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What a terrific couple! I took longer than usual to read this book because I had to keep stopping and savoring the story. I think I highlighted half of it. Catherine is such a lovely character -- young but wise for her years. She has a few things to learn, though, and Dominic is the teacher that fate chooses for her. Dominic is jaded and driven. He has a few things he needs to learn, and Catherine will be his teacher, too. I loved their dynamic and their honesty. I cried like a baby at Dominic's grand gesture. I knew it was coming, and I was still surprised by how it grabbed me. We're talking Wentworth's letter to Anne unforgettable. I loved every page of this book.
I adore getting to see glimpses of the residents of the Grand Palace of the Thames. Mr. Delacorte, Mrs. Pariseau, and Dot never disappoint. And I love seeing Delilah and Tristan, Angelique and Lucien as their marriages develop. Those scenes are like visiting with old friends and are so satisfying. This was another beautiful addition to the series.

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Catherine is the daughter of a country doctor in London to find a husband and has an optimistic outlook for the Season while staying at the Grand Palace on the Thames. While it seems unlikely that she’ll get along with the grumpy Dominic while he’s also staying at the boarding house, he admires her cleverness and wit when they converse in secret alcoves at various balls. He’s got a sordid history and a scandalous reputation, despite his well-spokenness at Parliament defending the rights of young laborers. He’s grumpy and jaded and is definitely too old for Catherine, but he cannot help being drawn to her. Despite his own reservations, he continually finds ways to protect and care for Catherine. And his ultimate grand gesture is one for the ages here.

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Possibly my favorite in the palace of rogues series. These books have a quiet romantic quality where you get to know these characters and watch them fall in love in the best way. So witty, fun, romantic. All the things you would want. Highly recommend! Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for approving me to read and review this ARC. I cant wait to read more from this author.

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I read the previous book in this collection last year despite picking it up mid series. I had seen this author's books at multiple sales but never felt inclined to read them. This book was sweet, but I don't care for ensemble novels that constantly skip to multiple perspectives, especially in a romance. Perhaps because I'm not as familiar with the other couples, but I like to personally only focus on one relationship at a time. I understand this takes place at a hotel nevertheless I don't need the 411 on every single room. I'm willing to learn the tea from the bellboy and even that's pushing it.

My Season of Scandal was a cute romance, even if it was obfuscated by several other couples trying to steal the limelight. Keating and Kirke were two temporary residents of the Palace of Rogues who gradually grew closer together during their stay at the love hotel. I loved the way they addressed each other by their surnames. That's a cute feature and even cute little nicknames make me so happy when I see them in romance novels. I did like their courtship but I don't believe I'll continue with this particular series. There were too many characters to keep track of and I wasn't fond of the fact that our main couple had to share the stage of love.

My Season of Scandal had its moments, but it's not one I'll remember in the next few months. I do like the author's writing and her chemistry between characters, but this series isn't doing it for me. I may revisit her when she does a different collection, but only time will tell. I'm grateful for this opportunity and NetGalley still remains the bountiful gift that keeps on giving. I'll pass on this Season of Scandal, but you can find me at the hotel's free continental breakfast buffet.

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"Read this book!" That is if you crave beautifully written prose, well developed characters, and depth in a story. I savored it and am anxiously looking for more from Julie Anne Long. This is not a fluffy tale of romance, nor is it about what my curmudgeonly husband would call, 'slaking and oscillating'. Like any worthy adventure, "My Season of Scandal" teases and hints before reaching beyond a mere HEA. The reader is drawn into the story through artfully portrayed support characters and the details of the period. Good, bad, and sometimes ugly, human behavior doesn't seem all that different today. Let's hope that we all can master our own HEA's as well as Julie Anne Long has done here.

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I have been a fan of Julie Anne Long for years since I picked up the first book in the Pennyroyal Green Series. This series of the Palace Of Rogues is equally entertaining but while I found most of the books so far high 4 or 5 Stars I have to give this an even 4 for some of the slowest pacing of any of her books. This one almost had me yelling at him to do SOMETHING but we spend an excessive amount of time in the characters heads IMHO. Make no mistake, I loved the book and will continue to support the series unless something terrible happens but a bit more action even with slow burn romance would have added a bit to this story. So bottom line is a great story told slowly but immensely entertaining in the end and a good epilogue which should be a requirement for all historical romance writers.

