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How to Train Your Dog

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Unfortunately, this is another case of a dog trainer made famous by Tik Tok, not by his ability to train dogs. This author relies on too many outdated training methods that use coercion and punishment to get quick "results" that do not take the welfare of the dog into account. I will not be recommending this book to friends or clients.

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​​"How to Train Your Dog" by Adam Spivey is a game-changer for dog owners seeking practical, effective solutions to behavioral challenges. As the founder of Southend Dog Training and a social media sensation in the canine training world, Spivey brings his wealth of experience to this indispensable guide. The book not only provides clear and proven training techniques but also delves into the intricacies of understanding your dog's thought processes, creating a lasting and meaningful connection.

Spivey's expertise shines through as he tackles a broad spectrum of behavioral issues, from leash training to reactivity, excessive barking, and even reactions to stimuli like the TV or doorbell. The dos and don'ts for households with children and multiple dogs add a thoughtful layer to the training process. What sets this book apart is Spivey's straightforward approach, making it accessible to dog owners of all levels of experience. Whether you have a new puppy or a senior dog, Spivey's insights and techniques are adaptable, making it a valuable resource for a diverse range of canine companions.

I highly recommend "How to Train Your Dog" to dog owners looking to deepen their bond with their furry friends while addressing behavioral challenges. Spivey's down-to-earth style and comprehensive coverage of common issues make this book suitable for anyone seeking effective, humane, and proven training methods. While the book doesn't shy away from the complexities of dog behavior, Spivey's guidance makes the training process approachable and achievable. This book earns a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars for its practicality, clarity, and the transformative impact it can have on the relationship between dogs and their human companions.

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As a new puppy owner, I went straight to this book. The content was less helpful than I expected. Some of the tips on crate training were helpful, but there was a lot I disagreed with, such as muzzle training your dog. I aslo wished the author had covered topics such as training your dog around other animals, like cats and dog park etiqutte, etc. It just felt incomplete and not a full book on training. I feel like there was a lot he didn't cover that I wanted answered.

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