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This was a beautifully written book. I think when you meet someone at one point in your life you never realize if they will somehow come back into your life - just like what happens here. This a change from what I usually read and it was great to experience the authors writing for the first time.

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Roxanna Robinson gives us an age-old story. A man, in this case his name is Warren has after thirty years of marriage decided to have an affair with his old girlfriend Sara. Sara is divorced, reluctant at first and then into the whole idea as Warren assures her of his love and intention to get divorced and married to her.

That is the crux of the story. There are older children, their opinions, their lives and and of course the work lives of all the characters. Warren feels somewhere inside himself that his life with his wife was not great, as though he had been sleep walking and was never really happy. His one great joy was his child, who has a great pull on his life.

The book is well written, even breezy. We are in and out of the intimate details of these characters’ lives and their heartbreaks. It is just hard to believe. Life is so complicated and messy, but Warren seems to think that because he has money, it is rational and kind so he can dictate how it will go. His disappointment is his great undoing.

This is not a pleasant book to read. It gets boring. It is drawn out. I predicted the ending way before it happened. I can't say it says anything about marriage, other than that it is so stifling why would anyone want to do it.

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Second chances...leaving...returning...meeting that special someone yet again...this novel follows the story of those starting over...the characters are realistic and likable...they are wondering if what they once had can happen again. Curl up in a warm, cozy chair...grab a comfy blanket...a cup of steaming herbal transported to the land of second chances...starting it possible? Perhaps. Perhaps not...Be prepared for manipulative family members…Thanks Netgalley.

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