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A Bedtime Story (Beauty Meets the Beast)

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So...this was an interesting read.

It is supposed to be a mafia retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but apart from the Stockholm syndrome, there isn't much resemblance.

The romance is weird and the only purpose of the MMC is to fill his huge ego with a twist of "I must protect her because she's mine". It's a bit icky, with no respect for the FMC.

I like how she transforms during this whole ordeal, and I think that's refreshing compared to other books.

All in all, it's not my cup of tea, but I'm sure there are people out there that would love this kind of dark romance

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A Bedtime Story by L.C. Moon was a different take on Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed it very much. I found I like mafia-ish tropes... who knew.

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Thank you netgalley for this ACR.

So, what the eff did I just read? This was the weirdest, worst rendition of beauty and the beast? I guess? Because she’s his captor and he’s supposed to be this beast of a man because of what he does for a living. But, really it’s because he slaps her, and sleeps with other women while she’s “getting over things”. And the stories within the story? I get it’s supposed to be like symbolic, but it was just bad. And not well written? Like the email of this idea you have for a book that you send to an editor but didn’t even finish the full outline or first draft? It’s just. Really odd and bad?

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A Bedtime Story (Beauty Meets the Beast) offers a unique twist on the classic tale, presenting a sad yet fitting ending for its imperfect protagonists. Departing from the traditional narrative, it emphasizes the transformative impact of the Beast on Beauty, rather than the other way around. Despite being the author's debut novel, the story captivates with its unnerving and raw portrayal, leaving a lasting impression without relying on clichéd cliffhangers. However, I found myself disconnected, as the lack of emotional depth and familiarity of mafia tropes dulls the narrative. Yet, for those seeking a poignant exploration of resilience amidst tragedy, this novel is a compelling and thought-provoking read.

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I mostly enjoyed the story, overall. I was surprised that it kept my attention the entire time as the beginning was a bit off to me for some reason. Then we get to the ending, which in my opinion - was super rushed.

Knowing where it was going from a mile off, I was not surprised with the outcome, the ending was anti-climactic because this was written with a Part II in mind.

The point of view changes made me remove a star as it was inconsistent, and I really don't think they were necessary.

Will I read Part II - nope, the character build didn't pull me in that much - so I won't lose any sleep not knowing what is going to happen next (that and I feel I already know....)

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Wanting a interesting twist on beauty and the beast, this is the book for you. While I don’t normally go for mafia romances this was good!

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I love fairytale retellings, especially spicy ones, and this does not disappoint! This pushes the boundaries and is a lot of fun.
Thank you to netgalley for this eARC!

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This is one hell of a beauty and the beast retelling... Far from your Disney princess fairytale, definitely check the trigger warnings on this one. Think Beauty with loads of childhood trauma and Beast as a Russian mob boss who is really into kink... I read it in a day but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Definitely not a HEA for this story and a lot of will they won't they for the majority of the book, it was somehow both a lot and still kinda felt like not much happened?

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I’m not sure how to rate this book, to be honest. There were parts that I liked but overall I didn’t really care too much for the main characters. Especially not Laura. Her character personality didn’t seem consistent through the story.

I found the first few chapters to capture my attention but eventually had to really force myself to push through which may just be a *me* problem.

I do see where people come from when they say it’s not a retelling because this is definitely not a retelling. There are some elements pulled from the fairytale (mainly the Stockholm syndrome I guess?) but this is much darker.

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Why is it sorrowful but promising a good sequel ahead?!

This book is about Laura Spencer who entered the underworld against her will because of her brother and then ended up being her capturer's lover. I love how we can see Laura grew as a person who can better adapt to her new environment I can't bear the plot twist to be honest with you, I skimmed through the chapter that hurts the most🤣 and I hate that we need to wait for New Year 2025 to get our (deserved) sequel *if I'm not mistaken. Despite that, I think we get the promise of a good story after this book. I hope Laura can successfully carry out her plan (if you know you know) and I heartily hope a certain someone will surprise us well (if you know you know).

