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Complex and rich fantasy world - detailed to the point of reality. If you haven't kept up, will be take a little bit to get into the "immersion" - but definitely worth it. Action, adventure, betrayal, and did I say action?

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This story definitely has original characters such as nightmare characters, and mad gods. And the sons of Ymre now protect humanity. Eric and Liv have lots of action and slow building relationships. If you love world building and lots of action this story is for you.

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I enjoyed read Sons of Yrme. So much of the story was attention getting and pretty suspenseful. Her portrayal of FMC I thought was well written and believable in that situation. MMC same. He was good character searching for redemption and some actual purpose. I did not enjoy some of the internal description. It seemed a bit repetitive at some points. That being said I do recommend this book also there was no spice.

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*I received this book free from NetGalley.*

Sons of Ymre: Jake has an interesting storyline I hadn't read before, and it hooked me right from the beginning.

Willow runs from something unknown to her. Her dreams are haunted and sometimes the horrors end up coming true, but she has no reason why. All she is sure of is that when she hears the sound, she needs to move again. This time she hesitates a little because she'd just spent her evening helping a stranger who looked like he was on death's doorstep, instead, calling it a night and planning on starting the moving plans the next day. But all hell breaks loose when something worse than her nightmares crashes through the bedroom window, taking out part of the wall with it.

Jake escapes from the Mad God's torture chamber, where he'd spent months after being betrayed. His mind was fragmented, his body broken, and all he knew was he'd found an angel who was trying to nurse him back to health. He recognized her as a Potential, though with his mind not fully there he wasn't entirely sure how to protect her or who he could trust.

Jake and Willow's journey together is full of very descriptively disgusting looking and viscous monsters who try to kill them, Sons they don't know if they can trust, and more than one trader lurking within their midst. All he wants to do is be near Willow, she makes his pain go away. He wants her to become full lirai so that she's safer. She just wants to fight demons and doing whatever it takes to get there.

It's full of twists and turns, enthralling emotions, and fully captured my attention through to the very end. The only thing that I did not like was the negative self-spiraling that both the main characters seemed to do continually throughout the entire book.

"Please," he whispered, his breath touching per parted lips. "Let me stay, angel."

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Thrown into the deep end, this book should probably be read in the order of the series written. I read Jake without reading Erik and was completely lost for the first third of the book. Jacob has bad amnesia and cannot figure out who is friend or foe. What he does know, is that he's been badly tortured and desperately needs to save a woman who is a potential Dreamer.

What does this all mean? Who are the Dreamers? Who is the mad god? What exactly is Jacob? Be prepared to be disappointed if you want all these questions answered definitively. Even Jacob struggles to piece his memories together. As the reader, we are hopping between his and Willow's point of view. If you are looking for an easy read with info dump from an author, this is not the book for you.

I felt unsteady and confused for a good portion of this book and I enjoyed it. I like being thrown off kilter and trying to figure out what is going on. I have a pretty good idea of how this world is constructed after the first few chapters. What I'm trying to figure out is how the players fit together. The adrenaline pumping pace at the beginning of the book keeps me on edge. It keeps me turning the pages and I want to know what happens to Willow. Things get bad quickly and there is more collateral damaged than expected. This is what I like about Ms. Saintcrow. She pulls no punches.

Once Willow and Jacob are taken to a safe haven, pieces are falling into place faster for me. I am starting to see a pattern and I don't like it. I fear for Willow and Jacob's safety. When the big reveal happens, I have questions. I have so many questions. I hope the next book in this series explains more and we get to learn more about the Mad God. I also feel as if the Flame rite of passage can be handled in a better manner. These men are completely clueless in helping to prepare the Dreamers. No wonder they balk and freak out. This urban fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy the dark and grim.

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This is a very interesting paranormal love story. It is intense and full of surprises. Both Jacob and Willow are interesting and well-developed. The only thing that bothered me was all the monsters and their strange name and I couldn't imagine all of them.
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly

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I like this author she is great at worldbuilding as well as a good turn of phrase. That being said this book bothered me on certain levels. Our female interest has special skills that can make her a victim or a powerful tool against a great enemy. Our male lead is mostly crazy for a good chunk of the book and then spending a large portion of the rest hearing about why he should basically rape her for her own good. Even the evil voices in his head are encouraging this. That bugs me. The women in this book seem to be kidnapped for "their own good" and then thrust into a lifestyle of being a living weapon in a palace prison. This makes me uncomfortable as well. The ML is a good guy really, if paranoid, He's fighting with a group protecting the world from a mad god and monstrous minions. But still a lot of this book just doesn't sit right with me. Which made this book hard to get through at times. It certainly requires a trigger warning. Thanks for the chance to read it anyway netgalley and publishers.

