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Sally Ride is an excellent addition to the Little People, BIG DREAMS series. Women in STEM need to be touted and shared with everyone, but especially young girls. Sally was raised in a home that encouraged her to follow her dreams and reach for the stars. She had her own telescope at an early age to explore space and that kindled a lifelong long of science. She was also an excellent tennis player so getting a scholarship to a prestigious school, she met a teacher that encouraged her love of science, especially physics. While working on her PhD, she applied to NASA and was one of 5 women selected. Once there, she embraced all areas of the program and after a few years, she became the first American Woman to fly into space. She did a lot more for NASA then that and the book shared that well. After leaving NASA she taught and worked to bring the love of science to young girls. I had heard of Sally Ride as the first female astronaut to go into space, but that was about all I knew. I enjoyed learning about her journey, her family support and her work with young girls. The illustrations by Alona Millgram were wonderful. A bit quirky and stylized, but realistic and giving this book a nice touch.

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I’d never heard of Sally Ride before seeing this book on NetGalley. I enjoyed the illustrations learning all about the fact that she was the first American woman in space! I’m not into science or space so that’s probably why I’d never heard of her before but I’m glad I’ve read this now and highly recommend it!

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We love Little People Big Dream and I was very excited to see Sally Ride was added to the collection! My 4.5 year old sat for the whole book and loved learning about her. Right now we are learning about space so what better time to read this book! We absolutely loved learning about her and loved the book illustrations as always!

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Daughter enjoyed this book a lot. She read it all in one setting and didn't fight me to read it. She said she loved every page.

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"Sally Ride" by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara with art by Alona Millgram is another biography in the Little People, Big Dreams series.

Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. This book follows her journey as a child in California following her love of science to her first spaceflight. She also had a gift for tennis and that gift led her to a teacher who encouraged her to become a scientist. Winning the job at NASA meant hard work, perseverance, and overcoming challenges.

This series impresses again and shows that determination can overcome challenges. The illustrations are colorful and accent the story well.

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Perfect for young girls who have ambitions to go to space. These little people books are wonderful and accessible for all.

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I love this series of kids books! Such cute illustrations. Sally Ride is def a woman to be revered for girls of all ages and this short kids books does that very well. Highly recommend for the kids in your life.

Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the e-arc I received. I also checked out the physical book from my library.

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This book is typical of this series. There is only enough information to give the reader an idea of who Sally ride was. But nothing in depth. Unfortunately for this book, they don’t cover enough things that make one more interested in going and learning about Sally, the first US female astronaut in space. I do like this series but it always just seems to brush the surface and there was so much to Sally Ride that could have been included in this book.

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This is such a cute book. I loved the illustrations and the story of Sally Ride. It is a lovely reminder to keep working towards your dreams and not giving up. This is a nice book to read with the little ones, or even to your own inner child and remind yourself to keep going :)

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I read this to my 6 year old niece who's obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and all things space. She was so fascinated to learn about a female astronaut, and wants to be like her someday!

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Thank you to the author, Frances Lincoln Children's Books and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I am always up for more books in the "Little People, Big Dreams" series, they are well worth reading and I love seeing more women celebrated for their achievements. While Sally Ride obviously had to be what the kids I read with this called a huge science nerd, it was great to see how well-rounded she was - and how invested in future generations she was after returning from space. As always, the timeline and extended biography at the back of the book was an excellent complement and invitation to learn more about the person portrayed.

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Sally Ride by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara was a lovely little book by the famous Little People, BIG DREAMS which are the bestselling biography series for kids that explores the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.

This book is all about Sally Ride who was the first American woman in space, and it is full of colourful illustrations throughout which are lovely and eye catching.

Little Sally grew up in California, and soon realised that she had a passion for science. She loved it so much that she studied it at college and became a Doctor of Physics. One day, whilst reading the student newspaper, Sally saw that NASA was looking for astronauts. Women could apply, having never been able to before... so she went for it! Sally was chosen, and in 1983 became the first American woman to fly in space. Sally believed that science should be exciting and inclusive , and that everyone should be able to reach for the stars! So, after hanging up her space suit, Sally, with her partner Tam, founded Sally Ride Science, an organisation that encourages better science education. This powerful book features  stylish and quirky illustrations,  and extra facts at the back, including a  biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the trailblazing astronaut’s life.

I highly recommend these little books they are wonderful to have in your children's book shelves.