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Safe to say, no one writes characters the way that Julie Anne Long manages to: with heart and with a certain uniqueness that it never feels like you've quite read this character before. She always manages to elevate tropes that you would think would be familiar by really honing in on the specific characters that she's writing and this one was no different. I absolutely loved Keating and Kirke, their bond was so well done and just a perfectly executed slow-burn. What I adored about it most was that when they said that they had become each other's best friends, you really saw how that journey came about. How many romances can you point to where you get to fully see the inches that lead the two characters into becoming absolutely bowled over by each other?

This one also boasts a top tier love confession that genuinely made my heart ache and at just a few chapters later, made me burst out laughing at the final line of the book. I will happily read anything that Julie Anne Long decides to write and I hope that she stays writing in the Palace of Rogues for as long as possible!

ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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"My Season of Scandal" (The Palace of Rogues #7) is the second book in this series that I have read and truly loved by Julie Anne Long. The heroine, Catherine is very much the adventurer, but she is sweet and fun coming from a background of being a country doctor’s daughter. She is offered a chaperone of Lady Westerling for her London season while staying at the Grand Palace. The hero, Lord Dominic Kirke is known for his oratorial at the House of Commons finds himself in need of a place to stay…Grand Palace, when his home was damaged due to a fire. During his stay, he is captivated by Catherine’s honesty, intelligence, and lack of fear when conversating with him on topics not commonly spoken by ladies of the ton.

Both characters appear quite the opposites for me…Catherine a charming and spirited but relatable individual against Dominic who is very complex with underlying layers. There is chemistry between the two at their first meeting that eventually evolves into much more. Through the limelight of the season filled with balls and unexpected meetings, both characters are true to their feelings and most of all true to who they are as individuals. The story was a bit confusing for me early on as it did not capture my attention. However, after further reading, it became a page turner for me and had me glued to find out what the end would be like for the main characters. A wonderfully written and somewhat loveable story that had its complications. It is well paced likeable main characters and sub-characters that bring additional humor to the story. The plan is to finish this series and hope the others are just as good as this one. Highly recommend the read of this fun book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an eARC of this book via NetGalley and Avon and Harper. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Publishing: April 23, 2024
Series: The Place of Rogues #7
Pages: 384

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I am a huge fan of Julie Anne Long. Everything she writes, including The Palace of Rogues series, is well done. Wonderful characters, accurate settings and suspense filled plots make reading her stories a joy.

My Season of Scandal had everything I expect from the author and the series. I always love revisiting our proprietors, the staff and guests.

Catherine is fun. She's fresh, upbeat, sweet, curious, adventurous and brave. She's bold about enjoying events while her sponsor is completely stepped away from her chaperone duties. Most of her encounters with Dominic are questionable by the standards of English society though completely innocent. - well initially. He's not chasing her but he's good enough to watch out for her because he's noticed she's basically left alone at event after event. He's at the galas strictly for business, definitely not looking for a wife. Expect Catherine if beguiling.

It's fun watching these two dance around each other and dance with each other, ha. They are both likable and though their path to each other is tortured I was routing for them all along. There is enough suspense, outside stressors and differences between our couple to add lots of interest to the story. Readers will enjoy this book.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.

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This was a cute read. A little too slow at the beginning but it picks up the pace later. Although it was sweet, I had a hard time feeling the chemistry between Lord Kirk and Catherine. I also couldn’t figure out how Catherine or everyone else for that matter knew the love letter was about her—I didn’t see the correlation. The epilogue was a nice touch though a bit confusing.

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Another great story from the residents of the Grand Palce. This is easily a stand alone but all the more interesting to revisit old characters. Catherine Keating has come to London for a season. She is the daughter of a country doctor. Lady Westerling has offered to chaperone her but Catherine is stating at the Palace. Dominick, Lord Kirke is staying at the Palace after his mistress began a fire in his home. This is a very sweet story of two people who find their HEA.

