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thank you netgalley for sending me an arc of this comic

this was such an interesting reading but this volume only scratched the start of the story so i was not entirely satisfied. i'll look forward reading the next volumes because i'm really curious to get to know the characters better.
the art style is flawless

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Thank you Oni Press and Netgalley for the digital copy. Are you also a fan of the 2005 masterpiece Constantine? Did watching demon fighting, while also appreciating the beautiful faces of Keanu, Rachel Weiss and Tilda Swinton feel like the best time?
Then you’ll like this comic. I loved every character and am genuinely excited to see where the story goes.

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Everything I loved about this graphic novel:
~the world-building
~the artwork
~the characters
~the story

Everything I hated about this graphic novel:
~it ended too soon

Seriously, I am off to continue this story on Webtoon, there is no way that I can just wait here for volume 2.

I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I have to say the art for Covenant is stunning to look at. I love the look of all the characters, they're each unique from each other. The demons are creepy as they should be. The art alone would have kept me coming back, I didn't really need the words. The visuals are chef's kiss could not get enough of them.

The story is fast passed and takes you on a journey. I am a sucker for stories about demons and the ones who fight them. And Covenant does not disappoint. I love the characters of Samson and Ezra. Samson is badass and Ezra is the personification of a golden retriever. Ezra is an interesting character as well. He is an exorcist for the Church of Providence but doesn't believe in God because he has not seen God. That is fascinating to me. I love characters like this.

This book has stunning visuals, badass characters, and a compelling story. I look forward to reading the next volume. Thanks to Netgalley and Oni Press for this ARC of Covenant.

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Gorgeous art style, intriguing story, and I'm really looking forward to reading more in the future!

This is entirely a personal preference and no reflection whatsoever on the author's storytelling, but I tend to prefer narratives that offer a bit of context prior to throwing me into the action. The story begins with a fight sequence, which starts with a high stakes setting, but for me, that made it more difficult to feel as if the stakes were raised as the story progressed. Again, this is an entirely personal sentiment. I think I would have felt more invested had I been given a bit more exposition up front rather than needing to piece it together later on.

All of that said, the word building was top tier, and the characters were layered and interesting. This is a magnificent, sexy, cerebral story full of banter and wit as well as philosophy and curiosity.

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Unfortunately, this didn't grab me. The world-building felt confusing and rushed, and I couldn't bring myself to care about the characters. I personally found it difficult to follow, but that might've been due to the app I was using resetting every time I paused to take a break. I tried it via its original platform and it was somewhat easier. At the end of the day, I think this just wasn't for me.

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I really enjoyed this graphic novel. I think it’s a great start to the series. It reminded me a lot of the Constantine movie with Keanu Reeves. It has both dark and satirical elements. At first, everything seems very serious, and the main protagonist, Erza - is very intimidating until he forgets the exorcism chant at the last minute and the tension drops. 

The plot seemed a bit slow to develop, though. The characters are not exactly likeable right off the bat, but the diversity is fantastic. I am hoping for some future romance between several pairs of characters. The character design is great, too. I think I like Sunny even more than Ezra. I like Sunny’s broody and antisocial personality. 

However, since I haven’t really seen much of the plot yet, or anything that would make it truly stand out from other similar stories, I am not able to give it a higher rating. I am looking forward to continuing with the series though.

Nevertheless, I am very grateful for an opportunity to read and review this graphic novel in advance!

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This graphic novel reminds me The Priest in some ways. My fave part of this graphic novel is probably the art and its storyline. I'm really invested in the whole exorcism and Angel blessing as well as the conflict inside the church.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read.

~Thank you, author, and to the publisher for letting me read this in advance ~

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4.5 out of 5 stars!

"You might be a talented exorcist, but talent doesn't mean shit if you can't remember the most basic rites!" - Sister Samson

Listen! Hot priests with full sleeves or full body tattoos that wield holy weapons. Oh, and many of them represent different flags from the LGBTQ+ community! Add in some cussing and "unholy" acts and well, we have our team.

Providence Church has a bit of a reputation amongst the other churches and it's not a good one. The church has been under suspicion for a while because of the groups' unorthodox methods. The Great Church is pressing in as Ezra and his team are trying to keep peace and save innocents. Ezra's a very skilled and gifted exorcist holding his own during combat. But his faith has been wavering. When given a mission to look out for someone he agrees only to find that this guy, who's the opposite of him in every way, may not be what he seems.

"I believe in demons, for I have seen them. I believe in angels, for I know them." - Ezra

The artwork gave me vibes of the manga "Solo Leveling". Just the style and the feels within the action scenes. There's a little bit of a slow build but we need that world building to understand the setting! Learning how the different churches conduct their work and exorcisms along with history of demons and how they came about.

