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This book is the ultimate guide to SEO & SEM.

The guide has something for beginners and the more advanced.

It is broken down into sizeable pieces to work through.

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Recent addition to the cast collection of information about seo/search marketing. But I have to give this one a credit: it’s easy to read, has all the necessary information and will be a great resource for beginners in SEO, as well as digital marketing managers and content writers. I will definitely recommend this to my team!

Also, I have to say that you need to have at least some knowledge of how websites and search engines work

Special thanks to #netgalley for an opportunity to read this book

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"Search Marketing" by Kelly Cutler is a game-changer for anyone navigating the digital landscape. Cutler's expertise shines through as she demystifies the complex world of search engine marketing in a way that's both accessible and insightful. From SEO essentials to mastering pay-per-click advertising, this book is a comprehensive guide for beginners and a valuable resource for seasoned marketers.

What sets Cutler's work apart is her knack for breaking down technical jargon into digestible nuggets of wisdom. The book doesn't just tell you what to do; it shows you how to do it with practical tips and real-world examples. Whether you're a small business owner aiming to boost online visibility or a marketing professional looking to stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape, "Search Marketing" has you covered.

Cutler's conversational tone makes the journey through SEO, keyword research, and content optimization an engaging experience. It's like having a friendly mentor by your side, guiding you through the ever-evolving realm of search marketing. This book is a must-read for anyone serious about making their mark in the digital sphere.

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A thorough exploration of how organic and accessible search engine optimization tools can support any online marketing campaign. Chapter 5 on publishing SEO-friendly content was especially beneficial.
Before reading this book, I knew very little about Search Engine Marketing, and I was amazed by the detailed explanation of the impact these paid techniques can have on converting traffic into customers and leads. Recommended.

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I usually educate myself on SEM and SEO by watching videos online, but this book has a well thought out structure that makes it (in my opinion) a more effective learning ressource. The various concepts are clearly explained and supported by step by step instructions, figures (even though I only could see a couple of them in the version of the e-ARC that I've been reading) and case studies. The author provides summaries at the end of each chapter, that one can easily go back to when needed as well as useful tools and ressources that will help the professionals on a daily basis.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who wants to master the basics of SEO and SEM for professional purposes.

Thank you NetGalley and Kogan Page Ltd. for giving me access to this e-ARC for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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First of all, Thank You Netgalley for the ARC granted. And secondly, the narrative is built for people who aready has some knowledge about the Marketing sources and vocabuary, because it's full of technicle expressions from the area and an orientations to Marketers who wants to know more how to apply SEO and SEM to thei businesses. Anyway, it's a great content. Good job!

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