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Murder on the Cornish Cliffs (A Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery Book 16)

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This is such a fun series. It’s as about as cosy as a cosy mystery can get.

Lady Swift is again on great form. What I also love about this series is the relationship with her butler Clifford, and the witty conversations. Gladstone the dog is a fun character too.

Thanks must go to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me a copy of this book to read and review.

3.5, rounded up to 4

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I absolutely adore this series and I can't get enough of it!!! Every book gets better and better. This book is set at the holidays so that makes it even more cozy and inviting. But the story grabs you and hooks you from the beginning. Absolutely love it!
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I am not tired of repeating myself about how the entry into the plots manages to be different, even this far into the series. We have a tenuous invite in the style of Agatha Christie (I remember several such beginnings), with a paranoid man who fears his death inviting Lady Swift in the hopes of using her detection skills to save his life.
Once there, she realises the man who felt compelled to bring her to his home does not have much respect for anyone who does not qualify under his own class. It makes it hard for her to want to solve the riddle that faces her, but her natural inquisitiveness finally wins, and she does her regular, thorough job. The Chief Inspector makes an unofficial appearance, helping out in an important manner towards the end.
I was partly surprised with the ending, mostly because I should have seen it coming, and there did not seem to be much of an explanation otherwise if I had put my mind to it.
I would recommend this to fans of the genre and definitely to others who are following this series. I will definitely be continuing with this when I see the next book available to me. Quite possibly, with my luck, it just might be once this post has been published!
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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A different setting for Eleanor and Clifford, however, they never seem to be too far from trouble!

I enjoyed learning a bit more about Cornwall and the smuggling that used to take place there. As always, Clifford is a font of knowledge and I simply love that.

An interesting twisty story; keeping me uncertain on the outcome until it was revealed.

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Murdur and Cliffs and I am right back to that era of watching agatha christie's on the afternoon tele as a young girl.
This is part of a series, however, I only read this one, and it was fine to read as a standalone as the mystery starts and gets solved, while going down many an interesting path in this one book itself.
Fun cute mystery read with nice, well-written characters. An enjoyable read.

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Another in this fabulously escapist series. This time, Ellie and her entourage set off to visit a friend of her late uncle, who has written to her (or rather Clifford) expressing his fear that he may be murdered. There is indeed a body awaiting our heroes.... but not who we expect! As ever, Ellie sets about investigating.

This is just a charming series, and even though newcomers can easily read this as a standalone, the development of the characters over time has made this the kind of book you just sink into like a warm bath. It's comfortable, welcoming, fun. A winning formula, for sure, and let's hope it continues. Great stuff.

(With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this title.)

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Murder on the Cornish Cliffs is the sixteenth delightful instalment of Verity Bright’s charming 1920s set mystery series featuring sleuth extraordinaire Lady Eleanor Swift.

Christmas is fast approaching and Eleanor receives a very strange letter from an old friend of her uncle’s, Mr Godfrey Cunliffe, who is inviting her to stay with him in his home in Cornwall over the festive period – because he is convinced that his gardener is trying to kill him! With no time to lose, Eleanor packs her bags and heads over to the Cornish coast with her butler Clifford and handsome beau Detective Hugh Seddon. However, it seems that they are too late because a murder has been committed – only it’s not Mr Cunliffe, but his gardener!

Jerome St Clair went from prime suspect to victim and with his plans to restore the gardens to their former glory having also gone missing, Eleanor immediately smells a rat. It seems everybody in this household is keeping secrets – and had reasons of their own for wanting the gardener dead. But which one of them did it? When Eleanor’s bulldog Gladstone pulls out a charred corner of the missing garden plans from the fireplace, she realises that she is close to solving this case – until someone tries to run her down with a lawnmower!

Can Eleanor get to the bottom of her investigation? Or is this Christmas going to be her last?

I cannot recommend Verity Bright’s superb Lady Eleanor Swift series enough. Fast-paced, exciting and full of twists and turns, these fabulous mysteries never fail to please and Murder on the Cornish Cliffs is the latest fantastic tale of secrets, skullduggery and chicanery that I devoured in a single sitting.

Unpredictable, nail-biting and so much fun, Murder on the Cornish Cliffs is another winner by Verity Bright.

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It is nearly Christmas and Lady Eleanor Swift is traveling with her butler Clifford, as well as her cat and her dog, Gladstone. Hoping to enjoy the holidays while in Cornwall is something that preens unlikely to happen as they fear that their host, Mr. Godfrey Cunliffe has been murdered.

Eleanor is no stranger to murder and other serious crimes, and she quickly proves that she will go to any lengths necessary to solve the crime at hand. With some assistance from her handsome fiancé, Detective Hugh Sheldon, as well as the ever wise and efficient Clifford, Eleanor begins to question anyone she thinks could be connected to the murder. There is definitely a motive for the crime to be determined, and Eleanor leaves no stone unturned in her investigation.