I like how the priests of Providence Church aren't the strictly holy priest who don't delve into temptations. We do meet priests who are very devote and definitely cuddle with the Bible at night. Our group is very unique and interesting bunch. The fight scenes are fantastic, and I like how their uniforms are designed to help them get easy access to their tattoos. I kept thinking of Shura from "Blue Exorcist" and how she pulled her blades from markings on her body. Each exorcist having different weapons and angel patrons, so diverse skill sets that help aide one another.

Ezra believes in the angels and his covenants but his faith in God isn't there. He's struggling and there are hints of a dark past we will undoubtedly learn more about in later volumes. Ezra gets assigned a mission to find and protect a man. He did not expect to find Sunny so quickly and in his own college class!

I love that Sunny is the complete opposite of his name and of Ezra! He's a grumpy, goth, introvert who would rather avoid the sunshiny, golden retriever, but for some reason their paths keep crossing or lining up. Sunny's hiding something and doesn't want Ezra getting too close. The banter between them is funny and I feel like we will have a romance. It won't be the sole focus of the series or at least it's going to be a rather slow burn because the two really don't officially meet until the last quarter of the read.

This manga does have language, violence, and bloodshed. We get glimpses and hints at dark pasts for both MCs. Death is present in this read. We have a scene to understand how the tattoos are done and it isn't by a tattoo gun. Traditional tattoo styling.

I have to say my favorite character is Samson! Keeping Ezra in line while also having his back. I loved her attitude and just how she handled situations. Helping to also create great banter and comedy for the read when she's around Ezra. Pretty sure Samson just became another one of my book girlfriends! The main POV is Ezra's, but we do get a little of Sunny's POV. There's a cliffhanger and I am ready for the next volume!

Do enjoy the graphic novel with amazing fight scenes and unorthodox priests! Don't forget to give the author some stars!

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A great graphic novel

I loved the art style and the story was easy to follow.

I’m intrigued where this will go

3.5 stars

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If you like me grew up reading and watching a lot of Shonen like Bleach and Soul Eater, this book will be right up your alley. I think that there are elements of this book that could definitely appeal to folks that loved Gideon the Ninth. This first book isn't doing anything revolutionary plot wise, but I personally don't think that it needs to. What really shines for me is the world building and characters. The concept of tattooed queer priests fighting demons is so targeted at me that I probably would have given this a high rating based on vibes alone. I really enjoyed the core and supporting cast that was already established, especially Samson who I love. Overall, this book has a great setup for a slow burn romance and a fun action packed plot. I'm excited to see the progression of the story and might consider resurrecting my webtoon account to get caught up.

Thanks to Oni Press for providing me with a free e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I really enjoyed this graphic novel! I loved the concept of non-religious based exorcists working with Gods to protect humanity from demons. I found the story fluid, intriguing and keeping me engaged. The illustrations were simple but impactful. The characters were not perfect hence they were relatable and loveable in their own ways. I can’t wait for the second volume!

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DNF it at 35% for personal reasons

this title just wasn't quite for me but it really might be for you. I enjoyed the John Wick x Exorcist vibes and the absolutely stunning panels but there was just far too much discussion and orientation towards religion, no matter how much of it was irreverent. LOL

(+) queer characters, Vietnamese author

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I loved this! I've never read the webtoons series so this was new to me and I'm hooked. It follows an exorcist who doesn't believe in God but believes in angels and demons because he's seen both, he's tasked with keeping a cute guy safe from demons who seem to follow him everywhere. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters, Samson is definitely my favorite. The dynamics between the team and the genuine care they have to human life makes them a lot more enjoyable than the shady Great Church. I would read this again and again and all the rest because it has so many layers happening that makes you want to continue the series.

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I need this book biblically (metaphorically and literally). This graphic novel has been on my watch list for months since I found out it was moving into a print format. I was so excited to get to read this because the concept behind it is utterly brilliant and the artwork is stunning.

I could not put this down once I started and I am so desperate for more. I am obsessed with this, literally cannot get enough of it.

Thank you NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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<i>My heartfelt thanks to NetGalley and Oni Press for the opportunity to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.</i>

Ezra is in religion studies. The studies-the-best-ways-to-vanquish-a-demon kind, not the writes-a-thesis-about-the-socioeconomic-impact-of-the-Reformation kind (well, kind of both, actually, but mostly the former). When not serving as the humankind's last line of defence against demons, he's basically a ray of sunshine or a labradoodle puppy in human form. He's tasked with protecting Sunny, the seemingly ordinary human facing a bad case of a demon infestation. The most important thing about Sunny is that he has the thoroughly misleading name ever.