Additionally, I felt a bit bummed about the third person POV because we already know everything and for me this book added too much information about additional characters, but the author managed to shocked me enough through the plot twist so I don't really mind.
Initially, I felt stressed because why added more trouble when we are nearing the end of the book?! But then I remembered that this is not a standalone and the author provided information about this book ending in a cliffhanger.
Also this book is very fast paced, the plot, character growth, and everything.
The male lead also gave hot and cold treatments towards our female lead, I noticed throughout the years of reading this kind of trope that if it doesn't execute precisely it could end up badly, but the author successfully executed the hot and cold trope, lifting us high📈 and then bring us down HARD📉 without leaving us annoyed and bothered at the end.

Let's pray that we won't get any cliffhanger on the second book (but I teeny tiny doubt that because we have the third book and long interval between the second and third book release date so we have to prepare ourselves but we can hope right?!😋)

P.S. if you want to view the spoiler bits from this review, head out to my goodreads review page here

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Not only does this offer the romance aspect, it also offers the exploration of two broken souls and how their interactions forever alters their fate. I couldn't stop thinking about the characters after I had finished. This is the first book in an installment and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

4/5 stars

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This was an interesting twist on beauty and the beast. While I don’t normally go for mafia romances this was good!

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A Bedtime Story
October 31, 2023
4/5 Stars

I devoured this book! It was a nice take on the mafia/organized crime romance trope - which I’m usually not a fan of, but I really enjoyed getting to know these characters. I think in the sequel, we will get a look at Laura’s dark side and that’s exciting!

Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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This book was a pretty unique twist on beauty and the beast.
The author spins an amazing tale of despair that has you turning the pages to find out what will happen next. This was a great traumance that did not disappoint, I read it within a day as I did not want to put the book down.

After living a life of misery and torment Laura struggles to fit into a world that doesn't seem to care she exists. While attempting to enjoy a night out with a coworker Laura finds herself as the third wheel and attempts to call it a night. Little does she know life as she knows it will come to an end. Kanye is a handsome beast who will hold Laura as a captive to obtain important information for the organization. Laura pays the ultimate debt for her brother Peters sins.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC.

What did I just read👀👀
I didn’t expect ANY OF THAT. Who comes up with such ideas😭

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At the time, I was interested in mystery/thriller books; however currently I am no longer interested in reading the book.

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I don't think this was my cup of tea. But I was still so happy with what was developing by the end! This book broke my heart and put it back together over and over again. I will be reading the next!

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This is sort of a dark retelling of Beauty in the Beast with a lot of the same elements. For anyone who is a fan of that and especially the Disney movie, they will probably enjoy this book (as long as they realize it's not a romance as all the blurbs about it remind you).

This is a dark "love story" and not a romance, but I guess what I don't understand is what I'm supposed to enjoy here. Some of the sex scenes were spicey but I was mostly distracted by how the author would never use certain words that I'd expect to find in romance scenes. Euphemisms always take me out of the story and make me think more about why the author chose to do it instead of using the plain language that I would expect in a book that contains BDSM elements.

The ending did not really bother me although from reviews it seems like it did other readers . What bothered me is that the main character becomes a completely different person for the last one quarter of the book. I guess we are supposed to believe that she's been "broken" by what has happened to her, but quite honestly it just seemed like she took a heel turn at random. She makes a decision on her own and then tries to blame the dude for her doing it when he had no direct influence on her actions. She just seems unhinged.

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I have never read mafia romance so this was an entirely new experience for me. Something about the description of this book appealed to me so I decided to give this genre a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the author's skill in weaving a story and the nod to Beauty and the Beast was an interesting aspect within the story.

This book is well-written and has a good pace. The suspense throughout is quite good and the characters were fleshed out well. I enjoyed the internal struggles and changes each main character exhibited and the story line kept my attention. I love dark content and this was quite good, although it was not as dark as I expected. I'd recommend paying attention to the warning by the author if you are sensitive or are triggered by certain content, though.

The ending was a surprise to me - I won't ruin it for other readers but I was surprised, and that doesn't happen very often for me. I will say that some of the extra content and Russian folk stories within the book were fascinating and the author wove them quite well not only into the story but into the main characters' thought processes and character development.

This is an enjoyable read and I will be reading the next book when it is released. I recommend this book and author.

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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2023
While this book did start off slow for my liking it did pick up the pace quickly, I enjoyed the ideas and themes of this book and it was a wonderfully spicy book! I’m not usually a fan of mafia themed characters/books but I did enjoy this one. I very much enjoyed the twist on a classic tale and look forward to reading more from L.C. Moon in future

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