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thanks to NetGalley for the eARC


things I liked:
- the pictures are really beautiful
- there are difficulty levels labeled
- the instructions approximate the amount of time the project will take to make, which is a really helpful detail
- there is a section in the back with instructions for beginner crochet stitches

things that could be improved:
- the actual animals have varying degrees of cuteness (for example, I think the octopus looks rather strange with flat tentacles rather than 3D stuffed tentacles)
- I would recommend that the creator provide instructions for perfectly circular spots rather than hexagonal ones (instructions here:
- the pictures, while adorable, are not accompanied by instructive photos

Overall, this book is still really adorable and well-designed!

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Absolutely adorable projects!

It's great to have patterns for amigurumi on a larger scale as it is the perfect crochet method to make toys.

The layout of the book is well designed and just as useful for a beginner as an advanced crocheter, including materials and methods

The instructions are clear, concise and well structured for each pattern, the photography is lovely and the designs delightfully whimsical

A very good source book

This book was kindly given by Netgalley and this review is given voluntarily

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Huggable Amigurumi
by Franziska Pfoser IG: @franzi_einfach_tierisch

I am fairly new to crochet. Well, I guess not since my mom tried to teach me back in the 80s. However, she was a righty & I am a lefty. So, I made a mess of things. I gave up quickly. I wish that I would have stuck with things though. I was always enamored with all the wonderful things that my mom would make. Now with all the tutorials on YouTube, I have been learning.

Since I live in South Florida, I don't want to make tons of blankets like my mom did. I also don't want to make hats and scarves that I won't be able to use. So, I have been trying out fun and cute patterns that will hold my interest (especially since I am an extremely slow crocheter). This book is full of squishy, adorable cuties!!

Franzi has marked each pattern with stars to let you know how hard they are. They range from 1 to 3 stars. I am still sticking with a 1-star pattern. Yes, I am still working on my first one. It will take me forever to do. However, she mentioned ergonomic needles in the book. I am going to look into getting a set of those. They might be easier for me to use. I have been trying to crochet with regular needles and that has been difficult since my stroke.

Each of these animals are XXL meaning that they are about the size of a toddler!! And they are so adorable. I was looking at the alpaca pattern and thought that if you could add a hump to its back, then it would look like a camel. Then I remembered that I am not that advanced! LOL! That is something that my mom would do, she would be able to look at patterns and adjust them.

Seriously though, who wouldn't want a huge cuddly penguin plushy in their house? Or what about an elephant? or seal? They are all so cute.

I included the author's Instagram handle at the top of the post so you can check out some of her creations. At the time of this posting, she has a picture of the book (which is titled Big Buddies in Germany) and the penguin that is in the book as well. There are pictures from her previous book, which looks like it was only published in German. That one looks to have stuffed animals based on the popular video game Animal Crossing. I absolutely love that game, so hopefully they will translate that one into English as well.

Thank you to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for providing me with a preview copy in exchange for an open and honest review.

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Easy to read, understand and complete patterns that will give you great results, no matter the skill level. These patterns are universally cute and lovable. Several of the ones I finished now live in the homes and hearts of my neighborhood's children. Franziska Poser has provided clear patterns and instructions to make the children in your family happy too.

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I received a copy of this eBook from netGalley for a honest review.

These animals are so cute and yes Huggable! I can see so many kids and possibly adults too falling in love with these big, cuddly creatures. the patterns are easy to follow and creative. I can't wait to make one! But with will it be?

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This one is hopefully a bit better laid out in physical book format as it is a lot of pictures at the beginning with much fewer showing the stitches or place you should be at in the patterns. Then there are almost no pictures in the end. Could maybe have spread them out a bit more, especially when not showing many in progress pictures.

Cute ideas and full patterns at least.

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The amigurumi in this book are so cute and SO BIG. I’m not confident enough in my skill to purchase the several skeins of yarn needed to make each one, but if you are willing to put in the money and time & want a huggable amigurumi, I definitely recommend checking this one out!

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Huggable Amigurumi is such a visually appealing and welcoming looking crochet book. The instructions look clear and not cluttered at all which is helpful when taking on new projects. I loved the lightness of the colors and how great everything looks.

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I need so many of these! I cannot wait to get an actual copy of this book so I can make one of each of them. The patterns are cute and will make excellent gifts. Instructions are easy to follow.

5 stars

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Just WOW! I am fancy calling my self a crochet dolls maker for years but the truth is I never make a giant huggable size of crochet dolls. The size and stitches amount will become first challenge.

This books offer pattern from 14 giants huggable size doll and more when you substitute the yarn become blanket chunky size. The project instruction is clear and do able for persistent crocheter. The projects are cute and coming with various shape. My favourite are the pinguin and turtle. Actually the user can elevate the looks of the dolls with moving the eyes placement slightly lower. It will add the kawaii or cute factor. And since this is giant dolls, I am wonder why the author not create safe crochet eyes than use miss size safety plastic eyes.