The <i>Covenant, Vol. 1</i>, which collects episodes 1–18 of the original WEBTOON comic, covers the meet-cute part of what will eventually become a romance between them, because meet-cutes are supposed to come with a body count and a supernatural threat of a demonic war looming over the city.

While I like the wish-fulfillment fantasy where the Catholic church is an ~aesthetic~ demon-hunting order instead of a morally corrupt institution with a child abuse problem that sides with the perpetrators in pretty much every genocide happening on its doorstep, the world-building so far felt a tad thin on the ground and predictable (yes, of course the big church does not value puny individual human lives & that will generate the conflict that drives the plot, etc.). So was the characterization (of course, the character's prickly because of past trauma, etc.). Both the worldbuilding and the characterization will probably have a lot of room to develop and breathe in the next volumes, but I'm not sure if this one provided enough of a hook for me to keep reading. Plus I'm always curious about how page layout changes between its original web version and the book edition, and I think the webtoon version was more streamlined and dynamic, especially in the battle scenes.

To sum up, it's a fun and tropetastic read that I expected to like more than I actually did, but if it hits your laundry list of favourite tropes, it's entertaining and worth checking out.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an e-arc of this novel!

I remember reading this on webtoon when it first came out. I ended up dropping it eventually (no idea why, probably just because I was trying to cut back on webcomics), but I decided I would try it again now that it is getting a print edition.
Storywise, I think it's fine. Even though this covers 18 episodes of the webcomic, it mostly felt like set up. I liked the characters well enough. As of now they are pretty one dimensional, but again, this kind of fits in with the "set up" vibe this volume gives. I don't really remember much about this story, but I have a feeling it will start to pick up in the next volume.
As for the art... it's fine, I guess? I don't know, I just thought the characters felt flat. I thought the drawings were done well, but they felt more like stagnant images more than comic panels, if that makes sense.

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I was delighted to find out that the comic has been licensed for print publication. It's a story with a lot of potential and it deserves to have a print edition!

This first volume may seem like an information overload because this story has a lot of content and a lot of plot that needs to be understood to know how things work: angels, demons, exorcists from different conflicting churches, mana, etc.

Ezra is one of our MCs, an exorcist who, as a child, gained the support and blessing of the archangel Gabriel and whose purpose is to fight to help others, to protect those in need, and to save as many people as he can from demons. But God? As contradictory as it may seem, Ezra doesn't believe in God. Demons? He's seen them. Angels? He's met them. God? Not so much. But his conviction, his goal, is what drives him to continue his fight.

Then we have Sunny, a new guy at Ezra's university to whom Gabriel gives the task of protecting. Why does Sunny need protection? He doesn't know, but ignoring an archangel's mission is not an option, and Ezra will soon realize that something strange is happening with the boy and that different demons seem to be after him.

In this first volume, therefore, you can expect an introduction to a story that will be much larger and more complex, full of well-woven plot and varied and very interesting characters.

Additionally, in this first volume, we already get a first look at who will be some of the most important secondary characters in the story, as well as the camaraderie shared among the exorcists (at least those in the same church as our MC).

Do you like plots filled with demons, the struggle of good and evil, and two totally opposite characters who will embark on a slow journey toward love (slow, because this part of the plot takes its time; I warn you)? Then you have to check out this title.

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Priests with holy tattoos battle supernatural demons!

I’ve been following LySandra Vuong on twitter for some time, and I’ve loved their priest art ever since. I jumped at the opportunity to get Covenant on NetGalley, and I’m glad I did! The story is fast and fun with plenty of action. The plot and dialogue may be simple, but it’s great for a quick read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Oni Press for this ARC.

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I always love binging webtoons!

I came across Covenant before but because my goldfish, dopamine-high brain was too distracted with Villainess manhwas I totally forgot about it!

I'm glad our paths crossed again. I wouldn't have know what I was missing

The art is gorgeous. Not exactly Long-strip manhwa-like (at least the orientation in my Netgalley shelf is square) but leans and takes after more on western style comics. Keep in mind though that it sounds and "moves" like an action manhwa, but the art has hints of western comics in it, as well as the humour.

I wasn't too attached to the characters because of their lack of bonding in the spotlight but I absolutely saw the potential between Ezra and Sunny. Shipped immediately.

The plot was kind of complicated... I was kind of detached to it. The first part was also info-dumping, which almost led me to DNF. I'm glad I didn't, the pay off is worth it!

Thank you Netgalley and Oni Press for the ARC!

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