were very detailed and clearly well researched. As a woman I felt deeply saddened and honestly horrified by the end of this book, knowing what they went through for simply being women, how easy it was for them to be taken from their families, tortured and murdered.

Catherine Fearns is a fantastic writer and I urge anyone who has an interest in the European Witch Craze to read this book.

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All the Parts of the Soul Catherine Fearns is a historical horror that opens with a bang. Henry Aubert has been fascinated with the destruction of witches since he was a tween and is zealously devoted to Calvin and his ideals. He’s sent to a village that is suffering from a plague and is confronted with what appears to be witchcraft, and the town starts to fall into chaos as everyone starts accusing each other of making deals with the Devil.

Fearns doesn’t hold back, exploring the more twisted and bloody parts of the witch trials of Europe without treating it like it’s a spectacle for entertainment or shock value, instead exploring Henry’s twisted and off-putting yet well-written interiority. Henry is not likable by any stretch of the imagination and many parts of his POV will have you screaming ‘how can you be so blind?’ but I think that’s part of the brilliance of this work. I can’t stand him, I’m horrified by him, I feel sorry for his victims, but his convictions are so strong and he believes in his goodness so much that he constantly tells himself he is doing what God and Calvin want him to do and if he is wrong, then, surely, surely, his positive intentions mean something and you can see how we got from the beginning of book to the end.

Content warning for depictions of torture and mentions of sexual assault

I would recommend this to readers who can handle some of the more stomach-turning aspects of the witch trials and those who are open to exploring unlikable main characters.

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I was blown away by Catherine Fearns' incredible storytelling! Sne masterfully gets inside the head of Henry, a complex and flawed character, and reveals the twisted thinking that drives his dark actions. Set against the chilling backdrop of witch trials, Fearns strikes the perfect balance between historical context and character development. I found myself both riveted and disturbed by the story, which left me questioning the darker corners of human nature. Fearns' writing is masterful, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. A truly unforgettable read!

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Writing: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Historical: 5/5
Enjoyment: 4/5

All the Parts of the Soul is about a witch hunter that is sent to a small town after a woman is accused of being a witch. I really like the history this story followed with the many witch trials that happened in the 1800s. If you know the history of witch hunting you will get more out of the story. This is a grim topic so be careful to read the triggers. There was more teaching about the witch trials than there was horror so as long as you go into this with the correct mindset you will enjoy this book.

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The year is 1545 and spiritual leader John Calvin is at the helm. In a city ravaged by plague, the atmosphere is one of fear and suspicion. So when new rumors of witchcraft emerge from the isolated village of Satigny, Calvin sees an opportunity and plucks a reclusive young magistrate to investigate. Henry Aubert was now living alone in fear after being orphaned by plague at the age of twelve Now, for the first time, he is forced to confront the possibility of society, friendship, and even love in the form of local healer Louise de Peney.

All The Parts Of The Soul is a dark and deliciously unique view into the history of witchcraft. Fearns dives deep in making the reader feel as though we are standing on the plague-ridden streets, right along side the characters. However, while I personally enjoyed every aspect - it is quite heavy on female oppression (fitting the times) and there are a few scenes featuring gruesome themes. I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in a historical based horror, anyone adept at extreme horror would eat this one up.

Thank you to everyone involved for an advanced copy, All The Parts of The Soul is available now.

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I've read a lot of books about witches. Unfortunately it didn't convince me and haven't pulled me in. I know it's a tough topic to write it easier than it is ... I liked the chapter headlines and looked them up. But I haven't read the whole book. I crossread it but it didn't change. It's a good approach though, but not my style, sorry. Thank you anyway.

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Geneva, haunted by the plague, and introduced to a new belief, struggles with freeing their citizens and new territories from the grasps of evil. And young Magistrate Henry Aubert is one of the ones fighting the good fight. The fight that consists of hunting down witches, investigating the towns that evil has taken root in and extracting the truth from sinners - in any way necessary. And if that means getting to see another witch burn - well, Henry will simply accept the sin that causes him to stir at the sight.

This book was an incredibly interesting depiction of the witchhunt in europe around the 16th century. The way that women were forced into confessions, the kinds of people who conducted this torture. The intent behind the accusions.
It's a little scary, honestly, to see how these things might have worked on the inside - burning someone just to make an example, push someone into matyrdom, hunting every tiniest hint and taking everything at face value, no matter how mad the ramblings are. Everyone could suddenly be accused. And once you were, you were as good as dead.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Catherine for letting me read this amazing book.
Usually, I wouldn't say I like historical fiction but this book was simply good albeit a bit heartbreaking. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. It did have an ominous feeling that something big was about to go down that kept me reading nonstop. I have read about Witch trials before (mostly articles) but never the storybook set around that time. This was my first story read and the details of the trials in Europe were gruesome. I feel for all those people who were wrongly accused and died during that time. One of the lowest points of humanity in history.

The book was good, strong plot and a strong conclusion. I have written a detailed review. It's on my blog.

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