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Fabulous! Erica is one of my favourite fictional characters! Another fantastic installment. Now I have to wait an eternity for the next one!

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Another excellent police procedural from the very talented Robert Bryndza. Erika Foster is back for another twisted tale of murder, mayhem, and erm bondage. And not the apparently good kind. No, the kind where well-known men end up dead and left in a rather humiliating way. Erika has the added issue of certain powers trying to hush things up (death by natural causes rarely screams being found hog-tied) and CCTV showing five suspects who appear to be identical models.

Anything can and probably will happen in an Erika Foster book, and this is especially apparent in Lethal Vengeance. Another great read from an excellent author.

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this gripping novel

its high tense and a thriller of a ride..... there is so much going on in this book its diffiicult to sort out

when a murder victim turns up but looking like its a sex game gone wrong erika and her team have their work cut out for them.... it doesnt help that a previous murder one that was taken off erika rears its ugly head again and that erika herself is warned off

with it becoming more difficult to do her job and nobody she can really trust apart from a few members of her team, she cant even rely on the ones above her its down to police work at its best

but with evidence being left at the scene 3 polaroid's with the name annabella on the back of them how can erika link them up....

high tense with political motives start to unravel.... wow what a ride

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4.5 stars 🤩

This is my second Detective Erika Foster book and she’s fast becoming one of my favourite female detective characters.

She’s a strong female protagonist absolutely committed to her role of uncovering truth and justice. She doesn’t shy away from authority or pushing boundaries where both her work and personal life are involved. Add in a serial killer on the loose on London’s streets and were have a winner.

This is such a solid, compelling police procedural. I cannot wait to read more from him! Highly recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my e-arc.

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In "Lethal Vengeance Detective" (Erika Foster #8) by Robert Bryndza we are thrown back into the violent crime solving world of Erika Foster - but this time its gets personnel when a friend is accused of mislabeling a death. But to get to the bottom of this one her team will have to think out of the box and keep their cool. Another great read.

I received an advanced copy of this book and this is my unsolicited opinion.

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Lethal Vengeance is the most recent book in the DI Erika Foster series by @robertbryndza 💙 I absolutely love the character of Erika and this series. In this most recent book, Erika and her team are investigating the murder of a famous footballer. The case is strange and seems to link to another high profile death in London. Are Erika and her team on the hunt for a serial killer?!

I highly recommend this book and series, especially if you love crime fiction with a tough female detective!

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I typically read this author’s books as soon as they are published but I did not care for the subject matter of this mystery. I was traveling while I was reading the book on my tablet and I was nervous that others could read the contents.

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A romantic meal turns deadly for DCI Erika Foster after she stumbles across the murder scene of a prominent MP. However she is left frustrated when she is unable to investigate properly due to pressure from the Met 'top brass' to accept the death was not found to be suspicious. Case closed ....... or is it ?

Two months later, when a famous casting director and a well known footballer are found murdered, their bodies left in the same way as the MP was, even the Met cannot play these murders down. It seems Erika and her team are hunting a possible serial killer but what connects the victims. The case gets even stranger when CCTV turns up film of five identical female suspects at the club where the footballer was last seen.

The story and investigation build slowly and is told from both the perspective of Erika and her team and that of the killer. As it progresses we find out more about the killer and the lives of the victims which might just be the vital clues which help Erika solve the case. We readers are kept one step ahead of the investigation team and are routing for them to connect the victims and solve the case.

Another thrilling and clever story from Robert.

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I really enjoyed this latest murder mystery thriller from Robert Bryndza. It was great to catch up with Erika and Moss and the whole team. This was a disturbing instalment with brutal murders and unsettling chapters from the murderer's POV. All written in the author's reliable and confident style.

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Well well well… Robert is yet to write a book that doesn’t have me shocked or screaming at the end🤣

The thing I love about his books most, most particularly with the Erika Foster series (my favourite series ever by the way), is that you get the POV of the murderers. So most of the time you know who the killer is pretty early on, reading about them, their plans, and how they’ve kept themselves off of the radar for so long from the police.