Eleanor soon learns that just about everyone is a likely suspect, and with a clue ironically revealed by her dog Gladstone, she gets closer and closer to finding the answers she seeks. Sixteen books in and Verity Bright’s stories involving the ever inquisitive Eleanor are always fresh and enjoyable. There is also some humor in each of the stories. Then factoring in the delightful characters, readers can’t go wrong with any Eleanor Swift cozy mystery story.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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This is a lovely addition to this historical cozy crime collection and sees our heroine Lady Eleanor and her new beloved butler and friend arrive at a friend of her late uncle who has requested her help.

Well written and a good addition to this collection, which can be read as a standalone but I feel benefits from being read as part of the series to enjoy getting to know the characters.

Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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The mystery kept me guessing. I do love visiting with the characters in this series. I just love Clifford.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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In the sixteenth Lady Eleanor Swift mystery, Ellie finds herself in Cornwall investigating the death of a gardener, Jerome St. Clair, at the request of her uncle’s friend, Godfrey Cunliffe. Joined by her butler Clifford and fiance DCI Hugh Seldon, Ellie’s Christmas holiday in Cornwall turns into a very serious investigation that uncovers secrets and deaths from across the town. Not everyone is as they seem, apparently, and Ellie must get to the bottom of this mystery before 1924 arrives. This latest installment of a fascinating, enjoyable period mystery with a lady detective is as enjoyable and entertaining as its fifteen predecessors, and readers will enjoy this jaunt to the Cornish seaside and its apparently perilous cliffs. The twists and turns of this novel are particularly enjoyable, and readers might not expect some of the secrets and clues that Bright drops throughout the story. The characters are, of course, fascinatingly complex, dynamic, and engaging, and the setting in Cornwall is particularly atmospheric, all of which creates a fascinating atmosphere for Ellie’s latest mystery. Another hit for Verity Bright, the latest Lady Eleanor Swift is a fascinating, engaging read, and readers are sure to enjoy this latest installment and wait impatiently for the next book in the series.

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Lady Eleanor Swift has to solve Murder on the Cornish Cliffs when she visits Mr. Cunliffe, old friend of her uncle. Lots of suspects on the Cunliffe estate. Very atmospheric with smuggler's passages and dangerous seas. No one is what they seem. Gr1eat 1920's cosy.

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This 16th adventure of Lady Swift helped me overcome a reading slump. I love all the banter between Eleanor and Clifford, and even Seldon! I was surprised that I didn't like any of the other characters but still enjoyed the book very much. Good pacing, well written, good plot with some unexpected twists, I didn't see that ending coming but it was very satisfying.

I read all 16 Eleanor Swift mysteries so far, and I'm definitely up for the next 16!

Thank you to the publisher who provided me with an e-copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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A great cozy mystery.. I enjoyed reading about the characters even though they were a little quirky. This added to the story. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.

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Murder on the Cornish Cliffs by Verity Bright is another adventure for Lady Eleanor Swift and her butler, Clifford. They have been accompanied by Gladstone and Tomkins, a fairly recent addition to the household. The dog and cat get along well, too well sometimes. Clifford has been summoned by Mr. G Cunliffe, a friend of Eleanor’s now deceased uncle. He appears to be in fear for his life. Clifford feels sure he is exaggerating and that they they will be returning home before Christmas. Also living in the household are two aunts, and a nephew. The great aunts are peculiar, to put a name to it, and the nephew seems a little odd as well. They arrive just as the police are there questioning the household regarding the death of Cunliffe’s landscape architect who had recently been discovered at the bottom of a nearby cliff. There are some things that both Clifford and Ellie find odd about the crime scene, and truthfully about Uncle Brian’s friend. It doesn’t look like they will make it home for Christmas, after all.

Ellie, Clifford, the animals, and Ellie’s fiance, Chief Inspector Seldon continue to make up an entertaining group of friends. They have called Seldon to have him appear in the village in in cognito as none of the villagers wants to talk to Ellie. Interestingly, it is Ellie sho saves Clifford this time, with the knowledge of water and boats she acquired as a child when traveling with her parents. She is a marvelous character, new to the aristocracy at a time when than institution is in flux. Clifford is the consummate butler always knowing his place and trying to teach her hers. They are all pretty proper although Ellie is winning in pulling them her way. This is a delightful series. It is an English cozy and well worth reading. Seldon being the fiance is fairly new and extremely delightful. Ellie causes him a lot of worry as she is fearless and he is protective. A good mystery and a happy solution for all. Well worth the read.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Murder on the Cornish Cliffs by Bookoutre, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #Netgalley #Bookoutre #VerityBright #MurderOnTheCornishCliffs

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The escapades of the Lady Eleanor are always quirky. Accompanied by her faithful butler, a veritable trove of information and an uncanny ability to handle any situation, we see the duo again in a fight for justice and the most improbable suspect.