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I have enjoyed Julie Anne Long's other works before, however for some reason I could not get into the groove of the story. As I get older the age gap of 22 and 36 becomes extremely uncomfortable for me so perhaps that stopped me from being able to enjoy the couple completely.

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I really loved this book! I mean, I love the series as a whole anyway, but this was definitely one of my favorites so far to the point where I've been putting off leaving a review because I want to have something substantive to say other than that Julie Anne Long continues to be at the top of her game, and if you've been putting off checking out The Palace of Rogues you should stop sleeping on it. More specifically I'll add that I especially adored the hero here! And as she did in What I Did for a Duke, Long once again demonstrates how good she is at writing the kind of age difference romance where despite being younger and less experienced than the hero, the heroine is never naive or boring, and--leaving aside the inherent imbalance in power dynamics of the historical setting--shows you how the two end up being perfect for each other.

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This is number seven in the Palace of Rogues historical romance series of which I’ve been privileged to read its six predecessors.

Catherine Keating is a young woman, the daughter of a country doctor, who is encouraged to journey to London for a season by her father, whose health has begun to fail and is anxious that she be wed and settled soon. She is spellbound by the city, and as she is chaperoned by a lady who is enamored of the card table, she is left mostly to her own devices. So unfortunately, as a newcomer to the city she could use some steering to navigate the ins and outs of the elite society.

Enter the enigmatic and renowned House of Commons speech-giver, Lord Dominic Kirke, a man who is temporarily staying at the Grand Palace on the Thames in a room just above Catherine's own. Kirke is arrested by her sharp wit, honesty and intelligence and is drawn in by her fearlessness to converse with him on any topic as others are often intimidated by him by his sly intelligence. As he secretly becomes her "chaperone" in the absence of other guidance, they become friends and seek each other out to spend time with at society events. As Catherine develops a crush on the man she has discovered has a whole other side from his public persona, Kirke endeavors to distance himself from her to spare her heart as he is guarding his own heart and harboring a secret that endlessly torments him.

While this one started a little more slowly for me than some of her others, it quickly picked up as the mains came alive and displayed their unique and vibrant personalities. This is a romance that is usually not one of my favorite tropes (older man, 35 and younger woman, 22), but in the hands of Long, I found myself not overly concerned with this...I felt this was more of a cerebral romance than I usually find and found that both refreshing and intriguing. Catherine, who is a wonderful and endearing revelation, is a young woman wise beyond her years, who meets the cynical, brutal honest and sometimes a bit arrogant Kirke on her own terms, bravely and unflinchingly. And Kirke, for his part, is often taken off guard and captivated by her spirit, her simple honesty and her refreshing originality. These two souls shine together as they slowly grow closer. And Long draws out the tension and expectation of intimacy in just the right way…this is not your typical "heavy on bed sport" romance (the physical intimacy is less prolific) but rather a sweet meeting of minds and understanding.

I’m never disappointed with a Long romance, and this one is particularly singular in its concept and characters. Very well done.

My sincere thanks to the author, NetGalley and Avon and Harper Voyager for providing the free early arc of My Season of Scandal for review. The opinions are strictly my own.

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A slow burn historical romance novel that will have you pining for more! I don't know if this is part of an interconnected series of standalone romances or not, but if it was, I didn't feel like I missed any external context. I was able to confidently follow the love story, and I had a great time. I highly recommend!

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James' rating: 5 out of 5 deeply penetrating stars! ✨

One of my favorite ever books of 2024! 💛

This was a complete emotional storm with a whole package of complex characters, humor, romance, friendship and family. Julie's writing is one of my favorites to read and I love her style and the words she uses. I ended this book with a chuckle and smile...but wait I'm getting ahead. Let's start from the beginning.

Catherine was a breath of fresh air with a spirited and realistic character. Dominic was a bold, intense person with a lot of layers and complexity. Both of them had a spark of chemistry at their first meeting and I loved their interactions henceforth. I was able to relate to both of them so much.

We had a very lighthearted yet realistic portrayal of the ton, as well as intense humane emotions and moments balanced out with humor. It was so nostalgic to meet our TGPOT characters. The ending or climax, I should say was absolutely epic. It was like a summer thunderstorm. There were so many special moments and so much to take away from this book.