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I don't know what it is about this series. I really like the whole premise and everything that is going on, but much like with the first book, I just never got pulled into it. Heck, it took me such a long time to remember that Jake was the one with Erik in the last book. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the second Son in that book and how Jake even ended up in the situation he did for such a long time. Eventually it came back to me, but still.

So Jake was captured in the last book and has been being tortured. Somehow he manages to escape (we're never told how exactly, just that he had the chance) and he drags his battered and broken body to freedom. Collapsing in front of an angel.

Willow works at a veterinary clinic and when she's locking up for the night, stumbles across a man in such bad shape that she's not sure he'll even live. He can barely even speak. She does what she can with what knowledge she has until the ambulance comes to take him. But he won't let her go, so she has little choice but to go to the hospital with him. When she leaves the hospital, she hears the same sound that has driven her to flee and move to a new town for most of her life. But she never gets the chance.

Jake wakes up in the hospital having practically no memories, only knowing that he has to get to his angel and protect her. So that's exactly what he does. His body is badly damaged, but the more time he spends around Willow, the faster he heals. Too bad the same can't be said for his mind. Every time he thinks he's about to remember something, the Dark God sweeps back in and he can't even think for the pain. Fortunately, Willow does not fight him when he comes from her and tells her that they have to run. He has no plan, just that they have to get somewhere safe.

Eventually these two are found by other Sons and escorted to a nearby temple where they are forced apart because Jake has been reported as dead. It doesn't take long for him to be cleared and to get his memory back, but now that he has, Willow doesn't like the way he is with her. He's a lot more reserved and treats her a lot reverently. But they have bigger problems to deal with at this temple. Nightmare creatures show up to attack Willow, the guy in charge refuses to allow Willow to meet the flame, there's a suspicious murder that is unprecedented, and some of the Sons have gone missing after said murder.

I liked when Erik and Liv showed up though. She may be new to this whole world, but Liv has really stepped into her role and easily takes charge. Things go from bad to worse after these two get there though and another traitor is revealed after Willow gets kidnapped. This traitor is most unexpected and it send the Sons reeling. The repercussions from this can't even be imagined at this point.

This one ends much like the first where the main characters end up together but in a most unsatisfying way because it's hardly made clearly official.

Given the chance, I would check out the next one hoping that I finally really get sucked into the story. Because like I said, I do like the whole setup behind this series.

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The Sons of Ymre is the series I've been hoping for from Lilith Saintcrow since the day I finished the final book in her Watchers series. While both series are completely different, the overtones and feel are similar, and that is something I look for.

Jake is the second book in this series, and because Lilith Saintcrow is a master at reminding the reader of major plot points from a previous book, you could read this one as a standalone if you absolutely must. I don't recommend it, but you could and still follow the story. But if you read Erik first, you will be able to appreciate every bit of this story and never be lost.

Imagine leaving work and finding a gorgeous, severely wounded man just outside the door. What would you do to help him? Vet tech Willow stumbles into this exact situation and has the ability to help, so she does. What follows completely upends her worldview and puts her in a dangerous situation that only Jake can help with, if he can heal. Complicated by their situation is a Mad God in his head.

Sons of Ymre: Jake, is immediately going on my re-reads shelf right next to Erik!

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In the Sons of Ymre we have a series where our normal world is surround by a chaos , where a mad God is battling to take the world ........... the Sons being a bastion against the onslaught

Willow Grainger , a vet tech , has been living out of her suitcase for years , ever ready to move on when she feels the 'darkness' coming nearer .
On leaving work one day she finds a man , brutally beaten , semi-concious in the car park - his mind fractured .
Jake's role in life is to protect a Potential when one is found , Willow is one such Potential ......... but he has been betrayed by his own . Can he rebuild his mind and remember the betrayer ?Who can he trust ? where will he find help ?
Without the Potentials and their powers the chaos God cannot be held back by the Sons - will Willow and Jake succeed ?

This is an entertaining read , with a slow burn tension culminating in a battle for their lives
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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This was a really enjoyable book!

