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I liked this book, a very good detective story with a love story thrown in, religion, lies , love and sadness and madness - this book has it all!

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Things Left Undone was an entertaining book but I have no idea why they named it that. The lead character was Liberty, her husband was Dallas and her daughter was Emmy. This was a murder mystery and the person who was murdered was Sam, who was a priest.

Sam had opened a home for wayward boys called Shadrach House. One of the persons who served on the board was Duff, and he turned up dead too.

Dallas made a habit of going out and getting drunk. One night he came home drunk and he hit Liberty. She immediately packed up and took Emmy and fled to Florida to her grandparents. She had planned to divorce Dallas, but her grandmother talked her into staying. So she went home but everything was cool between her and Dallas. When she left home, she had gone by Sam's house to talk to him about Dallas. When she got there. Sam was on the floor, dead. It was assumed that he died as a result of asthma. But Liberty believed he was murdered. So her quest was to find out who killed him.

Her friend Vivian told her about a man she knew named Jack who had been a PI. So Liberty contacted him and he agreed to help her.

Sam's wife, Alison, told Liberty about Sam's memoir and she asked her to finish it for him because it was incomplete. Alison gave her everything she had but part of it was missing. There was a woman who worked at the church named Gracelyn who had been typing Sam's book. So Liberty went to the church to ask her for the missing pages. Gracelyn told her she didn't have them. So Liberty went back to visit Alison to ask her to check through Sam's paperwork to see if the pages were there. While she was there, she saw an envelope on the table that had Sam's name on it and she took it. As it turns out, Sam had sent his adopted sister those pages and she had made notes on them and send them back to him, and that's what was in the envelope.

Liberty and Jack worked diligently on the murder mystery. They interviewed people and followed leads. Also, someone had been stealing from the church. They figured out it was Gracelyn.

It was Christmas Eve and Jack found out that Gracelyn was leaving the country so he told Liberty he and his detective friend were going to follow her. Liberty wanted to accompany them but Jack told her no. But she wouldn't take no for an answer. She had to pick up her mother from the airport anyway, so she went in search of Gracelyn. And she had taken a gun with her. When she found Gracelyn she approached her and told her that she wanted to talk to her, but Gracelyn wasn't having it. Liberty was expecting Jack and his buddy to show up but she didn't see them, so she grabbed Gracelyn by the arm and Gracelyn snatched her arm away from her. In that tussle, liberty slipped the gun into Gracelyn's pocket. She put her hand in her pocket and pull the gun out. People around her began screaming and security came and took her away. Eventually Jack and his buddy showed up and Liberty told them what had happened.

The truth was, Sam really had been murdered, and so had Duff The author didn't make it obvious who the killer was, and I appreciated that. Even though I figured out the murderer, it wasn't until I was halfway through the book. The characters were well developed and the storyline was very easy to follow. It kept me reading. I gave this very good book. Five stars.

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