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Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen Volume 1

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This is such a cute and fun and wholesome addition to the Witch Hat universe. Recipes I definitely need to try intermixed with little snippets of slice-of-life scenes of all our favorite characters made this such an enjoyable read.

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Please see my full review in Booklist for a full analysis of this work. Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity to review this manga professionally.

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I want to thank NetGalley and the publisher for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book was like savouring your favourite food.
This is how magic feels after their stomachs are full.
This was an experience and includes recipes made during this first comic book.
This is 100% recommended to anyone who loves witchy content.

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It makes sense that Qifrey would be quite busy in the kitchen. After all, he has a hoard of young apprentices to keep fed! That task is often easier said than done, given the variety of tastes and palettes he must work with on any given day.

Thankfully, the girls are always grateful for his efforts. So together, Qifrey and Olruffio will take advantage of the quiet nights to pursue their own adventures – of a culinary nature.


Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen #1 is the first in a new (ish) spin-off series based on the beloved Witch Hat Atelier series. It's perfect for anybody who loves a more slice-of-life story, especially as it blends in more foodie elements.

Witch Hat Atelier always leaves us hanging (on bated breath or a cliffhanger); Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen #1 is a casual and calming delight. Yet it fits perfectly within the world, portraying the characters perfectly as they play around in the kitchen.

I love how each chapter includes a recipe (how realistic those recipes are, I can't say). It's a cute touch to help finish off each story.

Magic Academy
Magical Cooking

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If you like food, and you like Witch Hat Atelier. Then I'm sure you'll enjoy this manga! And who knows, you might learn to cook a thing or two. ;)

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Witches-in-training need regular meals, and their teachers are the best source of the job. in this case, witch teachers Qifrey and Olugio educate their apprentices by day and experiment with food at night. We find out honey is a good substitute for vanilla when you run out, Never be afraid to improvise when you know your ingredients.

In addition, food bonds people. We see the girls experiment with soups, and share the results of their creation. The teachers make sure their students have meals for field trips, so they can learn better. Qifrey and Olugio have a sweet chemistry when they catch one making snacks for the others. A sick day can become a self-care day with a bit of ginger.

While I haven't tried out the recipes, they look fairly simple and straightforward. We also get important notes on substitutes. And this book definitely makes a person hungry. I might try the yogurt soup when it's a hot day in the summer.

The art is also fun. We get some hilarious reactions from grumpy Olruggio, and a sleep-deprived Qifrey. The girls are adorable, when they taste dishes or like them.

I cannot wait for volume two! It can't come soon enough, with the recipes and the fluffy stories.

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Witch Hat Atelier kitchen is a collection of recipes. It's a spinoff from the Witch Hat Atelia Manga.

This was a wonderful book to read and attempt some of the recipes ( yes, I failed. But it was fun). I liked that there are substitues at the end of the book for people to attempt. I think this book would make an excellent gift for slice of life manga fans.

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I've read this manga as my first manga in the 'Witch Hat Atelier' series. I thought it was cute and easy to understand. After some research I'm still not sure who the targeted audience is, as I would say that while it is wholesome I still feel it's rather more targeted to children, but the online it is considered to be targeted towards adult men. Anyway it should be rather easy to use the recipes in the book to cook for yourself (depending of course on what ingredients your countries stores have to offer).
Overall I think it was cute and wholesome and especially if you're already into this series you'll probably enjoy it a lot. I am currently already collecting and reading many wholesome manga series and are probably not picking up 'Witch Hat Atelier' just from this manga. Also this manga gives GAY☆Vibes at times, which I love but I'm not sure it's supposed to do that.

Overall 3.5/5 for me

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I love Witch Hat Atelier. The art is gorgeous, the plots intriguing, and the world-building fascinating. But most of all, I love the characters. Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen is two things at once--a collection of short stories at Qifrey's atelier, and a cookbook. Both parts are absolutely delightful. I'm not sure when the stories are set chronologically, but they naturally incorporate the recipe element and work it into the story well. It provided much-needed fluff and family bonding
Although I haven't taken the time to make any of the recipes yet, I am looking forward to trying.
I received a copy through NetGalley but was not obligated to write a positive review.

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I'm a big fan of the original series, and this is just as sweet. Very cooking focused, more than the plot, but it's nice to see into the lives of the inhabitants of the Atelier in a more "slice of life" way than the much more plot-heavy original series. Recipes included!

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The art style of the manga is really pretty. The characters look nice and the magical scenery is really gorgeous. Also all the food looks really yummy (hard to read on an empty stomach because you will want to eat everything). The characters themselves are really adorable. I would definitely describe this manga as a nice cozy fantasy. However, I did feel like the cooking got a little too much focus and could have been balanced a little better with more plot, at least in my opinion that’s what I would prefer. But I did think it was really cute to get a recipe or two at the end of each chapter and then the non-magical ingredient substitutions at the end of the manga. Now I really wanna make some of these recipes. Overall pretty cute but just wish it was more plot focused and a bit less cooking show focused.

