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Thank you to Bookouture for my copy of this book via Netgalley and for letting me take part in this tour. This is the 9th book in the Detective Ellie Reeves series but all could be read as standalones.

This instalment focuses on the disappearance of teenagers Kelsey and Ruby. As usual Ellie gets stuck into the case and soon all the evidence seems to be pointing to one suspect Ellie doesn't quite believe she is getting the full story. Ellie begins digging into the past and slowly unravels what really happened.

This book is tense and full of twists and turns. For a good portion of the story I had a suspect in mind but it became clear that I was wrong. I put the final pieces together at the same time as Ellie and her team.

Rita has written another excellent addition to the series which will have you on the edge of your seat, rooting for Ellie to find those poor girls. Rita also focuses on some important issues of bullying and more specifically cyber bulling as well as alcoholism and family betrayal.

If you have been following the series from the beginning there are also developments on Ellie's personal life that I am hopeful will be unravelled in the next book.

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Another gripping read in the Detective Ellie Reeves series. Plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end!

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✨ My Thoughts✨

I can’t believe that this is the ninth book in the series, I think I’ve shared my review for every single book.

This instalment did not disappointed, we’re back in Crooked Creek not long after the events of the previous books and the bombshell revelations, Ellie, Fox & Cord are all back on duty and back to trying to solve this case.

It was twisty case with a huge red herring but I knew that wasn’t how the case was going to go BUT was flabbergasted when I found out who the real culprit was and why, it was definitely a shocker.

The tensions between Ellie, Fox & Cord have hit a breaking point and they all need to tell each other how they really feel before it’s too late, the cliffhanger at the end is making me distraught!.

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Rita Herron has created a world where Ellie Reeves is struggling to find balance after her life has been turn upside down over the last several stories. At times readers will have to suspended reality because there is only so much one person can handle before they become inhuman. Ellie Reeves comes across and inhuman.

That being said the story will pull readers into Rita Herron world where Ellie Reeves and her friends are able to find the truth even if it might destroy the lives of those around her.

The story will have readers staying up late at night needing to know what will happen next. The author will not disappoint.

Thank you Netgalley for advance copy of Rita Herron the Sleeping Girls

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I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own opinions.

This is my first Rita Herron novel, but I already have the first Detective Wllie Reeves book on hold at the library.

I normally dislike not reading series in order, but the description was right up my alley, so I went for it. The book reads so nicely and the bureaucratic stuff that reminds you Detective Reeves had previous mysteries, didn't confuse me enough to stop reading.

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In The Sleeping Girls, book 9 of the Detective Ellie Reeves series, Herron delivered another powerful and riveting police procedural. The story hidden between the pages of The Sleeping Girls pulled me in and had me reading into the wee hours. Fans of crime fiction will want to add this one to their reading list.

Detective Reeves always work endlessly to find justice for the victims, and it was no different in The Sleeping Girls.  She worked tirelessly to find the person behind the disappearance of two teenage girls while juggling her personal life. The parents received photos of the girls posed in a particular manner. Now a murder, which occurred ten years ago, bore similar traits to the current case of the missing girls. The body of the victim in that case was posed in an identical manner.  Now, the person charged with the ten-year-old crime currently coming to terms with his recent release from prison, while an agency seeking justice for wrongfully accused individuals seeks to clear his name. However, with this latest development, its's possible the young man may not be so innocent after all. Or is it a case where someone is trying to frame him?

Twists and turns permeated the pages of The Sleeping Girls. The twists and turns not only occurred in the mystery but also in the personal lives of the characters. There was a particular character I did not trust. I figured she was using trickery to snare someone. Also, her hostility towards Ellie rubbed me raw. In the end, the story revealed her deceit. I hope with this revelation that Ellie can finally be with the man she truly loves.

It's rare for to feel empathy for a murderous villain. Now, while I am not in agreement with their actions, one can empathize with the situation in this instance. Unfortunately, the negative actions of others started the chain of events ten years ago.

Now figuring out the person responsible for the crimes and the proved an exciting challenge. The killer's perspective added to the intensity of the story. It is said there's a fine line between brilliance and insanity, and the killer's perspective epitomized this statement.

Now I have not read all the books in the series as joined this remarkable journey late. Luckily, the books work well as stand alone. I enjoyed how the story unfolded and admired Ellie's determination in finding justice for the victims. Fans of crime fiction will find this a fascinating read.

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I had thought Rita Herron is a strong writer when I had read a few of her books previously. She has proved again through the 9th book of the Detective Ella Reeves series, "The Sleeping Girls", that she is in top form and is one of the best writers of a select group of great ones.

