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The Sleeping Girls (Detective Ellie Reeves Book 9)

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Detective Elle Reeves has been called to a home where the teenaged daughter is missing. When the parents receive a picture of the girl posed the same as a young girl killed 10 years ago Elle immediately thinks of the convicted killer who has just been released from jail. When another girl disappears and the convicted killer has an alibi Elle realizes she has very little time to find her before she is killed. Is there a copycat killer in the area or was the convicted killer actually innocent. The race to save the young girl is on. The tension and suspense in this book starts from the first page. This is definitely a page turner. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.

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Riveting Mystery with Heart-Pounding Twists

I recently delved into "Book 9 in the Ellie Reeves Series" by Rita Heron, and I must say, it left me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. This installment, with its gripping narrative and well-crafted characters, proves once again why Rita Heron is a master of the suspense genre.

The story kicks off with Detective Ellie Reeves racing against time to solve the mysterious disappearance of fifteen-year-old Kelsey Tiller. The initial premise of a seemingly innocent girl gone missing takes a chilling turn when Kelsey's parents receive a haunting photo of her lifeless body. As Ellie delves deeper into the case, the plot thickens, and the tension escalates with every turn of the page.

Heron's writing skillfully weaves together the emotional turmoil of Kelsey's distraught parents, Ellie's determination to uncover the truth, and the ominous presence of a potential serial killer released from prison. The characters are well-developed, and their complexities add depth to the narrative. Ellie Reeves, in particular, stands out as a strong and relatable protagonist, navigating a complex web of clues and emotions.

The author's attention to detail is commendable, especially in the way she portrays the crime scene and the connections to a past unsolved case. The pacing is spot-on, keeping the reader engaged and eager to uncover the next twist. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Heron throws in a curveball that keeps you guessing until the very end.

While the suspenseful plot is the driving force, Heron doesn't neglect the human aspect of the story. The emotions of grief, fear, and desperation are palpable throughout, making the characters more than just players in a mystery but individuals with genuine struggles and vulnerabilities.

My only reservation in awarding this book a perfect score lies in some moments where the plot felt slightly predictable. Nonetheless, the overall experience was so enthralling that this minor concern hardly detracts from the book's quality.

In conclusion, "Book 9 in the Ellie Reeves Series" is a riveting mystery that kept me hooked from the first chapter. Rita Heron has once again proven her ability to craft a compelling story with heart-pounding twists. I eagerly await the next installment in this series. Thanks to Ms Herron, the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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This book bursts from the first page like a horse at the gate and never stops running. It’s a wild ride.
A page-turner from a stunning writer. I adored it!

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A favorite series…favorite author…Ellie Reeves a favorite…this talented author has written a page turner. It is difficult to put down. Realistic characters who are flawed keep the story moving quickly. Trying to discern the ending is not easily done. Even the title is mysterious. Secrets and lies…surprises…thanks Netgalley.

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The suspense and tension in this book kept building and it really kept me hooked right until the very end.

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Pulse pounding, this one grips you and doesn't let go! I love Ellie and the entire cast of characters. This is book nine and I am completely invested in them. The case was complex and kept me guessing right up to the reveal. I think my favorite thing about these stories is the balance between the mystery and the personal lives of our main characters. And we get to see things from each perspective. And that ending had me cheering and growling in frustration. The next book can't come soon enough.

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Another good read from Rita Herron. Was it a piece of literary genius? No. Was it entertaining? Yes.

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Sometimes killers kill because they want to and it gives them a certain thrill. Sometimes people killed by accident and instead of getting help and confessing, they make it worse. They cover one accidental murder up with another one and are not ashamed to frame other people for their actions. 

Sometimes people kill because of a trauma where they were hurt either physical or mentally or because of a medical condition. 

Sometimes killers see it as a game they play with the police giving away clues and taunting them. Sometimes they do everything they can to stay under the rader.

The author has already treated us to different types of killers. Some more creepy than others. 

I have already mentioned before that Ellie did not pick the right partner to get involved with. Every time I read the next book I hope and I pray she will come to her senses. I am almost shouting they should talk to each other. I hope and I pray the author will take on the task of fairy godmother and make it happen. :)

I have the feeling she might have heard my prayers. Fingers crossed. ;)

If you want to find out which amazing story she has written now, I can only invite you to pick  up a copy. You won't be disappointed, I can assure you. :) 5 stars

Thank you

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This is my first book by Rita Herron but I’ll be following this author now. This was a very tense and engrossing mystery involving the female detective, Ellie, attempting to find missing girls before they are murdered.. The story follows Ellie and her co-workers as they work through a multitude of clues and interview possible killers. There are some very tense moments that kept me riveted to the book. I believe this is #9 in the series and I have not read them but I had no problem picking up what may have happened with the characters in previous books. If you like a good mystery with a female protagonist you’ll like this book. I received an arc of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Tense and addictive, pulse pounding at times, another great installment following Elle Reaves and her team at the ATL. As usual interesting geographic locale and typical smalltown characters. Investigation has satisfying and surprising conclusion - and yes, the one cliffhanger, the one!

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