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I loved diving into this book. Jes Kerzen's journey to connect and communicate with Asher is a compelling reminder of all that we don't know about how the mind and the universe and human beings work... there are so many mysteries left to unfold! Moving through this story made me want to work on my own intuition and non-verbal communication skills as well. Very thought provoking!

I appreciate NetGalley and the publisher for access to a digital ARC. My honest review is my own opinion.

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I received an ARC from Netgalley

This book follows the journey of Jes Kerzen, a teacher working with neurotypical children, and her special relationship with her pupil, Asher. Asher teaches Kerzen about telepathy and communication beyond the physical world. The novel explores unconventional ideas like pre-birth contracts and quantum physics, as well as Asher's struggles with communication and his later diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. The evolving relationship between Asher and Kerzen goes beyond the classroom, delving into adventures and experiments with telepathy.

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Interesting read! While this wasn't what I expected, it was an interesting read. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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This book describes how the writer, Jes Kerzen, came to find herself in a classroom working with small groups of neurotypical children.

The focus, however, is not really on her work as a teacher, but rather about the special relationship the evolves between herself and one of her pupils, Asher..

Asher does struggle we it written a d verbal communication as well as making sense of the world but again, this is not the main focus of the novel.. For Asher in fact becomes the one to teach the teacher. About telepathy. And about how to communicate using telepathy, and transferring and sharing other kinds of information..

It has to be admitted that some of what Kerzen writes about it did come across as woowoo - for example the idea that incarnation souls make contracts before birth to die young, or to meet up with other souls in order to learn from them. Other ideas may well be only just coming into their own, with everything that these imply for the current scientific paradigm. This would be some of the more put-there weirdness of quantum physics where physical distances become meaningless, and a particle becomes a wave depending on how it is perceived. And as for telepathy.... most people surely have experienced that sixth sense of being observed at some point, of knowing what question is going to be put even before the words are uttered.

These are concepts among others that Asher can and does put into the field of awareness of his former mentor.

What is interesting to follow is how the relationship between Asher and Kerzen evolves, as it is more than simply a pupil-teacher relationship. Outside the classroom there are the journeyadventures on train and tube, the jounaling through which Asher describes his world, the inevitable distancing as Asher grows into a young man. Later, the experiments with telepathy really take off.

Also documented however is the deep and crippling shame Asher experiences as an adolescent when officially diagnosed with asperger's syndrome. No room there for other gifts that may compensate for anything lacking in today's one-size-fits-all neurotypical world!

This is definitely worth reading if there is any desire to explore the possility that there may be more to oir philosophy than can be imagined.

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What an intriguing and delightful read is Jes Kerzen’s book, A Mind Beyond Words. The book relates the authors unique connection and experiences with a student on the autism spectrum, whose rare perception of the world draws her to into unexpected and exciting methods of communication and thought-provoking revelations about life. The author’s style and voice is uncomplicated and engaging, and offers an unpretentious look into a remarkable series of events which led her to an extraordinary ability to communicate telepathically.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was enthralled by the information it conveyed. The ideas and theories proposed by the information in the book are provocative but appealing and have provided compelling and rich material on which to ponder going forward.

Thank you to NetGalley and Collective Ink Limited for a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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