Set in a bleak snowbound estate in Cornwall, we are treated to Cornish food, beliefs and sayings aplenty whilst the duo solve not just one but two murders.

Although the subject was murder, the setting was Christmas. It added to the warm feeling the festival brings.

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This was a strong sixteenth book in the Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery series, it had everything that I enjoyed from the previous fifteen books. It had everything that I was hoping for from this series and from the author. It had a great mystery going on and I enjoyed how good it worked in the genre. Verity Bright always does a great job and left me wanting more.

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Murder on the Cornish Cliffs is the 16th Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery and I enjoyed it a lot. Eleanor and her butler, Clifford head to Cornwall to see a friend of Ellie's uncle Byron. They received a letter stating he was afraid someone was trying to kill him and asking them to come. They set off in the Rolls with Gladstone, her bulldog and their cat, Tompkins. When they arrive it is to find out that the landscape gardener that Mr. Cunliffe had hired had fallen from the cliffs to his death. Both Eleanor and Clifford were sure it was murder, and they convince the Police Inspector to do an autopsy. It is revealed that he was poisoned and that he was murdered and Mr. Cunliffe is the main suspect. It is time for Eleanor and Clifford to put on their sleuthing hats. The also call in Eleanor's fiancé, Chief Inspector Seldon to help on the sly. He is on vacation, planning to spend Christmas with Eleanor, so agrees to drive down. Will they find out who the real killer is and why St Clair was murdered.

I am enjoying this series and although I have only read the last few, have no problems following the stories. Each mystery is solved within the book, so they can be read as standalone stories. I loved the setting of this story. An old and stately manor house on the cliffs in Cornwall with a storm moving in just before Christmas. The grounds were once an amazing garden with a grotto, raised beds, bamboo and more that was beautifully described even though it was overgrown. The banter and teasing between Clifford and Eleanor always makes me smile and laugh, they are such unlikely pair of Lady and her butler. The way the two of them work together to solve a crime always amazes me with the reasoning and deduction. Clifford had been a world traveler and has so much knowledge. The secondary characters in this book were also interesting. The two older sisters were a hoot, speaking in quotes and poems all the time. Of course I can't forget Gladstone and Tompkins. Completely spoiled members of the family, they also play an important role rooting out clues to help solve the mystery, and they make me smile. This was another wonderful historical mystery and I have to say the Lady Eleanor is one I want to see more of for a long time. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, especially historical ones, then I recommend you pick up this book, or better yet, start at the beginning of this series and enjoy them all.

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I received a copy of this title from the publisher; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. The latest title in the long running series finds Eleanor traveling to assist a friend of her late uncle's, Mr Cunliffe, who believes that his head gardener is out to kill him. As it is right before Christmas, it appears that if Eleanor and Clifford can't wrap up the matter fast enough, Eleanor will have to spend Christmas apart from her fiancé Hugh. When the pair arrive, the gardener is dead - was he the target or was Mr Cunliffe and the gardener killed in a case of mistaken identity? I really enjoyed this title as the mystery was extremely well done with a couple of really interesting twists I didn't see coming. I continue to enjoy titles in this series and look forward to many more.

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Murder on the Cornish Cliffs Is book #16 in Lady Eleanor Swift series and the first one I have read. I will certainly be going back to read the previous books.

It is Christmas and Lady Eleanore receives a letter from Mr Cunliffe, old friend of her late Uncle, requesting her presence in Cornwall as he believes his gardener is trying to poison him. Eleanore’s butler, Clifford, warns her that Cunliffe is a strange man, before the two of them rush down to Cornwall only to find the police in attendance - the gardener has been found dead at the bottom of the cliff. Who has killed him? And why? Was the wrong man killed and Mr Cunliffe’s life still in danger?

As snow begins to fall, Eleanor interviews the family members, two batty sisters and a bad-tempered entitled nephew, and is soon convinced everyone is lying - but as someone tries to kill her not once, but twice - she has to find out who it is and stop them.

I for one had not a clue until the big showdown in the cave at the end. And it made complete and utter sense as to why he, she or it was the murderer.

I really enjoyed the story, there was lots of fun back and forth quips between Eleanor and Clifford. Later on the book Eleanor’s fiancé arrives incognito and pretending not to know him on the train and smuggling him into the village inn had me laughing at times.

Having been to Cornwall a few times, I loved reading about the different Cornish customs - and have actually eaten traditional stargazy pie - as a child I didn’t like the fish looking at me, so my nanna use to put little hats on the heads of the fish peeking out of my serve. Brought back fond memories.

I recommend this book to lovers of cosy mysteries, and did not feel as though I have missed out by not reading any of the previous books.

With thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for my copy to review

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