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Fall of the Robots (The Last Human #2)

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I love this book, and here is why (I read both volumes back to back, and it was amazing) Netgalley provided me with volume 2:

Humans are extinct (or so the robots think), and the Pres1dent wants it to continue like that. But XR, a 12-year-old robot, who discovers Emma (a twelve-year-old girl). Together, they will uncover other truths when they go on a high-stakes journey to save her family.

I am so happy that the author made XR the narrator. XR's understanding of the world, discovery of humans, and trying to make sense of Humor/ jokes make him the best narrator. I relate to him a lot because I often don't get jokes. They seem unlogical to me haha. I loved Ceeron in both books too. SkD is amazing because he only uses emojis to communicate. The team of robots + girl go through a lot together and grow together as well.

In this hilarious, fast-paced, awesome adventure we explore the following concepts: making the right choices and helping Emma reach her destination. We also understand that human greed and disrespect for technology resulted in doom in the future. We learn syllogism, paradox, logic, binary concepts, binary language, the basic storytelling formula, probabilities, and percentages. Explores friendship, acknowledging flaws, and understanding that not all is bad/good only. The short sentences and paragraphs make the reading fast and easy for reluctant readers to enjoy.

Book two is all what the first offers and more. It's much more emotional, the high stakes are higher and they have to go through more together. The cast gets larger and it's fun that it is more emotional when now we are focused on the robots, because we need to save the robots. I say we because it feels we're on this journey too. There are a few surprises like old characters who return. The ending was exciting, filled with emotion, but humor too.
There are two girls with very different experiences, Emma from the first book with a positive outcome and perspective of the new world, and Talin who remembers losing all to the robots. She is a woman now and she is filled with rage, hate and wants revenge.

I hope the series continues, I love the characters so much and we learn a lot from this series.

Thank you, publisher and Netgalley for the e-ARC of volume 2.

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