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Another great read by Carol Wyer. Whole series has been fantastic. Kate is a very troubled lady still struggling with her grief while coping with the voices in her head of her dead husband and ex boss. Looking forward to seeing how she moves on in her private life and career. Happy ending hopefully.

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*2.5 Stars*

Copy kindly received via NetGalley for an honest review.

Intersting read but there was too much of the voices.

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The first book in this series was my first time reading this genre and I can say that I fell in love with it! To this day this series is the only one I have read actually. I love the way Carol Wyer describes things and always keeps me on my toes. I highly recommend this entire series as a way to get into the genre.

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This series had my mind blown. What started out as a quest to find out who killed her husband turns into a wild breakdown of the syndicate. So many reveals and twists, Soul for a Soul tied it all together perfectly. Kate finally had closure for her husband’s murder and can find peace with her life.
This series kept me hooked because you never knew who to trust and always had me second guessing everything.

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Book five, i've been following this series since the beginning and I must admit I did struggle with book four but felt impelled to give book five read.

Kate is haunted by her past and finding justice as well as identifying the corrupt syndicate that exists within the force and in this book she is now a DCI after the loss of her mentor and friend William.

Kate remains focused on exposing the rest of the corrupt officers. within the syndicate as well as investigating DI Harriet Khatri, awaiting trial for the murder William who claims she was framed by the syndicate.

Meanwhile, her own DS now DI Emma finds herself on the hunt for a murderer and DI Morgan is in all sorts of bother

So to me Kate's role in the book remained repetitive (and the voices) however adding the other investigations into the mix in my opinion gave it the boost it needed.

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My thanks to NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for a copy of “ A Soul For A Soul” for an honest review.

I’ve loved this series of books , and I’ve been gripped by the storyline.I thought this book was really well written and I struggled to put it down
I live in the area where the books have been set , so I’ve been able to picture the different place names.
I’ve managed to introduce Carol Wyer’s books to several library users, who’ve all been as impressed with them as myself.
It will be interesting to see if this series continues , but I’m hoping whatever she writes next will be of the same high standard these books have been

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This series has got better and better, and has seen Kate Young trying to bring down a Syndicate of corrupt officers after her husband was murdered. She's been promoted to DCI and is now watching Emma and Morgan lead teams.
Emma has 2 cases she believes are linked but has to prove it. The killer uses somehow called Devil's Breath which sounds terrifying.
Emma is probably one of my favourite characters. She's cool, calm, smart, patient but still slightly vulnerable and girly. Sometimes strong women are overdone but I think Emma is great. I'd love to be her friend.
Kate is struggling after the death of her mentor and his voice has joined in with the DCI she killed. Both competing and causing Kates mental health to plummet.
As the story builds towards an epic conclusion you question everyone and everything. I changed my mind various times about various characters.
Carol leaves the ending open. You don't know what choice Kate is going to make, which I hope means we'll see more of her.

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I love Carol Wyer books and I love this series.

DCI Kate Young is back this book is the fifth in the series a great character.

This book is gripping and fast paced

Loved it

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A Soul For A Soul by Carol Wyer
Pub Date: 1/30/24


If you’ve been following me for a while you know my love for Carol Wyer and her DI Kate Young books! This one absolutely did not disappoint.

Read if you like:
🖤psychological thriller/detective thriller
🩶twists & turns & more twists
🖤character driven
🩶multiple storylines with a lot of detail
🖤familiar faces from books 1-4

I can’t wait to see if there will be another book in this series. It could definitely go either way. Carol has a way of making you think and guess until the very end. You can read this book as a standalone because it’s very detailed, but I highly recommend the whole series! Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this e-arc of A Soul for a Soul.

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A soul for a soul by Carol Wyer.
Detective Kate Young book 5.
DCI Kate Young never meant to shoot Superintendent John Dickson at the reservoir that night—even if, as a scheming corrupt cop and head of the shady syndicate, he probably had it coming. But now Kate has photographic evidence that someone else knows her terrible secret…
Omg. An absolute brilliant read. This was a engaging read.I really really hope this isn't the end as it feels like it is. Twisty and gripping. The story kept me guessing until the very end.I was so sure I knew who it was but I was completely wrong. My jaw was on the floor when Carol revealed who it was. I was rooting for Emma. I felt a connection to the characters, especially Kate and Emma. I really really hope there is more to come. 5*.

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"A Soul for a Soul" by Carol Wyer is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Wyer's writing is atmospheric and taut, building suspense with every twist and turn of the plot. As Kate delves deeper into the investigation, she uncovers shocking secrets and faces harrowing challenges that push her to the brink. Whilst in the meantime grappling with the guilt she has for killing Dickson and trying to solve her husband’s murder.

This is the 5th instalment in the Kate Young series and will leave readers breathless making this novel a must-read for fans of the genre.

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This series is one of the best I have read. It combines police and peoples lives in an excellent way that keeps you hooked. Nothing will become clear until DCI Kate learns of the truth herself. This is a page turner you cannot put down.

