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New Beginnings by the Sunflower Cliffs

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This is a promising start to a new series which centres on Bea, who is at a crossroads in her life. Determined to hold on to her late godmother's house, she puts all her energy into trying to find a way to save it, despite her ex-husband's demands. She finds a great comfort in the house, particularly in the garden which she tries to keep going as her godmother would have wanted.

The men in Bea's life are a varied bunch and as you discover, they do not all have her best interests at heart. Nevertheless, there is the promise of a new romance and a future on the island, if she can but see it. The setting is gorgeous and adds a dimension to the story. I also enjoyed some of the secondary characters, particularly her friends who stand by her and who add humour through their interactions.

In short: interesting characters and a wonderful setting

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Bea is struggling with the death of her godmother while working through her divorce. At the same time, she is navigating an old flame turned new manager at work and her attraction to Luke, who is helping her fix her house, which she inherited from her godmother. It's about surprises in life and finding love when you least expect it.

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What an absolutely brilliantly well written book by the lovely Georgina Troy, I was enthralled and captured right from the beginning to the end, with lots going on to keep you wanting to read more and more. Fabulous read and a a must for anyone that hasnt read it yet.

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Bea, going through a divorce and inheriting her aunt's home, faces challenges when her ex-husband claims half its value. Sparks fly with Luke, a repairman, but Bea hesitates to pursue him. Determined to save her godmother's house, she finds solace in its garden and support from friends. As the story unfolds with twists and a wedding, Bea navigates through complications while discovering the promise of new romance and a future on the island. The setting of Jersey adds depth, and the secondary characters bring humor and warmth. This escapist read offers a guaranteed happy ending and delivers a delightful summer romance amidst life's challenges. Overall, it's a heartwarming and engaging novel worth recommending.

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This is the first book of a new series and I wasn’t disappointed, I’m looking forward to the next installment
Bea is having a hard time, not only is she going through a divorce but her Godmother who pretty much brought her up has passed away, her soon to be ex husband thinks he is entitled to half of the value of the cottage she has just inherited as they were still together then.
Can Bea find a way to get some money together to buy him out without losing the cottage ?

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I must say I am a sucker for books with bright, pretty covers and cute, quirky titles and this one didn't disappoint. A cute, sweet and very readable book and the first in a new series (love getting in on first books in a series). Set on the Island of Jersey this is a beautiful read.

Bea (the main character) is a character I would be friends with and I love the story of her life and struggles as well as her friendships, family and an ex-husband who is a thorn in her side. There is a bit of everything in this book/story and it will make you laugh yet there are some secrets, twists and turns to keep you turning the pages.

I look forward to seeing what comes next is this great new series.

Thank you NetGalley and Boldwood Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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It was really nice to read a new series by Georgina. They are always so immersive and this book was a great start to the new series. I look forward to taking the characters into my heart further into the book.

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This is the first book in a new series by Georgina Troy, again set on the beautiful island of Jersey.

I took to the main character, Bea, right from the beginning. She has been through some really tough times in her life and is now fighting to keep her aunt’s house that she grew up in. This isn't easy with a really unlikeable ex-husband to contend with.

I enjoyed the great range of characters from Luke (with whom Bea has good chemistry), Bea's 2 best friends to the step mother and step sister. I did find them all very relatable.

I feel the author has written another lovely warm hearted, enjoyable book. There is drama, laughter and plenty of little twists to keep you reading. This was one I couldn't put down.

Thank you to Rachels Random Resources for my copy and spot on the tour.

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A beautiful setting, with family drama, secrets and mystery,
Make this an absolute winner for me!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.

With a demanding ex-husband after half her home,
Her old flame returning to Jersey, no more to roam,
Her builder being attractive and kind, too,
Bea isn't sure what next she'll go through!

With friends supporting but having secrets, too,
And lots of family drama and things to do.
Life isn't straightforward, with secrets and things to arrange
Especially the bequest from her Aunt which is so strange!

