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Everything Slows Down

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I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. This is a beautifully raw account of a nearly lifelong battle with depression. I think this is a really important read for those in the mental health field as it can help teach them a thing or two (such as the MAOI being more effective thus important for some patients despite our beliefs that they are outdated and inferior compared to SSRIs). It was also extremely helpful to see the lifelong journey with ups and downs that Garry went through to help readers with depression feel less alone if they still have more severe episodes themselves.

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"Somehow, through all the dark times, I have persisted. So much struggling, but so much life has followed my near-death experience on that snowy bridge nearly five decades ago. I must have had some underlying faith that I could find my way to a better place. And I have."

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Having lived a life with severe, unending depression for 30 years straight, I was hopeful and excited to read this book. It truly does help ease the pain of something that never goes away, when others understand. But this book was INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING. I couldn't even finish it. He talks continuously about how his "spells" are off and on, here and there, eh life was pretty good, eh I was in a "spell", eh tried this or this. No true understanding or relatability to a life with true depression. Also, a significant portion of the book is focused on him in HIGH SCHOOL which is completely useless.

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