The story started out quite tame and then grew and grew, getting better and better

I thought that the book had a brilliant storyline and my imagination was in overload.

There was action all the way, fabulous characters and wonderful storytelling.

It is 4.5 stars from me for this one, rounded up to 5 stars for Amazon and Goodreads - very highly recommended and a very enjoyable story!

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I have been a fan of this author since her Dante series, and I always try to get my hands on anything she writes, I didn’t realize this was the second in a series, but it really didn’t matter. Yes, there were a couple of things it took me a while to understand, but I did. With that being said, this is an action-filled adventure with lots of chases, bad guys, and so much more. It is a romance, but it also is sci-fi, fantasy, and maybe a little horror all thrown in. I was reeling from everything going on. If you like paranormal romance with suspense, this is for you. Recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

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I... don't get it. Sorry, but huh? Perhaps I should preface this review with the assurance that Lilith Saintcrow is a master wordsmith with endless creativity in the way she strings words together. In other words, my rating has nothing to do with a lack of skill. But the story just wasn't there.

I believe this book is described as a paranormal romance, but don't expect much in the romance department. An eventual connection is implied, but the book is focused more on... well, I don't really know. Jake somehow escapes a torture chamber and Willow finds and saves him. Then there's running and fighting weird aliens alienesque creatures and running and fighting more creatures. There are lots of capital S Sons who are divided into three levels: Younger, Elder, and Father. Yes, Father is a Son and is also presumably older than the Elder. Then there are lowercase p potentials who may become lowercase l lirai (made up) which is the same as capital D Dreamer. I think. Oh, and no one is really happy. Sons battle dark thoughts daily and live lives suspecting other Sons of being traitors. Lirai are sad all the time, probably because they're bored, I dunno.

I think maybe it all fell apart for me after Jacob and Willow end up at the temple and we lose our last connection to the normal world. That's what I typically like in PNR; Northside day to day stuff coexisting with the supernatural. The normal grounds us and makes the supernatural absurd, but in a good way. Anyway, here, it just gets too out there.

Again, I have no issues with the author's talent, but I just didn't get the story.

I received an ARC of this book for free from the publisher and Netgalley. I'm writing this review voluntarily, and it reflects my honest opinion. Thanks!

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Lilith Saintcrow writes a sizzling, fast-paced, hugely enjoyable novels that straddle horror and fantasy genres. In a field saturated with tired tropes, Saintcrow finds imaginative new angles, presenting readers with fully-fleshed worlds and complicated characters.

In the Sons series, our normal workaday world is surrounded by a roiling chaos, where a mad God (cue Lovecraftian monsters and unspeakable horrors) is constantly battling to take the world.

Enter Willow Grainger. Haunted by things only she can sense, she has been living out of a suitcase for much of her adult life. A skilled vet tech, she has a way with even the wildest of animals. So when a half-naked man shows up in the parking lot, hideously bruised and bleeding, she naturally comes to his aid.

Jake has just escaped a torture chamber in hell, but when he sees Willow, he remembers what he was made to do: to shield and protect a Potential like this woman.

There's a secret society of good guys with power stolen from the mad God himself, and a traitor among them, along with the partner Jake might have all the denizens of hell are on the trail of Willow and Jake.

Drizzle lightly with slow-burn tension, characters wracked with guilt, and serve piping hot! It's a fun, and often funny, toasty treat. Fans of Saintcrow (and Lily St.Crow) need no encouragement, and anyone looking for supernatural delights, step right up!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free eARC in exchange for my unfettered opinion!

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I loved this book. The creativity was amazing. I loved how Willow kept her head in such dire circumstances. The monstrous creatures were things that populated nightmares. The ending was perfect.

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Sons of Ymre : Jake by Lilith Saintcrow is such a wonderful read. This book exceeded my expectations.

This book have a high sexual tension, action packed, thriller, suspense, sci fi and fantasy will all those indescribable monster, angst, heart breaking moments and tears. This book bring you the best imagination ever with every well written detailed. It is mostly written in the third person POV which make reader more understand with the characters feeling and their environment. Just by reading the synopsis and the first chapter, I easily get hooked up with this book. With all those sexual tension between Jake and Will, I was hoping for some sealing scenes.

I'll definitely be waiting for more books from Lilith Saintcrow and I'm looking forward to read the next story.

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This was a good story. The plot was interesting and a page turner. I really enjoyed reading this book and it was the right amount of spice and intrigue.

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