What a great read, from the start to the end,
With deception, manipulations and romantic times to spend.
A story where friendships prove to be the best
But some are put to a dreadful test!

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I am fairly new to Georgina Troy's books, and I was keen to read this book, the first in a new series. I was drawn to the Gorgeous cover. I love the trope of a new beginning too.
Most of the characters were likeable, apart from a couple of notable ones. The setting in Jersey sounds idyllic, I would definitely love to visit there.
This was an enjoyable read and a lovely start to the series. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood books for my copy.

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It’s my turn on the blog tour today and slightly later as I’ve been in work team meetings in Amsterdam and now at the airport.

I really enjoyed this and it was an easy read. I got invested in Bea’s tangled love life. Oh how Bea seemed to attract drama with the opposite sex which made for a great read. I also liked the little things one of the men did for her and was routing for this from the beginning!!

I love the sound of Jersey (well minus everyone knowing everyone’s business lol) but the setting sounds wonderful and idyllic.

I also really liked the deep friendship level Bea had with her friends. Especially after losing her godmother how they were really there for her. This was really sweet reading. The book also was funny at times due to the level of banter she had with her friends. I loved that her house was like the meeting ground and exactly what you want from friendships.

This is the first in the series and I am looking forward to getting to read more.

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Georgina Troy’s New Beginnings by the Sunflower Cliffs marks the start of a new series, and my first time reading her work. Overall, I found it to be a delightful read.

The story begins with Bea, who is currently going through a divorce and has inherited her aunts home. Unfortunately, her husband informs her that he is entitled to half of the house’s value. Son sitter, Luke arrives to carry out some important repair work and the two feel a spark of attraction. However, there is something holding Bea back from pursuing him.

As the story unfolds, there are a few twists and turns, including a wedding, that make things even more complicated. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘s seeing and look forward to reading more about the characters in the upcoming series.

Overall, I recommend this lovely novel to anyone looking for a heartwarming and engaging read.

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Another fantastic read from this author and well worth curling up to read this. Loved all the characters except one but I will leave you to read this to find out what happens. 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley, author and publisher for this ARC

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I loved this book. I loved all the characters except the ex husband who.felt he had a right to a house that was his ex wife's because she gained it whilst they were still married he was absolutely horrible. But can she bet him in court when it comes to it with the help of the builder who is helping to rebuild this home and her heart just maybe. Lovely read.

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New Beginnings by the Sunflower Cliffs was a heartwarming romantic comedy and a quick, easy read. I had this read within the space of a day.

There was nice chemistry between Luke and Bea, and I enjoyed all of their banter. I would have liked a more measured build-up to their relationship as their romance developed at a breakneck speed, especially as Bea was wary and trying to keep a distance from him for most of the book. Luke also had a live-in ex-girlfriend to complicate matters, and I couldn't wait to see him send her packing.

Other dampeners in Bea's life were her ex-husband hounding her for his share of the inheritance, and Tom, another ex-boyfriend, who wasn't all he seemed to be.

Bea had a close group of friends who had their own relationships and dilemmas, and I loved how the group supported each other. Even Bea's half-sister, who was somewhat spoiled and self-centred, was supportive and encouraging of Bea in her own way.

I anticipated that Bea and Luke's HEA was inevitable, and I enjoyed the journey with them and finding out how all their problems were going to be resolved.

Settle in for a lovely, cosy read this weekend with New Beginning by the Sunflower Cliffs.

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Another big hit from Georgina Troy, perfect to curl up in a comfy chair with a mug of hot chocolate. Set in the beautiful island of Jersey, this story follows Bea as she carves outa new life for herself in every way.

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I loved the title of this book and hoped it would as good as it sounded. In fact, it was amazing. A lovely, cosy read for those autumn nights. Thank you for the ARC.

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I have been a fan of Georgina's work for a while now. By no means have I read everything that she has written but that is something that I hope to rectify in the not too distant future. I read the synopsis of 'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs' and it certainly sounded like the sort of story I have come to expect from Georgina - a fun and uplifting story with a generous helping of sunshine and romance. Well it was certainly that and so much more. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs' but more about that in a bit.

