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I have very conflicting feelings about this book. I went through roller coaster with this one to be completely honest. In the first part of the book I even debated of DNF'ing it, but towards the second part of the book, the story startet growing on me. And finaly here I am with 4 star rating.

There were few things that irked me througout the book. Firstly how instalovy this story was. Our main character Gwen is in her thirties, however she acted as if she never saw a man. Also some inner monologs took to much place in this story and was unecesery. And finaly the word ''mercy''....don't even let me start on it. Actually, you can play a drinking game with this word. Take a shot everytime you stumble upon it.

However in the end the beautufil relationship won me over. Our guy Logan was very respectfull of Gwen, did not rush her into decisions and suported her no matter what.
I also felt some conection with Gwen, especially with her irrational overthinking and anxiety - it felt very relatable.
The writing style was beautiful and I even found some qoutes that will stick with me for a while.

In the end it was a solid holiday romance. Definitely recommend reading it.

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thank you to netgalley for the advanced reading copy. I really enjoyed this and will be getting copies for my shop.

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This RomCom was just what our patrons love.

Romance - Check
Comedy- Check
Holiday Fun- Check

This is on our list to purchase for next holiday season!

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I enjoyed this book as a cute holiday romance, it had the perfect small town vibes which made it perfect for christmas. I read this book in one sitting and it was just what I was looking for to read for the holidays.

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I very cute holiday romance. I love the mix of tropes in this book as well as the growth of the main character Gwen. There was a lot of romance and sparks without the spice which I was happy about.

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Imagine stepping into a Hallmark movie with a side of Christmas cookies— that's the vibe of this adorable holiday romcom! Gwen, the proud owner of a bakery in a charming small town, is constantly battling her self-esteem, especially under the critical eye of her mother who always compares her to her sister. When Logan, a man with his own set of troubles, arrives in town, Gwen is taken aback by his genuine kindness and care. She's torn between enjoying his temporary presence and wondering if she can trust his intentions. This story is like a warm hug, full of charm, humor, and all the cozy Christmas feels. It's the perfect start to the holiday reading season that will leave you with a smile on your face!

In "One Sweet Holiday," get ready to cozy up with a heartwarming romcom that's as comforting as your grandma's homemade pie. Meet Logan, a Scottish billionaire, and Gwen, the sweet baker behind a quaint café in a small town. Despite their different backgrounds and life paths, they find themselves drawn to each other, thanks to the magic of small towns, holidays, and some delectable treats. It's a story that proves love can blossom in the most unexpected places!

A light and relatable read, perfect for anyone who loves a good fake dating/insta-love trope! The main character's struggle with overthinking is so relatable, but I wish the holiday theme was stronger, given the title. The plot felt a bit rushed and lacked depth, especially towards the end. However, it's still an enjoyable, feel-good story that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Get ready for a heartwarming and fun-filled ride with this charming story that will have you craving baked goods and rooting for love! Gwen, a kind-hearted baker, finds herself in a fake relationship with Logan, her rich and charming neighbor, to divert attention from her sister's wedding and her own past heartache. What starts as a fake arrangement soon turns into something more, but Gwen is hesitant to let love back into her life. Set in a small town, this fake dating to lovers tale is full of sweet moments and small-town charm that will warm your heart and leave you cheering for Gwen's happily ever after!

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One Sweet Holiday by Lucy Day was a wonderful book. I absolutely loved Logan and Gwen. Gwen was very relatable with her plus size figure and family issues. I loved how she and her sister stuck by each other when her sister could have easily been a hose beast like their mom, lol.

I loved that Logan made a connection right away and I always love a fake dating troupe. Read this book!

Thank you to NetGalley and Blue Crow Publishing for the e-ARC of this book. This review is my own opinion.

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This was a cute holiday romcom. Gwen owns a bakery in a small town. She struggles with confidence and is constantly being compared by her snooty mother to her younger sister. When Logan shows up in town, trying to escape his own problems, Gwen feels out of his league. She's not prepared for how caring and down to earth he is. Someone finally wants to take care of her and she doesn't know if she can trust his actions when his stay is only temporary.

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I have not read previous Jasmine Falls books, but I feel I did not need to read the previous books to understand this story. One Sweet Holiday could be read as a stand-alone Christmas story.

Gwen is a baker in a small town. With an overbearing mother and a cheating ex-fiancé, her confidence is quite low. Logan is a handsome Scottish millionaire. He travels to Jasmine Falls for the holidays and to attend a friend's wedding, who just so happens to be marrying Gwen's sister. Logan stays in the home next door to Gwen, allowing them to get to know one another before the wedding.

One Sweet Holiday is cute and charming. While this story takes place at Christmas, it does not have an overbearing Christmas theme, allowing it to be read during any part of the year. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Blue Crow Publishing for a copy of this story for my honest review.

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I was not able to finish the book and therefore do not feel that I can give an unbiased review about the book, its plot, characters, or the author's work. I might revisit this book at a later time and finish it then, but not right now.

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Romantic comedies with witty banter are my favorite! Holiday reads can be hit or miss, but this was cute and fun.

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Closed door fake dating holiday romance was just want I was lookingbfor and it delivered!!! I could not stop reading this and I kept smiling and couldn't put it down. I loved it!! This was the best holiday Rom-Com. Definitely 5 star read.
I just reviewed One Sweet Holiday by Lucy Day. #OneSweetHoliday #NetGalley
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As an avid romance reader, and lover of all things Christmas, Lucy Day’s One Sweet Holiday is now apart of my Mt. Rushmore holiday reads!!!