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Any book about Sally Ride is necessary in any youth services collection. Sanchez Vegara writes this book for kids in the best way possible. Great for any STEM or PRIDE display.

***I received a free ARC of this e-book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.***

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I love this series! I thought the author did a wonderful job telling Sally Ride's life. I especially liked the extended biography at the end of the book. Highly recommend.

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I absolutely adore this series and this new addition is another fabulous book. I’d never heard of Sally Ride before reading this and it was really interesting to read about her life and how she didn’t stop learning and studying to achieve her dreams. This is a great book for children to discover not only about Sally’s life and the legacy she has left behind but also to remind children to never stop believing in their dreams, even when others doubt you or don’t take you seriously. It’s a brilliant book for
Inspiring girls in STEM too.

The illustrations accompanying the biography are beautiful too. I highly recommend this book and the whole series!

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Little People, Big Dreams is a great series to introduce young children to important figures in history. As a teacher, I especially love when women are represented in jobs that are typically thought of as being held by men. It is important for students, especially young girls to see woman represented. Literature is a great way to introduce students to important occupations as well as learn about important individuals that have made a difference. in history.

This book focuses on Sally's love of science and her dedication to learning and hard work. It gives a history of her life starting with her passions as a kid, working for NASA and her time after being an astronaut. I liked the timeline at the back that included real photographs as well.

The illustrations are colorful and engaging to the reader. In second grade we do a biography project and I make sure both men and women are represented as well as individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. This is a book that I would include for my students to use in their research about an important figure. I know my students, especially my science loving students would love to read about Sally Ride and the impact she made in science. She is an individual my students can look up to as a role model. This book is factual and is the perfect length for students to use as a resource.

The only reason I gave it a four star review is because it talks about how the press didn't take her seriously and asked her silly and sexist questions. I wish that page could have been worded in more kid friendly language. While it is important, I'm not sure that it is a concept the age range this book is geared towards can conceptually understand. There will need to be a discussion about what sexist means and why she was not taken seriously.

Hopefully young children will be inspired by Sally Ride's big dreams and reach for the stars in their dreams.

This book will be released in January 2024 . Thank you NetGalley and Publisher! I voluntarily read this book and gave an honest review.

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This is an amazing children's book from the Little People, Big Dreams series, which is an amazing, educational series of books, focusing on inspirational people in the world.

This book focuses on Sally Ride, who was an American scientist, tennis player, astronaut, author and physics professor. I really enjoyed reading about her life as a child, going through to when she was an adult. She was an inspiration.

I found this book really interesting, and I really loved looking at the beautiful illustrations in the book, as well as the informative text sections and photographs at the end of the book.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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Book 163 of 200 ~ 2023


The minute I see this series, I have to read it, and here is the second book in a row.

This one is about the awe-inspiring Sally Ride - an all-around STEM genius whose parents encouraged right from the start.

Having supportive parents is instrumental to many pursuing their dreams and ambitions... and this story is a very good example of that. More about women in STEM, please!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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My thanks to Quarto Group - Francis Lincoln Children’s Books for a temporary digital edition via NetGalley of ‘Sally Ride’ by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara with illustrations by Alona Millgram.

This is the latest in the critically acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series of illustrated mini-biographies intended for readers aged 4-7. Each volume focuses on the lives of public figures across a variety of fields and stresses how their childhood aspirations led to the fulfilment of their dreams.

Here the focus is on astronaut and scientist, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. The picture book highlights how she was drawn to science during her early years before joining NASA as one of only five women admitted to a new programme that was recruiting scientists to become astronauts. After her time with NASA ended she founded Sally Ride Science, an organisation that encouraged better science education. 

Before reading this little book I knew nothing about Sally Ride though I had heard her name in connection with the space programme during the 1980s. I found it quite inspiring, especially as I am a contemporary of Sally’s and during my formative years I also was very interested in science, especially physics.

As always the book concludes with a biographical timeline including photographs and a suggestion for further reading for slightly older readers.

The illustrations by Alona Millgram were delightful, bursting with colour and energy. Hopefully she will do further collaborations with the author.

This is a series that is always a pleasure to read and to recommend to parents, guardians, educators, and librarians as they provide an accessible introduction to nonfiction and biographies and importantly to inspire young readers to follow their dreams.

Highly recommended.

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I received a copy of this book through Net Galley.

I absolutely love this book and this series. I never know what to say about them, because I think every single one is great. I love that variety of people. I love the stories. I love the illustrations. It's all great.

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