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*thank you to netgalley and the publisher for an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Goodness what a fun and a cute read! I loved the story right from the beginning! the characters and the plot were very well developed! I enjoyed it immensely and will be definitely be recommending this book to my fellow bookish readers! A perfect YA read!

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Reviewed for NetGalley:

This had all the makings of a great take on Sense and Sensibility on a cruise, no less.

However, I could not buy in the overall importance of Margaret finding a new love interest for her sister, just moments after she broke up with her boyfriend.

And while Margaret finds her own love interest along the way, I just never became invested in the relationship.

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I have really been enjoying this Austen adjacent series by Amanda Quain, and Dashed is another fun entry. This time around we visit the characters from Sense and Sensibility, after the dramatic events that are detailed in the original novel. The Dashwood family has had a rough couple of years after the death of their father and then an ill fated romance that almost killed middle sister Marianne. Youngest Dashwood sister Margaret used to idolize Marianne, until she saw the results of Marianne's impulsive and romance obsessed personality. These days she strives to be just like her oldest sister Elinor; calm, controlled, and happily married to the equally calm pastor Edward. Edward has just taken a six week job as pastor for a cruise ship, and Margaret gets to tag along. Unfortunately, just as the family is boarding the ship hurricane Marianne blows in. She has just (apparently) broken up with her boyfriend and is now planning to join the family on their ocean adventure. Margaret is not going to let Marianne mess up her last free summer before college with her drama, so now she has to create a plan to distract Marianne for six weeks so that she can get some relaxation time. Of course there are complications, including a very intriguing male crew member...

Amanda Quain's take on the Austen novels continues to be clever and engaging. I appreciate that as in the first book of this series she has once again chosen to focus on a character who was mostly peripheral to the main action, and explore the fall-out from the well known story. The cruise ship setting basically serves as the modern day equivalent of spending the summer in Bath, with social engagements, concerts, and the awkward possibility of running into people you'd rather avoid.

Dashed is an adorable and well thought out YA romance, featuring a fresh updated take on Sense and Sensibility. Don't worry though if you are not familiar with Austen, the book easily stands on its own. I had fun reading this book, and I look forward to seeing Quain take on the rest of Austen.

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I was expecting a very summer vibe and I didn't get it. It was a cute and easy read, but I did not like the main character and that's what dropped the ratings for me.

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Think Sense and Sensibility on a contemporary cruise with Margaret Dashwood as main character. A blast!

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for ARC access! I really enjoyed this story. Fast-moving plot, interesting characters and great settings. Reading this made me feel like I was on vacation--perfect for a winter escape or a fun beach read. Highly recommend!

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In this Sense and Sensibility inspired reimagining, the focus is on the youngest Dashwood sister, Margaret (Mags). When she was younger, she was more like her passionate middle sister, Marianne, who loves excessively. But after that passion leads to an accident that injures both of them, Mags pulls away from Marianne and begins modeling herself more on her sensible older sister, Elinor. Mags will be heading off to college in the fall but before doing so, she will be spending six weeks with Elinor and her husband Edward on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, as Edward is serving as the cruise chaplain. However, the plans for a relaxing cruise are wrecked when Marianne unexpectedly turns up and reveals that she and Brandon have broken up. Mags is convinced that the only way she will be able to enjoy the cruise is if she can find a new love interest for Marianne.

On the first day of the cruise, Mags had befriended Gabriel (Gabe), who was a sound technician on the cruise. Mags enlists his assistance in finding and vetting guys to match up with her sister. However, Marianne only agrees to go along with the "find love on a cruise" plan if Mags also tries to find summer love for herself. That is a big ask, as Mags does not date or do anything analogous to dating -- a fact she shares with Gabe during their second interaction, much to his surprise. However, she will end up "fake dating" Gabe, so she can hold up her end of the bargain with her sister. Fake dating will turn out to be harder than expected because the feelings Mags develops for Gabe are all too real but are off-limits.

The fake relationship with Gabe, tension between the sisters, an unexpected revelation, and a hurricane will force the sisters to re-evaluate their relationships with each other and will force Mags to rethink her outlook on life and love. The story has plenty of humorous moments, especially the interactions between Mags and Gabe, but also some very tender/sentimental moments and dramatic moments, and some pretty good surprises.

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I like it when a book billed as retelling surprises me by being something a little different, and this one definitely succeeded in that.nothing. The plot was well-developed and romance was sweet, perfect for a YA book! I can’t wait to re-read this in the summer time!

A special thank you to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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First and foremost, thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy.

