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This portion of the characters story was filled with action. I loved the buildup. Briar Boleyn gives you the perfect amount of story before things start to become action packed and the action stays at a great level for the remainder of the book. This one set my heart racing while the first two had a steady burn. I had to read quickly because I was so anxious about what was going to happen. While I enjoyed the first two I definitely think this one is the best of the three books.

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Thank you to Briar Boleyn and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this. We definitely upped the ante with this book! It was super intense and kept me riveted from start to finish. We got the character growth I was hoping to see in Morgan and I couldn’t be happier about that fact.
Most importantly, we finally got some of Draven’s POV!!! I totally thought this was a trilogy but I am NOT complaining about getting more of this series!

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This was just what I needed.

I couldn't wait to see whete this tory would go after book 2. Especially since book 2 wound up being so much better as the story progressed.

And I wasn't wrong to be excited for this one.

I think it was a great way to continue things. And see what all would happen.

The characters continued to be interesting. And I still do love the take Briar had on this legend and turning it into hernoen thing the way she did

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Sadly, I am actually DNFing this book and have no interest in reading the rest of the series. I was super excited to read them too. Her name is amazing. The premise sounds amazing. The covers are amazing.

But this was not amazing. It was extremely hard to get into and her writing was quite choppy. I didn't once feel pulled into this book. I DNF'd at 15% and I thought I would come back. I honestly thought it was a mood reading thing but it was actually a book thing.

Because I had expected to absolutely love this, I had requested the whole series, so I will be copying/pasting this review into all three, so I don't look my high percentage.

I am so sorry. I wanted to love these.

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Just like the previous book, we’re not given a time jump, which I was happy about. It was, however, slower-paced than the previous book and I did think some times the chapters could’ve been condensed. I still liked it. which I’m happy about. I want to keep reading this series and from the author. There were a couple of plot twists and turns throughout the book, I didn’t catch all of them before they revealed themselves.

This book is very much a study on Morgan and her power, Fae and otherwise. I liked that it showed that even if you’re not wielding magic, you can definitely still be powerful. The events in this book definitely tested her strength and will and I’m glad to say she came out strong as I knew she would. Although her and Draven are physically separated for most of the book, you could see they loved each other and I liked how Draven kept saying “I’ll find her anywhere” and lines like that.

This has patches of action here and there but it is largely more of a quieter book and focuses on politics more than the previous books did (though Court of Claws did have a good amount of politics in). I don’t mind fantasy politics, so I liked that.

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Will be posting a full review soon. I can't wait for the next installment. Read this book in only one night. Really like the characters. Really likes the different POV

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Another great book by Briar Boleyn!! I have LOVED this story so much and look forward to reading the final book.

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The writing in this book was exquisite and the suspense had me on edge the whole time. The character developments in this book were incredible, making it highly engaging. Briar's ability to bring the world to life was truly fantastic.

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Just like book two, the story in this third book of the Blood of Fae series begins right where it ends. Morgan left Myntra and found herself back in Camelot. Even though they are separated by a vast ocean, the bond between Morgan and Draven is unbreakable. Their personal struggles in Camelot and Myntra helped them realize that they are stronger together. Likewise, when Draven felt something was wrong with Morgan's situation in Camelot, he immediately left and came to her aid.

This book was excellent! The story now has more pov and some new characters. We mainly have Morgan and Draven's pov. But also Lancelet and Guinevere have their own pov in some chapters. I find it fascinating to read. The plot became more intricate as Morgan returned to Camelot and concealed her identity as Siabra's Empress. Apparently, a lot happened when she left. Camelot's war conditions got even worse. King Arthur has a wife, Queen Belisent, who he married due to her ability to bring him the Excalibur. And Guinevere’s story.

I am fond of every step forward in this series. More plus point for this book because now it has a little banter! I giggled good times because of Hawl and the Mistress Bear-Killer. I deeply hoped that the next book will feature them more. This book also evokes strong emotions. I recall my hatred for Fenyx, the anger and pride of Lancelet, and Guinevere's courage despite suffering hardships.

I am excited to read the next book. Not only that, but I am optimistic that it will be a fantastic finale to the series.

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I cannot get enough. I need to know what happens next. I think this was my favorite one so far. I love Morgan with my entire heart and soul. I have no notes. I was on the edge of my seat, I could not put this book down.

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I have read the other previous two books in this series and loved loved loved them. This next instalment didn’t disappoint either and I hope there is still more to come

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What a good end? I have heard rumours of a book 4 but for now i will review on the basis this is a trilogy. Thanks NetGalley and Starwater Press for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Empress of Fae gives quite a nice satisfying end line to the story i thought. The biggest thing i noticed was the significant change and, in a good way, the individual writing style and overall depth in the story from the author and in the characters and their development.
It has a mixture of old and new characters, the storyline kept me gripped to my kindle and i read the entire thing in one sitting and i was on the absolute edge of my seat. I loved the consistency in the retelling side in trying to fit the story to known arthurian legend where possible and it made this such a fun series overall.

Definitely pick this up if your needing something a bit different to try!

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Empress of Fae is Boleyn's third book in her series Blood of Fae, that is set as a retelling of King Arthur from the perspective of Morgan and her bubbling hot/cold romance with Draven, continuing from the second instalment part 3 begins with Draven and Morgan being separated, and having some struggles to overcome. I feel like this instalment has better pace than the last which felt a bit rushed, instead in this book you could really feel the world building of Camelot and a greater understanding of the political rivalries at play. I hear that a 4th instalment is set to be published so going to be on the look out for it to find out how Morgan's tale ends.