Catherine's reactions to each new experience, be it a positive or negative one, was so riveting and refreshing. Dominic had a brilliant mind, a heart of gold and a magnetism which just drew me in. I loved him and just wanted to give him a hug. 🥺 He has become one of my favorite book boyfriends. I loved the journey to their HEA so much.

Definitely a book you oughtn't miss!

Thank you Julie and Avon Books for an amazing ARC!

Happy Reading!

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I wanted to like this one. However, I struggled to get into it. The story was just not capturing my attention in the way I had hope it would based on the blurb. I actually really love different class stories between the main characters. Somehow I did not buy into their chemistry. I felt more so their friendship, and I couldn't see much a spark in terms of a romantic nature between the pair. Unfortunately, I had to DNF this one.

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📣 my fave historical romance series!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the complimentary ARC. All opinions provided are my own.

📖 what would your season be? Use autofill to see! My Season of Love is coming 🤣.

I feel like I keep saying the same things about Julie Anne Long’s Palace of Rogues series & that’s because each book is freaking amazing.

JAL writes yearning like NO OTHER. The amount of feeling is extraordinary & yet it doesn’t feel like too much—it feels like how people feel when they’re falling in love & can’t immediately or (won’t) act on those feelings.

There’s so much emotion but there’s so much physicality too. These people are falling in love with each other’s hearts & insides & bodies too, people.

My Season of Scandal features MP Lord Dominic Kirke, who is basically a cat if a cat loved to stir up trouble with his words & also fight for very important social causes. The heroine, Catherine Keating, is visiting from the country, & she is lovely & divine but also astute & in Dominic’s words, a fighter, & the two go together like peanut butter & jelly, thunderous rain & spring flowers.

I loved this book & I adore this series! The way that JAL writes romance is exquisite & if you haven’t read this series, you really, really should.

5 ⭐️. Out 04/23.

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As usual, romance author Julie Anne Long’s MY SEASON OF SCANDAL is a virtuoso performance. A historical romance set in London, Long’s MY SEASON OF SCANDAL provides all the angst, complexity, and romance one could wish for, wrapped up in scintillating dialogue and shimmering prose. I adore JAL writing, and MY SEASON OF SCANDAL is one of her better novels. Dive in, and you’ll be richly rewarded.

This is book 7 in the <i>The Palace of Rogues,/i> series set in the boarding house The Grand Palace on the Thames. There are many beloved secondary characters which ripely round out the story, but by far, the stars of this book are our delightful hero and heroine Dominic and Catherine. Lord Dominic Kirke is a famously fiery orator in the House of Commons, fighting for the right of the downtrodden. He’s ever so swoony, but a tragic event in his teens has led him to be closed off to those around him. Bereft of friends of close family ties, the cynical Dominic ties his energies up in battles to protect children abused in England’s factories. JAL writes amazing heroes with feet of clay and hidden stalwart hearts, and I adore Dominic.

Catherine Keating is a sensible and charming miss from the countryside who is in London to make her come-out in society and hopefully catch a husband before her physician father passes away. I love how Catherine is able to see into the heart of Dominic, uncovering the motivations that are even hidden to Dominic himself. The heat between Catherine and Dominic is incendiary! Even better to me, though is the trust and devotion that grows between them. This story gave me all the feels, with a rollercoaster of emotions experiences by our stalwart heroine and wily hero.

Set during the glittering high season of the ton, Dominic and Catherine must navigate balls and society’s scheming while staying true to themselves. This page turner kept me glued to the story, which I gulped down in utter delight. I could not put this book down, leaving chores unfinished so I could revel in this tale. Julie Anne Long’s MY SEASON OF SCANDAL is brimming with witty dialogue and a compelling romance, and is definitely one for the Keeper Shelf.

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Thank you to Avon and NetGalley for providing a DRC of this title.

Beautifully-written, charming, and deeply romantic, My Season of Scandal shows Julie Anne Long at her very finest. I can already tell this will go down as one of my favorites for the year, and I can't wait to recommend the book (and the entire Palace of Rogues series) to our historical romance-loving patrons. A total triumph, and I've already begun a countdown for The Beast Takes a Bride. 5 stars/5.

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