I like that its takes place on a cruise ship, referencing ports of call I am familiar with and how things go on a cruise, it made you feel like you were there. However, the amount of times she would tell you she wanted to crawl up and hide (and used a lot of different metaphors to get that point across) was cute at first, but got a bit redundant towards the end. I appreciate that the characters weren't all of one origin, a diverse group if you will (and love the Portuguese references, a nice way to teach some common words).

Pop culture references
descriptions of what the characters are wearing (vintage Lily Pulitzer, all black (Gabe's color palette of choice)
Easy read, perfect poolside/beachside/couchside
The descriptive sections about the ship food (ice cream, lobster, Mags love of the pastries)

a few holes of character origins, but that could just be me
the unrealistic ending (not the whole thing, just a few pieces)

It is definitely for the hopeless romantic, the fan of Mr. Darcy/Elizabeth, the fan of the "fake boyfriend trope"

Favorite quote from the book: "Maybe I think you just deserve the chance to soar."

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I loved this update to Sense and Sensibility, it uses the story in a way you could tell it had a unique feel for it. The characters worked in this story and were written in a way that I enjoyed. It had a great story going on and thought it worked overall. I enjoyed how well Amanda Quain wrote this.

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Between Quain and J.C. Peterson, it feels like I'll have my Austen-inspired book needs taken care of for a while. "Dashed" takes on "Sense and Sensibility", focused on Margaret—the youngest of the three sisters, rather neglected in the original book.

3.5 stars, and my favorite of Quain's books to date. I admit to some bias here—I fell madly in love with Beatrice, and thus Emma Thompson, in "Much Ado About Nothing" when I was about eight, and extended that love happily to Elinor in Thompson's adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility". (I'm not sure I'd seen a Disney film at that age, but my parents could sometimes be convinced to rent a Shakespeare or Ye Olde British Book adaptation and haul the elderly television out of their bedroom closet.) I've read the book—I'm not a total heathen—but Emma Thompson is forever cemented in my head as Elinor, and anything that manages to be more or less in line with her portrayal is bound to hit the spot.

So "Dashed": in which Margaret is relieved to have some breathing room from Marianne for the summer, which she'll be spending on board a cruise ship with Elinor and Elinor's husband Edward...but then Marianne shows up, and those hopes and plans are, ah, dashed.

I won't go too much into the plot here, although I will say that this does not make me regret never having been on a cruise ship. I do wish that Margaret's reluctance to get into a relationship were a little more original (I've seen it many times in YA and romance books...but never in real life), but I appreciate that this is an original spin on a side character rather than a retelling. It gives Quain a lot more room to play with both characters and plot, while also...this:

"'Edward accidentally stayed up all night reading the guidebook,' Elinor said, as Edward accepted coffee and grinned sheepishly. They were, I realized with some horror, wearing matching button-down shirts, each emblazoned with leaping dolphins on a light blue background. With Elinor's tight bun and bright red hair, she looked like Ms. Frizzle had gone back to school to become a nautical librarian; Edward just looked like he'd wandered into the bargain bin at a Jimmy Buffett concert." (loc. 860*)

Not taking itself too seriously, then, which bodes well if Quain tackles "Emma" next...

*Quotes are from an ARC and may not be final.

Thanks to the author and publisher for providing a review copy through NetGalley.

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Cruise ship, sisters, and a game of “find the best date” makes this light summer read perfect.
Following the Dashwold sisters who have embarked on a summer long cruise for Margaret’s senior trip. Marianne needs a new boyfriend STAT, and Margaret plans to help so Marianne can’t ruin her summer.

I found this book to be a cute and fun read. After a ton of heavier books I have read lately this was exactly what I needed!

I received this digital ARC from net galley and the publisher in exchange for my honest feedback.