In the 8th book "Widow Lake" Ellie had solved a completed case and in the professional course, her life was having a good turn. But her mixed feelings for her colleagues Cord and Derrick have made her personal life a cauldron of contradictory emotions and feelings. She and her team are brought into the disappearance of a teenage girl Kelsey in what initially appears to be a run- away case.

The team is forced to work in full- drive when another girl is taken and further investigation into the case show evidence that this case is linked to a past murder. How are these cases connected? Why are these girls being kidnapped? What is the perpetrator's motive? Read this book to experience a thrilling ride set in motion by a perpetrator, whom you would never suspect, with a motive you will never see coming.

The book took me in a high-speed train ride, portraying very interesting dynamics between the important characters, all the while telling a charged and intense story which left me electrified. I read this book almost continuously as I just didn't want to keep it down. I was taken into the dense and creepy forests and the scenic, treacherous mountains through Herron's vivid narrative.

I had a blast reading this book and can't wait to read more of Herron.

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What a great crime thriller this proved to be,
With teen girls going missing, where can they be?
Is there any connection to a crime from the past?
Will the real killer be revealed at last?

The pressure mounts as the days past by
With Detective Ellie Reeves hoping this girl won't die.
A photo sent to her parents implies
They're too late, they realise.

With the posed photo reminiscent of one from the past
Is this the same killer returning at last?
When his recent release from prison is revealed
Could has dark ways have been concealed?

An intriguing case with secrets galore
With a killer determined to kill once more.
Can Ellie and her team find out just who is the killer
To discover that, you need to read this crime thriller!

There potential romances, mystery and mischief,
Danger and memories, pregnancy and deceit.
Uncovering the perpetrator is for what they strive
And to save the girls, to keep them safe and alive.

An enthralling read, a real chiller
No wonder I highly recommend this brilliant thriller!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.

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The newest addition in the Detective Ellie Reeves series. Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read! This is a great series. Highly recommend.

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this exciting book

when a young girl goes missing its not long before detective ellie reeves and her team are informed,, but with the advent of a photo turning up that shows the girl posed on a bed it looks very much as though the girl could be dead....

when a photo goes around on social media of the missing girl and two of her friends its obvious that the girls are being targeted by a school bully and possible a more serious perp

this book has all the boxes ticked.. social media, murder, stalker, a man released from prison wrongly convicted but what do they all have in common as the weather starts to go bad and another two girls have gone missing lets hope ellie and her team came save them....

an exciting read that keeps you reading right till the end... couldnt wait to see how it all ended....

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Detective Ellie Reeves is back with another case!

A man is released from prison when he was convicted of killing his own sister some twenty years ago. However, as soon as the man is released, a girl named Kelsey is being abducted. Detective Ellie Reeves immediately take up on the case to find Kelsey friends with Ruby and June and the three girls were being bullied in the school. But as the investigation goes on, they realize that the way Kelsey was murdered was similar to the girl who was murdered twenty years ago committed by the same man who was just released from the prison.

This was a fast paced thriller, packed with twists and turns. The author manages to keep the reader feel like they are on the edge while reading this book. I simply couldn't put the book down and since I have been reading this series for sometime, this Detective Ellie Reeves series have become one of my favorite series after the others. I do like Ellie's bond with Agent Derrick, and I also like how this book is a page turning thriller. You can read this book as a stand-alone if you haven't read the other books in the series. Overall, this book worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.

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Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the chance to read an advance copy of The sleeping girls by Rita Herron, the 9th book in the Detective Ellie Reeves series. I was hooked right away as soon as I started reading. With a plot that includes cyber bullying, which is rampant in today's society, a teenage girl is kidnapped, and the clues match an old crime scene. Ellie, and her team, which includes FBI agent Derrick Fox, and Ranger Cord McClain. Since the beginning of the series, both of these men have been interested in Ellie, and I have been in the dark which way the relationships will go.
What I enjoyed was not only the fast paced plot, but the characters are totally believable! I love all the continuing characters and can't wait for the next in the series!!!
While I believe you could read this as a standalone, some of the back story has continued throughout the series.

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Another fast paced crime thriller for Ellie Reeves and her team to solve.

As you'd expect from an Ellie Reeves mystery, there are plenty of twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout the story.

The ongoing personal issues, of some members of the team, continue to cause some awkwardness during the investigation. BUT nothing distracts Ellie, or the team, in the solving of their most recent case.
I don't know how many times I thought I'd solved this case but was proved wrong time and time again!

IMO this is the mark of a good crime thriller!

Another Ellie Reeves case successfully solved!