One Sweet Holiday, is the third book in the Jasmin Falls Love Stories Series. It follows Gwen Griffin, the local cafe owner known for her extraordinary baking skills and calling off her wedding a week before she was set to say I do. While Gwen is content with where her life is at the moment, her sister’s upcoming wedding has her family and the town worried for her. Will Gwen be able to survive the upcoming nuptials, or will she become the talk of the town yet again?

I am a sucker for small town, clean romances. Gwen and Logan’s relationship was top tier couple goals. I love how Logan encouraged her to believe in herself while also accepting help from others. One of her biggest weaknesses in life is feeling the need to prove herself to others, primarily her family. Logan held a mirror up to Gwen to let her see that while she is a brilliant and capable business woman, she is not superwoman. Asking for help is perfectly normal and the key to success.

After falling in love with the entire town of Jasmin Falls, it is safe to say that I have become a Lucy Day fan. I am sad to say it has taken me this long to discover her and this entire series (I will be reading it in its entirety). However, it is easy for Indie authors to be overlooked in the book community because they don’t have the backing of a big publication house. I hope in posting this review that I can shed light on Day and help grow her following. Let’s make her a household name!!!

So if you are looking for a sweet holiday romance written by a talented writer, please pick up Lucy Day’s One Sweet Holiday.

Special thanks to Netgalley, Blue CrownPublishing, and Lucy Day for allowing me to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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This book was sweet, with two likeable main characters and a simple plot to follow. While it didn't do anything surprising or new, it was a cozy read to indulge in while curled up on the couch. Probably not one to linger with me, but it's a nice way to pass the time while travelling or if you want a lazy afternoon.

Thanks to netgalley and publishers for giving me access to this story in exchange for an honest review.

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If you have a soft spot for kind and caring Scottish billionaires, this book is a must-read! Personally, I adore stories with food woven into them, and this one did not disappoint. The characters are endearing, and the plot is comforting, especially as it showcases a male main character taking care of a female main character. It's a heartwarming tale that leaves you feeling cozy and content. Perfect for curling up with during the holiday season or any time you need a sweet escape.

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Cute, cuddly holiday romance.
People pleaser Gwen is preparing for her sisters wedding whilst also being single and dealing with a disproving mother. Along comes Logan who offers to be her wedding date and sparks start flying. Gwen doesn’t see how a guy like Logan could be interested so it’s up to him to change her mind.
If you like kind and caring Scottish billionaires then this is for you! I’m a sucker for books with food in them and I loved the characters in this story.
The plot was comforting and really lovely to see a mmc taking care of a fmc.

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Thank you to Netgally, the publishers, and Lucy Day

When I requested this book I was unaware that it was apart of a series, one that requires you to read the previous books for this one to make sense. I am unable to read all the previous books along with this one before the publish date. Therefore, I will rate this a fair 3/5 stars and will adjust the rating and review when I am able to read all the books in the series along with this one.

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#bookreview One Sweet Holiday by Lucy Day
(Jasmine Falls Love Stories #3)

☺️ the good ☺️
- Self-sufficient heroine. Gwen owns a bakery (love a bakery story) and has trouble letting people help her.
- Logan genuinely wants to help Gwen.
- Logan moves in next to Gwen for his stay until her sister’s wedding. (He’s an old schoolmate of the groom.) I love a forced proximity trope.

🤨 the bad 😒
- Logan has no flaws 🤨
- The misunderstandings get out of hand and don’t help the plot along.
- The small town vibe is a tad overdone. It seems like the author uses it when convenient but ignores it otherwise? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Like, everyone knows everyone but then everyone supposedly hates Gwen except none of them seem to actually hate Gwen 🤷🏼‍♀️
- Logan is a millionaire or billionaire or whatever but that’s not really important other than giving him a reason to “escape” his family and come to this wedding (for a dude he doesn’t even like anymore) and meet the love of his life. 🤷🏼‍♀️
- Them steamy kisses led NOWHERE. Not even to a closed door scene 🤦🏼‍♀️ but they’re in love now and he’s abandoning everything to stay in this tiny town with her. 🤷🏼‍♀️

😍 the beautiful 😍
- Christmas! All the Christmas parties and vibes and I love a Christmas romance.
- Love conquers alll 🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
steam: ✨

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Cute fake dating insta love holiday read. I read this during the holiday season and feel it is best enjoyed then when mistletoe and hot cocoa hit differently than they do the rest of the year. Thanks to netgalley for providing an ARC for me to read and review.

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This was a first time read for me by this author and it definitely won't be my last. I am a little late in reading this as it is a holiday romance, but it can certainly be enjoyed any time of the year. It's a very cute story that is sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Gwen is always looking out for everyone's happiness but her own. That's why when her sister is getting married, she does everything she can to make it the perfect day for her. That included finding a fake date for the wedding so the towns people don't focus their attention on her instead of the bride. The town is still talking about her epic break-up, so arriving alone would only focus their attention on her. So she decides to ask her rich neighbor, someone totally out of her league, to be her fake date. As they spend time together, Gwen and Logan's sweet friendship begins to develop into something more. While in theory fake dating sounds like an easy solution, when the heart gets involved, it's a whole different issue. Maybe it's time that Gwen finally look out for her happiness and take a chance at love.
A very sweet and light read that totally warmed my heart. This story was charming and had endearing characters and I had a lovely time reading it. I would definitely love to read more of this author's work.
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.

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