Thank you to Netgalley and Landauer Publisher from Fox Chapel Publishing for providing a copy of this ebook. I have voluntarily read and reviewed it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Thanks to Ms. Poser for the wonderful projects for the large huggable animals!! I am especially in love with The Big Brown Bear and Zippy Zebra. Having 6 grandchildren that I have been making smaller/medium sized stuffies for - I am anxious to make these! Who doesn't love something soft and squishy that they can lay on or wrap themselves around?? The projects and the tips to help get us going were great! I am a long-time crocheter, but always looking for ways to improve! I can tell you thanks from my grandkids ahead of time!! They ALWAYS love what the Noni makes for them. Thank you to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing, Landauer Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this advance reader copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. #NetGalley #LandauerPublishing

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"Huggable Amigurumi" by Franziska Poser, children and crochet enthusiasts alike are treated to an enchanting collection of oversized crocheted animals that will surely steal their hearts. With its detailed and easy-to-follow instructions, this book opens up a world of creativity and imagination, allowing readers to bring to life 14 extra-extra-large cuddly creatures that are simply irresistible. One of the most captivating aspects of this book is the emphasis on size. Poser introduces us to a menagerie of larger-than-life animals, from the endearing floppy-eared rabbit to the adorable waddling penguin and the lovable giant teddy bear. These crochet patterns are specially designed to create huggable toys that children can hardly wrap their arms around. The joy of having a cuddly companion that is larger than life is a dream come true for every child. Despite their size, these oversized amigurumi creations don't require significantly more time to crochet than their smaller counterparts. Poser's expert guidance ensures that even beginners can follow along comfortably, resulting in a rewarding and enjoyable crocheting experience. By utilizing a particularly thick crochet yarn, the project's time commitment is kept manageable, making the creation process both satisfying and efficient. Moreover, the Nordic pastel colors that Poser incorporates into each design add an extra touch of charm. These gentle hues seamlessly blend into any home environment, making these cuddly friends not just a captivating addition to the children's room, but also a delightful eye-catcher on the living room sofa. Their presence brings both warmth and a sense of whimsy to any space, spreading joy beyond the boundaries of the children's realm. The true magic of "Huggable Amigurumi" lies in the joy it brings to children's faces. The life-size cuddle partners crafted from the pages of this book offer more than just companionship; they become treasured friends and confidants. The satisfaction of creating these oversized amigurumi toys, combined with the sheer delight they inspire in children, is an experience that warms the heart and sparks the imagination. In conclusion, "Huggable Amigurumi" by Franziska Poser is a must-have book for crochet enthusiasts and anyone seeking to create enchanting, oversized cuddly toys. The detailed instructions, the emphasis on size, and the use of Nordic pastel colors make this book a treasure trove of creativity. With its ability to bring instant joy to children's faces, this collection of life-size cuddle partners transcends the art of crochet, becoming an embodiment of love, comfort, and endless imagination

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Huggable is the right word for these giant amigurumi friends. I’ve never crocheted anything that big but I’m seriously thinking about it. I was impressed with the easy to follow instructions and tips. I will definitely be recommending this one!

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I have been crocheting since years but I have never made a big amigurumi that you can hug. That is definitely something I want to do now. I have read the whole book and I love them all. I would say this book is not for beginners who do not know anything about crocheting as it requires the knowledge of the basic skill of crocheting. I think I would have preferred the abbreviations at the beginning of the book, as not everyone knows what the mean. But it is still nice they were included in the back. Other than that, every instruction is easy to understand and make sense. So, I definetly recommend this book to peopl who already have some basic knowledge of crocheting and want to try out these cute, big amigurumi's.

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The idea of a crochet book focused on oversized stuffed animals is a really great one. It is hard to find affordable patterns for creatures like these sometimes. I felt like the patterns were written in an approachable and standardized way with clear instructions. I’m not sure that an absolute beginner would want to start with such large projects, but I feel like advanced beginners could definitely take these on. I have to admit that the exact aesthetic of the projects is not what I usually prefer, and in looking at all the projects I could see myself making about half of them. I think the zebra and turtle are probably my favorites. I appreciated the little touches on many of the patterns (like the pawprints on the bottom of the bears feet). The photography was a nice touch, and the kids seemed to be loving their plushies. My one main pet peeve is that the title is a bit of a misnomer, because amigurumi is a Japanese craft and by definition involves making small toys. Seeing as the book does not really meet that definition, I would consider changing the title. But otherwise I think this book does add something new to the current selection of crochet books.

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As a crochet lover I loved this! And who doesn’t like huggable amigurumi?
Amigurumi are one of the most popular projects in the crochet world, and this book is great if you’re looking to make loads of them.

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Animals and shapes are scaled for making big animals but super complicated if one hasn’t done this form of crochet before.

The good: gives enough instructions to start
Simple enough for a motivated bored teen to start.
The penguin, giraffe, turtle, bunny, bear, and octopus are adorable.
The pictures are mostly of the finished animal of posed with kids other than the beginner’s crochet stitches demonstrated at the back index.
Easier to follow if one has had experience with crochet.

The bad: it’s a meditation in patience when taking up such a craft and desiring to make a large huggable critter.
Have to be careful to have enough materials.
Not a true beginner’s book by any stretch.

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This book is very well written but the stuffed animals are huge and lacking. Great in concept but lacking anything distinguishing in design.

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Thank you Netgalley and publishers for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

These are some cutest huggable Amigurumi patterns that I've ever come across.

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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook.
Beautifully written and easy to follow. This is a crochet for giant crochet animals and I absolutely love this idea! There are hardly any books out there for this type and size crochet items. These would be perfect gifts for children's birthdays and Christmas, baby showers also.

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