I have to say that I loved the character of Bea Phillips. In fact Bea ended up feeling more like a friend rather than a character in a book. I ended up feeling all protective towards her and on more than one occasion I wanted to jump inside the pages of the book to give certain characters a slap for the way in which they treated Bea. She is lovely young lass, who lost her parents at an early age and she was essentially brought up by her godmother, who has now sadly died. Bea inherits her godmother's house and she faces an uphill battle to renovate and keep the house without Bea's ex-husband getting his filthy hands on it. What happens? Well for the answers to that question and so much more you are going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out as I am not going to tell you.

I could tell that this was going to be a story that I would become addicted to and that I would thoroughly enjoy. I picked the book up only intending to read a chapter or two but I became so wrapped up in the story and in the lives of the different characters that I was still sat there reading several chapters and an hour or so later. Part of the reason why I enjoyed the story so much has to do with the main character of Bea and I kept everything crossed that things would work out for her. I had my own suspicions as to what was going to happen and I had to keep reading to see if I was anywhere near the truth or if I had wandered off in the opposite direction. The more of the book that I read, the more I wanted to read and the quicker the pages seemed to turn. All too quickly I reached the end of 'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs' and I had to say goodbye to Bea. I found 'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs' to be a gripping story with lots of fun, sunshine, laughter and a generous helping of romance.

'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs' is superbly written but then I have come to expect nothing less from Georgina Troy. Georgina has an easy going writing style that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with. In fact reading one of her books feels more like a chat between friends rather than reading a book. I hope that makes sense. Georgina's love for her characters shines through in the very vivid and realistic way in which she describes them. She makes her characters seem just as real as you and I. I always find that the sign of a good book is when I find myself becoming far too involved with the story and 'interact' with the characters as if they can hear me. Well that's exactly what happened with 'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs'. I love the way in which Georgina makes the reader feel as though they are part of the story and at the heart of the action.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'New Beginnings By The Sunflower Cliffs' and I would recommend it to other readers. I will certainly be reading more of Georgina's work in the future. The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.

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The Blurb :
People say that it’s hard not to fall in love living on the sunny island of Jersey, but for Bea Philips, still reeling from a divorce and the loss of her beloved godmother, she's not sure she can find the time. While her soon-to-be-ex-husband is trying to take away the home she grew up in, surly but attractive builder Luke is doing it up. Her old flame Tom has just turned up as her new manager at the office, and she has no idea what the mysterious Jersey Kiss is that her godmother has bequeathed to her...
Is life going to give Bea a break, so she can keep her dream home, and maybe fall in love?

My Thoughts :
We meet Bea Philips, struggling after her marriage has ended to Simon, who was cheating on her. Bea has interited her Aunt Annabel’s cottage after her death. Her problem now is that Simon thinks he is intitled to half of it as they were still married when she inherited it. He gives her some time to either sell it or give him half the money. Bea sets about restoring the cottage with the help of handsome local builder Luke.
As more Characters are added to the mix, can they help Bea sort her life out or will she struggle to forfill her Aunt’s wishes and lost half the cottage to Simon!?.
I really loved Bea and Luke, the chemisty was there between them right from the start and I enjoyed the build up of their relationship and seeing them grow.
It was nice learning of their back story so we know why they are the people they are today.
Once again Georgina Troy has delivered a great story and always one with empathy.
Vivid details of the surroundings, the reader can not help but fall in love with the Characters and the island of Jersey.
As always I am looking forward to the next book from Georgina Troy.

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This book is an easy one to settle down with along with a cup of tea on a fall day. I love the setting.

This is a story of how life can always offer new opportunities even when things seem dark. Readers will be invested in finding out how life turns out for a woman who faced both divorce and loss. Will she move on? Will there be a new life for her? Readers will trust that this is so but will enjoy following the protagonist’s journey.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for this title.

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