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In "Dashed" by Amanda Quain, readers are introduced to Margaret Dashwood, a young woman who lives her life meticulously according to a plan with no room for heartbreak. Having experienced the devastating effects of love tearing her family apart, Margaret has guarded and protected her heart ever since. Her sister Marianne, on the other hand, is a hopeless romantic, seemingly oblivious to the pain love can inflict. When their sensible sister Elinor invites Margaret on a summer cruise, promising a break from Marianne's dramatic affairs, Margaret eagerly anticipates a carefully curated vacation before college. However, just as they are about to embark on their journey, Marianne unexpectedly announces her intention to join them, her recent breakup leaving her in a state of emotional turmoil. Suddenly, Margaret's well-planned itineraries are cast aside, and the confined cabin space feels even smaller with her sister's constant lamentations. Determined to help Marianne find love, Margaret enlists the assistance of Elinor, her husband Edward, and Gabe—a strikingly handsome new friend among the crew. Together, they devise an elaborate scheme of fake dates to provide Marianne with the summer romance she so desperately craves. As the story unfolds, Margaret finds herself grappling with the blossoming feelings between her and Gabe amidst the chaos of her sister's unpredictable behavior. Additionally, a literal storm on the horizon threatens to further disrupt their already-tumultuous vacation. In the face of these challenges, Margaret is forced to confront a crucial decision—whether to adhere to her carefully crafted plan or follow her heart's desires. Amanda Quain skillfully weaves a captivating narrative in "Dashed," blending elements of romance, family dynamics, and self-discovery. The author adeptly presents the contrasting personalities of the three Dashwood sisters, each grappling with their own emotional baggage. Margaret's transformation from a rigid planner to someone willing to take risks and embrace the unexpected is engaging and relatable, allowing readers to empathize with her journey of growth. The novel is filled with delightful moments, as the characters navigate the complexities of love, sisterhood, and personal fulfillment. Quain's writing is infused with humor, making the story highly entertaining and light-hearted at times. The coastal setting of the summer cruise adds charm and serves as a backdrop for the characters' adventures and misadventures. "Dashed" is a delightful read that explores themes of love, resilience, and the importance of embracing spontaneity. Quain's vivid descriptions and well-rounded characters bring the story to life, drawing readers into the Dashwood sisters' world of unexpected twists and turns. Whether you're a fan of romance, family dramas, or simply enjoy a captivating summer escapade, this book is sure to leave you thoroughly entertained and longing for your own moment of dashed plans and unexpected romance.

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How FUN! Really enjoyed this contemporary retelling of Jane Austen's "Sense & Sensibility", but with the Dashwood sisters on boats & beaches!! I also read the author's "Ghosted" last summer, which was an updated & very different "Northhanger Abbey" & also enjoyed it a lot. Amanda Quain has found a fun new spin on some old personal favorites & I will check out what's she does next for sure! My sincere thanks to Net Galley & the publisher for the complimentary DRC - my pleasure to review it!

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DASHED by Amanda Quain is a Young Adult contemporary romance retelling of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. This was a fun, heartwarming, and touching story that I really enjoyed.

The novel is set mostly on a cruise ship, and there are various ports of call. Told from the perspective of Margaret "Mags", it begins when Marianne shows up as Margaret, Elinor, and Edward are boarding. Declaring that she's broken it off with her long-term boyfriend, Brandon, Marianne announces that she's joining them. Margaret, who'd been looking forward to a summer of reading and relaxation, determines that the only way to keep Marianne from crying for the whole trip is to get her another boyfriend. Aided by the hottie McTech guy she accidentally meets, Gabe, she determinedly interviews and sets up double dates with Marianne and a date, and Gabe and Margaret fake dating. The problem is, even though Margaret decided not to date until her life was settled after college, she begins to have feelings for Gabe. Will Mags succeed and ensure Marianne's happiness? Will Mags and Gabe turn into something more? You'll have to read to find out.

What I loved most about this book:
- the fake dating trope here is so well-executed
- Gabe Monteiro. Let's just start with the fact that he's a tech guy for the ship's shows. Big plus. He's just the right guy for our heroine and I appreciated his patience with Margaret's challenges. People who speak the truth, no matter how difficult it might be to hear, are gems.
- the novel addresses the dynamics of sisterhood in a really touching way. Margaret struggles to find identity. On one hand, she wants to be like her responsible, respectable sister, Elinor. On the other hand, she wishes she could be the free spirit that is Marianne. Things that happened in their past have created challenging dynamtics between the three sisters, and the author does not shy away from how difficult and painful it can be. - Edward Ferrars being so Edward Ferrars. I've always loved this character.
- The way Mags tries to protect her heart is very relatable and understandable, given the trauma of her past
- Tons more! Seriously, I loved this book.

What didn't work:
- Can't think of a thing, which is why this is a five. Bravo!

DASHED is a touching, entertaining, and well-executed YA retelling of Sense and Sensibility. I highly recommend it. Run, don't walk, to pre-order this excellent novel!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press Wednesday Books for providing me with an eARC of this book for my honest feedback.

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I really adired this book with the sister vibes!

This had lots of emotions but also makes you laugh out loud on other parts. I liked the billing of the characters as well.

Will read more by this author

Thanks NetGalley for letting me read and review!

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Great story with sense and sensibility vibes. Well built characters. I felt immersed in the story. Would be great for book clubs.

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