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This novella follows Britta, who works at a bar and often deals with a rowdy hockey team who frequent it. One of the team members is her brother who she is rather close with. Another teammate is Sumner, a tall, dark, and handsome hockey player who is surprisingly sweet and unsurprisingly into Britta - it’s a little obvious that he’s nursing a crush. When Britta’s brother informs her that Sumner is at risk of losing his green card and being shipped back up to Canada before he gets called up to the NHL to play professionally, the entire team not so casually suggests that she marry him to get him to stay.
That’s ALL I’m going to tell you, because you should really just read this and find out what happens for yourself!

I loved this! It was such an enjoyable and fast read! I am really sad that this wasn’t a full length novel, not because I thought the story was incomplete in any way, but because I loved the characters and wanted more time with them. This was a delight and I just always love Tessa Bailey, so it doesn’t surprise me in the least that I love this just as much as all of her other books.

Britta and Sumner had such amazing off-the-charts chemistry and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their feelings for one another. Tessa really made sure that the reader felt the emotions of the characters.

I adored Sumner and how he was not only a big and strong hockey player, he was also a cinnamon roll. He would do anything for Britta and I was obsessed with how protective he was of her. I also appreciate how Tessa conveyed how exactly he fell first and how dedicated to her he is. This makes Sumner a book boyfriend contender for sure!

Their relationship progression was also very well done and even though it was a novella, I thought it was depicted in a complete way. I didn’t feel like we were missing out on any relationship building at all. I really appreciated how thoughtfully Tessa crafted the story and made everything feel so whole.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly! If you are a fan of adult romance books (and Tessa Bailey books in general), don’t miss out on this! It’s the same Tessa Bailey writing style packaged in a much smaller format. It was a real treat!

Thanks so much to Amazon Original Stories and Netgalley for this eARC! I truly appreciate it!

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Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon for the eARC.

Tessa Bailey's books are always steamy. But this one just didn't connect with me. She fell so fast and he was so lackadaisical. Not my favorite.

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Same Time Next Year is a novella by American author, Tessa Bailey. Britta: waitress at Sluggers bar, of which she’d like to be part-owner, and a favourite venue for the Bridgeport Bandits hockey team. Sumner Mayfield: big, hunky Canadian import on the team, whose work visa is running out the next day. The team begs Britta to marry him so they don’t lose their star player, but even though she finds him attractive, and she knows he’s besotted with her, Britta has a very good reason for avoiding marriage.

Marry, they do, but it’s strictly a business arrangement: he pays for her share in the bar and they agree to publicly act married at least until after he scores a green card. They don’t live together or even date, just have study sessions to know enough about each other for the green card interview, and Sum quietly bears his frustration for the first NINE months of their marriage.

For Sumner, it’s love and lust at first sight, and his inner monologue consists mostly of the effects that the sight of Britta, what she says and does, have on his nether regions, and describes in graphic detail what he would do with her body, if only he had her permission. A dozen consecutive pages of this, and then a further seven, when he finally does get permission quickly becomes boring.

This is a very predictable marriage-of-convenience tale; apparently there are quite a lot of inaccuracies re hockey leagues and green cards; while there are some sweet moments, “sexy” in the blurb means very explicit; if you like romance with plenty of steamy sex, both imagined and real, you may want to don your disbelief suspenders for other aspects of the story and go along for the ride.
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I received an ARC of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an hones5 review.

Tessa Bailey delivers once again. A quick, concise novella to get your juices flowing. I loved it. Especially since a Canadian was featured.

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All the spice and electric chemistry you’d expect from Tessa Bailey in a bite-sized novella form! This hockey flavored, marriage of convenience story was hard to put down!

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Same Time Next Year is a spicy little novella that hits the spot. If one were to complain, it would have to be about the length, I wish it was longer! But I knew what I was getting into. So do our two protagonists, when they decide to get married in name only so he can get his green card. These things have a way of working out. Having a huge hockey-loving family helps.

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As a long time fan of Tessa's and taking in to account that she is one of my very few autobuy authors I have to say, I was extremely disappointed in this one.

Same Time Next Year is Bailey's jump into hockey romance but it felt a bit flopsy. There were a few things that didn't even scream realistic enough for a simple and quick read and unfortunately, I found myself losing interest so much that it took over 10 days to read the 140 odd pages.

The pros;
- it was short.
- I actually really liked Sumner. Who doesn't love a golden retriever style love interest?

... and that's unfortunately it.

I have generously given this three stars - but don't be fooled. This one was definitely not it.

Thanks to Amazon Original Stories and Net Galley for an advanced copy for an honest review. This one is available now.

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This book is a cute contemporary romance novella. For how short it is, I thought we got a good insight into the characters and their personalities. I didn’t think the MMC was super likable, but overall the novella was enjoyable.

The premise is that the main character, Britta, is asked to marry the MMC, Sumner, on New Years Eve because he is going to be deported back to Canada unless he gets married. Sumner has been in love with Britta from afar because she has past trauma around relationships. I didn’t think the representation of the green card marriage process was very accurate but it didn’t play a huge part in the story anyway.