Thank you to netgalley, the publishers, and the author for the ARC I read.

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Great for fans of "Delicious in Dungeon"! This book is cute, cozy, and filled with delicious foods that will have your tummy rumbling by the end.

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A readable, sweet, and perfectly cromulent entry in the cookbook manga genre (with some strong smoldering subtext). I haven't read the original series but this made me want to.

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This manga was a nice little peek into the Witch Hat Atelier world with a "day in the life" of the happenings within Qifrey and Olruggio's Atelier. Where the main manga has an intriguing plot and a lot of dynamic character work, the charm of this manga is in the quiet moments: helping to prepare meals, keeping the preferences of your loved ones in mind (while also ensuring they're fed well), and the small pick me ups that food made with love and care bring to this little family setting. Having this little glimpse into the small moments I'd even say has made me appreciate the characters even more.

The one work that I can most clearly draw a comparison from Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen to is Fumi Yoshinaga's "What Did You Eat Yesterday", where the balance of a bit of daily life and then characterization via cooking (despite the vast difference in setting). I'd say that the unsaid sense of love expressed by cooking is something that I treasure within that manga and that this one strikes that same chord in my heart.

My one major critique was that for the recipes, I found that the glossary at the back for what was good in interpreting what exactly certain fantastical ingredients actually referred to in regards to real-life foods, I would have appreciated the pertinent equivalents being noted on the recipe cards available at the end of each chapter so that the recipe itself could be fully interpreted on its own in reference to the single page.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kodansha Comics for the chance to read this!

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Thank you for letting me read Arc of this first volume.
Atelier of witch hat is a beautiful manga, which I'm reading and loving and I can't wait to see the anime.
This spin off is super cute, each chapter tells a mini story and at the end there is the recipe. Adorable

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As a Delivious in Dungeon fan, this scratched my itch for needing more of that series while also needing more WHA in my life. Wholesome, goofy, and fluff while also being a functioning cookbook! I'm tempted to try some of the recipes myself.

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This was a really cute entry into the Witch Hat Atelier universe. I am a fan of the original series, but this book seems to be a nice jumping on point for readers that are new to the world. The inclusion of the actual recipes was a nice touch and the art was, as always, quite lovely.

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Welcome to a whimsical world where characters from the Manga Witch Hat Atelier allow magic and cooking to intertwine seamlessly. This enchanting tale follows the delightful adventures of two skilled magicians who craft delectable recipes in their day-to-day lives. Here we Olly and Qifrey, a pair of charismatic magicians whose spells into the culinary realm.

Each chapter of this captivating narrative invites you into their enchanting escapades, offering an immersive experience like no other. But what makes this journey truly unique is the inclusion of a delightful surprise at the end of every chapter—a carefully crafted recipe. These recipes, born from the very pages of their magical adventures, allow you, the reader, to step into the shoes of these extraordinary magicians and recreate the flavorsome dishes right in your own kitchen.

These culinary creations aren't just about taste; they're a gateway to fully immerse yourself in the story and characters. Feel the warmth of the magical hearth, breathe in the aroma of enchanting spices, and savor the flavors that transcend mere recipes—they're a portal to the fantastical world within these pages.

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Rating: 4
Thank you Kodansha for providing an e-copy through NetGalley.

Synopsis & What I Liked:
Witch Hat Atelier: Kitchen follows the witches Qifrey and Olruggio as they end up in some hungry situations, and the only solution is cooking a wonderful meal for themselves, and, more importantly, for others. Watch as the two men cook extravagant food, made with otherworldly ingredients, with easy-to-follow explanations of each steps and detailed illustrations in the Witch Hat Atelier style. Each chapter highlights a specific dish, and a full recipe accompanies the end of chapter, with ingredient lists and full instructions. The earthly version of all the dishes (with real ingredients that we can use) are listed at the end of the book, so readers can cook the meal at home. The way cooking works in the world is a mix of magic and spell-casting, but also science, making a unique feel to a fantasy manga. The themes of sharing with others, cooking as a means of bringing everyone together, providing for others, and caring for one another are a sweet touch and provide important messages of why people cook and love cooking in the first place. Overall, Witch Hat Atelier: Kitchen is a sweet, festive, and magical storytelling cookbook that will make readers both hungry and warm.

What I Didn’t Like: Nothing

Who Would I Recommend this to: Kids and teens who like the Witch Hat Atelier series and want to see more of the characters, and kids who like reading about food, family, and caring for others, with not a lot of story. These are more slice-of-life chapters that tell a small story and recipe each chapter, with no overarching plot.

Review Date: December 19, 2023

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Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen was a very enjoyable book to read. I also enjoyed how you didn't have to read the sister series Witch Hat Atelier to understand this one. It defiantly would've helped but not necessary.
I enjoyed how although it was about cooking there was still a story to it.

You can also make some of the recipes yourself which I LOVED. I think best manga/books are the ones that include the recipes so you can keep enjoying the book even after you've finished it.

This is a guaranteed recommendation to my cooking and manga loving friends.

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