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I inhaled the short chapters with an intensity that even surprised me.
It’s Homecoming week but some girls will never be coming home again.
It’s a race against the clock for Ellie to track down the perp who’s a major predator.
Herron threw out a lot of false leads but I honed in on when the real culprit was finally introduced.
Things heat up between Ellie, Derrick, and Cord.
I was despondent in how things were shaping up for Ellie’s love life until the very end when Herron gave me what I’d hoped would happen.
But of course she left me hanging until,the next book to see how it will pan out.

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When the call comes in that fifteen-year-old Kelsey Tiller has gone missing from her bedroom in the middle of the night, Detective Ellie Reeves rushes to talk to her distraught parents. They tell her that Kelsey, a slender blond with green eyes and a timid smile, had plans to go shopping for her homecoming dress the next day, insisting she would have no reason to run away. But when neighbours report seeing Kelsey with a secret boyfriend, Ellie wonders how much Kelsey really told her parents. Then just as Ellie thinks she has cracked the case, Kelsey’s best friend Ruby is snatched from her home.
The ninth outing for Ellie & another edge of the seat thriller, whilst it could be read on its own Ellie, Cord & Derrick’s relationships have grown & developed throughout the series so to fully appreciate it I’d recommend reading the earlier books. A mix of Ellie’s personal & professional life add to the book. I also liked that the killer’s perspective is featured, which added to the tension. A well written well paced book, which I read in a couple of sittings
review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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Another fantastic read by Rita Herron. This is definitely a go-to author and she delivers every time. She really just gets better and better. Storytelling was spot on. Rich and engaging characters that kept me turning pages way past my bedtime. Definitely dark and creepy, and I loved it.
Thank you NetGalley, Rita. Herron and Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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Mind tingling drama and suspense at it's best! Rita Herron always delivers when it comes to sending Detective Ellie Reeves into the heart of a case we think we know the background on and then turning the case upside down with unexpected twists and diabolical criminals. I like that we are finally getting a little closer to a Ellie/Cord/Derrick resolution, but really want that happily ever after for someone soon.

I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series to anyone who enjoys a close knit group of characters who support each other and the town as they track down criminals who terrorize their small town time and again. Hints of romance here and there, but mostly an addictive thriller/whodunnit each time.

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The Sleeping Girls is the ninth book in the Detective Ellie Reeves series. This can be a stand-alone read, but as with most series it is more enjoyable to start at the beginning.

Darnell, Digger, Woodruff is being released from prison due to Caitlin O'Connor who works with the innocence project. Digger doesn't remember much about the night his sister was murdered, but his stepfather declared him guilty, and the police stopped looking for the truth. Caitlin has a pod cast that discusses crime cases. She herself was in prison when someone helped her to find the truth. Now, she is devoted to help others.

The parents of a young girl goes missing. Shortly after a picture of her on white sheets with a teddy bear is sent and it looks as if she is sleeping. Two more girls go missing escalating the fear of the parents and other students. The police need to talk Digger since he has been released, he is a person of interest.

Ellie has her hands full with angry parents who are scared their daughter could be the next missing girl.

This was an intense and riveting story. I really enjoy this series. The characters are interesting and likeable. The story is told from several points of views which include the murderer. Reading the story from several points of view is gives you insight as to what they are thinking.

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The sleeping girls follows detective Ellie Greeves on a missing persons case it also follows a character named Digger who killed his sister, was in prison and gets released on bail , then girls start going missing?

Digger starts to question if the police will link him to the murder, it makes you question if he has killed her or not?

I like how there are many points of view too as you get to follow along with Ellie and Digger & deputy landum!
Its a super fast read with short pages in the chapters which we love! Classic detective style whodunnit book :) I really enjoy the authors writing as its easy to follow along too!

Deputy landum is diggers brother (half brother)
As the story develops we see a little bit more of the case coming together I’m trying not to spoil anything but trying to go in depth at the same time lol! Its a true story about detectives trying to piece together a case in the present with a case in the past, it follows alot of family drama/betrayal too!

It was your classic crime thriller with the whodunnit element keeping you questioning all the suspects involved, I feel like there were some extra details in it that we didn’t really need as I felt the story drag on a bit which is why my rating isn’t as high! The plot was good but I feel like we could have done with about 10 chapters less, definitely will be checking out more content from Rita as her writing is easy to read and follow along :)

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The Sleeping Girls by Rita Herron is the ninth book in this brilliant Detective Ellie Reeves this has been an incredible series that only has just got better and better, this book was no different. Rita has a brilliant way of writing, that will have you gripped from the beginning till the end! Once you start reading this book/series you will be hooked from the very first few pages and you will want more, especially as these book have so many cleverly put together twists and turns throughout.

I love the Detective Ellie Reeve's character.

I highly recommend this Detective Ellie Reeves series another 5 star book. This was the Best one so far. I loved it.

Big Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for my ARC. This is my honest opinion.

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