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This series has me in a chokehold. I cannot wait for the last book and have loved every second of adventure and spice that this series has to offer.

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Thank you NetGalley and Briar Boleyn. ★★★★★ "Empress of Fae” captivates with its enchanting blend of romance, fantasy, and adventure.

Morgan Pendragon's journey from obscurity to embracing her true heritage as Morgan Le Fay is spellbinding. The author intricately weaves a tapestry of magic, love, and betrayal that kept me on the edge of my seat. You’re finally seeing more of Morgan as her true self and not denying herself what she deserves, the world!

The characters are vividly developed, each with their own complexities and motivations, adding depth to an already richly imagined world. The seamless interplay between the mortal realm and the fae domain adds a layer of intrigue! What’s going to happen, now!?!?!?

You also get more of a deep dive into the forbidden romance between Morgan and Kairos Draven which ignites the pages with passion. Their fate is already drawn, but can they accept it?

With every twist and turn, this third installment delivered an exhilarating ride! Literally through all emotions! Prepare to be enchanted.

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Just another book series I’m obsessed with…. Carry on. This one is my favorite of the series so far. The writing is wonderful, the author is wonderful (follow her on socials it’s well worth it) the romance had me swooning and crying and please just read this book. Thanks NetGalley 😭♥️

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2.0 / 5.0

This is the third and final book of this series and I really struggled. The first book was amazing, the second was a flop, and this one I almost could not finish. I made myself get through it.

At this point, I do not care for or about any of these characters. They have gone so far astray from the paths they were seemingly taking in the first book, and if this is “growth and development” then I am not interested. It almost feels as though the first book was written by a completely different person.

The plot and premise of the book, how it aligns with the 1st and 2nd, and where it all ends up really disappointed me, especially since the 1st book was so good. The King Arthur retelling with the gender-bend twists and the antihero approach was amazing, but it all changed in the 2nd book and really went off the rails in this one. Perhaps I wanted something else and let my expectations get ahead of the writing (looking at you GOT), or maybe the author planned it all from the beginning and just didn’t execute it well. I think this was also previously an indie publication that was picked up, but don’t quote me on that, and that in the process of it being “edited” for mainstream it was neglected or changed.

Overall, however it all played out, this book was not it and I’m sad to see such a poor ending for something with so much potential.

Until Next Time,

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for letting me review this book.

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This book is one of my anticipated reads this year, and I devoured it like it's my last meal.
I immediately got hooked right from the beginning.

Don't get me wrong, the first and second books were good, but this is epic as hell, and I believe that the fourth book is going to be beyond epic. and I can't wait to read it.

This book was nerve-wracking for me because even though Morgan reconnected with the people she trusted, she was also betrayed, and that literally made me furious as hell.
And Draven not being beside Morgan also made me anxious. I was literally scared and worried for her. I know she is a strong woman and capable of fighting, but still, they needed each other.

And another thing that made me lose my mind was that guy named Fenyx.
I thought Vesper was the worst person in this series, but no! Fenyx is the worst, and I swear, my hands are itching to squeeze the living sh*t out of him, but thank you to the amazing author for letting him perish in the hands of the most beautiful empress of Myntra.
Oh, before I forget, Arthus is a piece of sh*t too. He and Fenyx share the same brain cell.

This book is literally one of my favorite reads this month. Everything is just perfect. The battle was mind-blowing as hell.
The whole story is remarkably sensational.

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Like the other books in this series, the world building is rich, characters are numerous and the action doesn't let you catch a breath.

I felt that this book was a definite improvement from Court of Claws.
My biggest gripe with book 2 was how with the fixed location, and with most of the story taking place in an underground court, the atmosphere felt somewhat claustrophobic from about one third in and it didn't let on much throughout.

Although I'm fairy confident at this point to state that the storytelling in this series is mostly driven by characters rather than settings, I absolutely loved the variety of backdrops in Empress of Fae and how these came to be, a notable example being the cottage. I was living for those scenes, not only due to the obvious plot that particular setting brought (IYKYK), but also because they brought such beautifully vivid scenery alongside the development of Morgan and Draven's characters and relationship. Although I suppose it could be argued that the resolution to their disagreement might feel a bit rushed, I suppose this really depends on the reader's PoV and how much you want to dwell on it.

As hinted earlier, characters are the dominant factor of the series and this third installment introduced what is probably my absolute favourite of the series so far with Fenyx. But even better, it brought the fulfillment of Arthur's character arc to an exceptionally satisfying resolution.
My only gripe with this story is how although a large amount of characters are set up as being significant, not all end up being as pivotal to the story as I originally hoped- Javer being the obvious example, but I also felt somewhat shorted with Orcades, whom I think had a lot more potential than what the story delivered. I also found the reveal about the betrayal quite predictable, through elements of character building for that particular person.

The writing is strong with some absolutely outstanding quotes, and not only did I learn a lot about the story's world through this book, but it also set the scene beautifully for what promises to be an epic grand finale.

With Fenyx, Briar Boleyn has proven that she can most certainly deliver an outstanding villain, so now I am jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of meeting Gorlois and the monstrous army that he commands.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and to the Author for sharing this great book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Continued book 3 of this riveting series wasn’t as gripping as the first two. I was still interested in the storyline, plot, action, and romance…I just lost some of the motivation comparatively. I am ready to see the conclusion so I will definitely be finishing the series.

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