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Feat of Clay

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This book is not for the faint of heart, I would definitely watch the trigger warnings because the list is extensive but the blurb does give you the overall feel that it would be quite heavy since Tate is recovering from being tortured.

Overall 3.5 stars, I liked it, but I found the pacing a bit off, I got really invested only towards the end. I felt that it was sometimes weird that I couldn't place which character's POV I was reading, as they seemed similar but also kept jumping back and forth. For example, I would be reading Tate's POV chapter and in the middle, it changes to Clay's, just a bit odd.

The spicy scenes were okay but I did find it a bit cringy at times. Overall average good, I think this book has a good mental health and disability rep.

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Clay and Tate really caught me up in their lives. This book is a great romance with a lot of depth to it. Be aware there are some hard hitting issues/ events in the book (including sexual assault, emotional and physical torture). These characters love each other fiercely and that leaves them in a mess as Clay is trying to get back on track. He lives in a world in which he is faced with nightmares and longs to be the independent, fearless man he once was.

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