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my honest review.

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Britta is a bartender at Sluggers, a local bar frequented by the hockey team, the Bridgeport Bandits. She has a no dating regulars policy, but has eyes for Sumner Mayfield. His work visa is about to expire and needs to marry an American or he has to go back to Canada. Of course Britta agrees, but no physical or emotional attachments. Like that’s gonna work lol.

Fake marriage and miscommunication tropes if you’re into that stuff. The spicy scenes were cringey and laughable, in my opinion.

Thanks to Net Galley and Amazon for the ARC! Pub date 12/1/23

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What a cute quick read by Tessa. Im a def autoread anything by her. Great plots, relatable characters. Would def recommend

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Thank you Tessa Bailey and Amazon original stories for this ARC of Same Time Next Year in exchange for an honest review.
Same Time Next Year follows Britta and Sumner. Britta is a bar owner and half sister of Bryce who plays for the Bridgeport Bandits hockey team with Sumner. Sumner is in quite a predicament because his visa is about to expire and he will be sent back to Canada on the cusp of getting signed for a professional team. Sumner’s hockey team begs Britta to marry Sumner so that he can stay in America and so their love story begins.
I really enjoyed this quick and fun novella. It was light hearted, funny, and easy to read. Sumner and Britta’s love story was a little too instalove for me, I would have liked more of a build up to them liking each other, but I did love the tension and build up of them actually going beyond friends. There were some steamy parts in this one!!! But there was actually a plot too which I appreciated and I loved the characters!! I highly recommend!

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Same Time Next Year by Tessa Bailey was perfect! If you’re into hockey romances with marriage of convenience you’ll love this novella! It’s so fun that it takes place at new years!

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As someone who really loves Tessa Bailey, I found this book to be pretty cheesy. The main character, Summer, was just too good to be true and not really realistic. Britta annoyed me at times and was also unbelievable. The fact that these two were brought together by a fake marriage was a little too over the top. Most of the dialogue during the "spicy" scenes were a little too cringe. It wasn't the spicy parts I minded, it was the dialogue, it was just bad. This book wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the best TB book I have read.

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I don't think that the novella format really lends itself well to a romance. I find that they tend towards insta love or something similar where the characters come together too quickly for me to really develop any interest in them and their story. And this was no exception. I hate to give low ratings, but I know that Bailey has enough of a following that this won't result in her having trouble selling her works down the road. And really, I'm one opinion so even thinking I matter that much in the grand scheme of things is a bit much.

Britta and Sumner's story literally flew by. Sure, it is a year from the start of the book to the end, but that year is pretty much captured in a few quick moments together. I think that the reader is supposed to feel like their feelings have been brewing for quite some time and that between the few visits they end up spending enough quality time together, albeit online, to form a strong relationship and bond. But I just never got there. Maybe it was that it was so few touch points between the marriage and the ending. Or maybe it was that there was so much lust and dirty talk that I could only think of their story in terms of sexual desire and physical connection. Love didn't seem to factor into things for me. Britta being in her head about marriage and fighting it all the way didn't sit well with me either. I get it. I do. It just felt so forced especially when you had Sumner basically playing the opposite in terms of being in love and ready to spend his life with someone he hardly even dated. Also, gotta say that his behaviour was borderline stalker for most of the story which made me cringe.

So, not for me. Not sure if someone who loves Bailey would feel the same or not, because the last book I read by her was really good and this was a very big disappointment. Ah well. If you want a fun holiday romance, I am not sure this will fit the bill.

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DNF at 14%.

Internalized misogyny from the FMC, red flags from the MMC (in his first POV chapter he tells all his teammates that Britta is off-limits for them which should be her choice, not his) and the whole setup to the fake marriage and the pressure and deception involved made me deeply uncomfortable.

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This was such a cute novella! I loved both main characters and can't wait to read Tessa's next book.

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Tessa Bailey never misses! A funny and sweet novella about taking chances and love! Such a good read!

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This was a very short and steamy novella! Britta is a waitress at a local place that the hockey team hangs out at. It’s New Year’s Eve and the team begs her to marry one of the players so he doesn’t have to leave the country as his work visa is expiring. Sumner is the best player and so close to making it into the NHL. What Britta doesn’t realize is how this will change her life. This was fun and spicy!!
It’s definitely cute if you like fake dating, brothers friend and sports romance!

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I loved this novella! I don’t typically read many novellas. I think this may only be my second or third one ever. I get worried that there isn’t enough content or that the story will just feel too short and timelines are skipped over, but I really didn’t feel that way with Same Time Next Year. I would honestly read Tessa Bailey’s grocery list if she asked me to. An insta-buy author for me and when I saw this was available on NetGalley I was quick to request it. Hockey romances are extremely popular right now and this one did not disappoint. Such a fun read and devoured it in just a couple of hours.

Thank you NetGalley and Tessa Bailey for the ARC!

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This book was cute! I thought it was a sweet romance and loved the hockey players. It was what I’ve come to expect from Tessa Bailey. A solid, spicy romance book!

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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