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I read the first book in this series & really enjoyed it. Somehow I missed out on the next three but thought I'd catch up. Maybe it was the gap, as so much of the story relied on knowledge of the previous books. Kate's shooting a leading detective at the heart of the 'Syndicate'- a group of corrupt police officers and the death of William, her mentor & friend at their hand has had a dreadful affect on her. She finds herself in long conversations in their voices. Having stepped up to William's position she finds it hard to sit back, in spite of the fact she has a strong team . I enjoyed trying to solve the murders that DI Emma Donaldson was involved with & her relationship with Morgan. I'm afraid I got extremely bored with Kate's 'conversations'. She seemed to be a liability, hanging on to her sanity by a thread. Not one of my favourite reads this year & I doubt I'll be looking out for a Book 6 (if there is one.) Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.

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⭐️ 4 ⭐️

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC, in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

A Soul for a Soul is the fifth book in the Detective Kate Young series. I’ve read the whole series and thoroughly enjoyed every single one. 
The book can be read as a standalone, but I personally think it reads better for knowing more about Kate, her colleagues, and their backstories.
Carol Wyer is an excellent storyteller and grabs your interest from the off. The story is deftly plotted and nicely paced. For me, the series' strength has always been the characters — their depth of personality, the team’s interaction, witty banter, and friendships.
A Soul for a Soul is a brilliant read. Have we seen the last of Kate Young and her team? I sincerely hope not!

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I enjoyed this but I really think it's time to put the syndicate story to rest, it's really played out. I thought the secondary story was much more interesting and I really like some of the new characters. Kate however has been spiralling for a while and with the way she is acting she is becoming a liability. This book really needs to be read as part of a series because the plot is bizarre enough to really confuse people.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book

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📱E-Book Review📱

A Soul For A Soul
Carol Wyer


Ok, you all already know I'm a bit of a one for reading books in a series, in order!
I know people say it doesn't really matter and books can be read and enjoyed as a standalone....but no!
This is book 5 of the Detective Kate Young series and you absolutely need to read them all in order!
Not only do you appreciate the character development so much more, but there is a huge story arc that covers the series so far and *warning* there will be huge spoilers in this book and the blurb too!

Having said this, I get it's a 5 book committment already....but honestly - the journey is well worth it!

This book follows on from the cliffhanger we were left with in book 4 and we see Kate struggling with the consequences of her actions.
I have always loved Kate and find her so relatable.
Nobody could work in that job, that environment and under so much pressure without having the scars to show for it and Kate spends some time reminiscing and slipping into some version of depression - brilliantly written to seamlessly catch us up and keep us up to date with thia side of the storyline moving forward.
I loved that Kate remained determined even with the contrasting voices of her dead superiors battling away inside her head!

It was lovely to see the newly promoted Emma get her first case as DI and to see how the new dynamics of the team panned out. A really clever case that was like I've never seen before. Following this from both sides was super intriguing and had me on the edge of my seat - so many twists I had no clue who the killer was!

It was interesting to see how Emma and Morgan coped outside of work. It's definitely one of those vocations that needs a like partner, to understand the pressures, but also really does make things difficult to navigate.

This was another brilliantly written book which gripped me from the start to the very end.
I can't wait to see what is on the horizon for our team next......

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This is an author that just takes my breath away. All her books have been superb especially this series.

A Soul for a Soul by Carol Wyer is the fifth book in the superb Detective Kate Young series, which is a great police procedural series and has been a 5 star read from the very first book called "An Eye for an Eye"

Once, I open my kindle I know that all my plans for that day will have to be put on hold. Carol's books are very detailed and brilliant from the beginning till the very end. I am always hooked and I love the Detective Kate Young character.

I highly recommend this series anther 5 star book.......

The novels in the Detective Kate Young Series and in order:

Book 1 - An Eye For An Eye (2021)
Book 2 - A Cut For A Cut (2021)
Book 3 - A Life For A Life (2022)
Book 4 - A Truth For A Truth (2023)
Book 5 - A Soul For A Soul (2024)

Big Thank you to NetGalley and especially to Thomas and Mercer for my ARC.

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3.75 🌟 rounded to 4
Having read Wyer's previous Detective Kate Young novels, I was thrilled to get my hands on A Soul for a Soul. While the back story continues from the previous book(s), I don't believe you need to read them to follow the plot (or subplot) in this one. And while I have really enjoyed the suspense and twists and turns in the preceding Kate Young police procedural thrillers, this one was a bit of a let down, having found it a bit easier to figure out 'whodunit'. Also, Kate's 'voices' got a bit tedious, making it a bit of a slow go in parts for me. Overall, it was an enjoyable read, and in addition to hoping Wyer might start something up with Emma, I plan to read Wyer's other novel series in the meantime.

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Another riveting read in the Kate Young series! Imo Carol can write no wrong. As always you are gripped from page one and will find yourself flying through the book. Can't wait to see what's to come.

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Is this the end of an era.
This book draws a line under the ongoing story that has run through the previous 4 books, but leaves the door open form more of Kate Young.
Like the others it is seat of your pants reading and absolutely compulsive.

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