The book begins the murder of politician Neville Lomas, a death that the Met police quickly shut down and ruled it as accidental. But it’s when the murders of a footballer, and a casting director happens just months later, with the same MO… the case. The Met are forced to acknowledge that London has a prolific serial killer on its hands, and they aren’t stopping any time soon.

But when CCTV shows footage of FIVE identical women? Well, that is enough the throw anyone, even detective Erika Foster…

This one had me hooked throughout though, it was so different. It was full of conspiracy, corruption, and brutal murder. Each murder is meticulously thought out, planned, and executed. And honestly… I can’t say I blame them for what they did, you begin to feel a bit of compassion for this murder towards the ending — compassion… for a serial killer?! Who am I🤯

HOWEVER, that epilogue… oh my god. I was shook, I need more, like, NOW. This is the only book that Roberts written with a cliffhanger, as whilst the books in the series can be read as stand-alones, I would highly recommend reading it as a series, especially now! But the cliffhanger had me internally screaming, I need book nine immediately!!

The day this series ends, I will be very emotional. I love the characters, the stories, and just everything about them! And this book has just added to my admiration for Robert and his writing!

As always, I don’t think I need to recommend this, I think this review speaks for itself! Go and read this asap🫶🏻

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Thank you Netgalley, #partner, for the advanced copy of Lethal Vengeance in exchange for my honest review.

This is the 8th book in Robert Bryndza’s Erika Foster series and one of my all-time favorite series! I’m so glad he is back to writing this series…he had taken a break to start the Kate Marshall series, which I also enjoy but my heart really belongs to Erika Foster!

This one starts with a bang and doesn’t let up, which is true to form with this author and I love it! As with all his books, it’s dark and gruesome and keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the time. This is such a good police procedural series from the way the story is told to the amazing character development. I love that while most of the story is told from Erika’s point of view, we also get chapters here and there from her colleagues as well as from the guilty party, which is always my favorite perspective to get because while we don’t know who it is until the end, it’s always so creepy hearing their thoughts. I love finding out what motivates them!

I have loved Erika since the start of this series. She is fierce and opinionated and doesn’t always play by the rules, especially if it means she’ll solve the case. But more importantly, I love that over the course of the series, we have seen her age. As I get older, I find I enjoy reading more mature characters, so seeing Erika at age 50, own her age is awesome. We see in this installment that while she can certainly still do her job, she also owns up to her flaws – she’s what she considers a “dinosaur” compared to some of the younger team and it’s this vulnerability that makes her so real and relatable – at least to me!

As is always the case, we get an original crime with each installment and this one was no exception! I found the cat and mouse game to keep me glued to the book. Once I started it, I had a hard time putting it down – it’s just such an addictive, captivating story, despite how gruesome and dark it is.

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Yes a new book in this Brilliant series......Lethal Vengeance by Robert Bryndza is the eighth book in the brilliant Detective Erika Foster series and what a roller coaster ride this was. From the very first few pages I was hooked and could not turn the pages quick enough to find out what happens next. This latest book was excellent with great twists and turns throughout and who could not love this authors books. Roberts book have all been excellent and this one was no different.
Whilst Detective Erika Foster was having a romantic dinner with her partner, whist she pops to the ladies room she comes back to the restaurant through the wrong doors and
she stumbled on a politician Neville Lomas dead in his own apartment.
His death was soon taken away from her and was ruled out to be caused by natural causes. The case was quickly closed, but it still plained on Detective Erika Foster's mind. Two months later more deaths accrued and where similar to politician Neville Lomas
Now, she isn’t about to let these cases be ignored and starts to investigate them without letting others know. Detective Erika Foster pushes boundaries and, by this she puts her job and her life at risk.

WoW..........This is so good and I loved it. Especially as Detective Erika Foster is one my favourite character's and I can not get bored of her.......

I highly recommend this series Excellent 5 Stars

Big Thank you to Netgalley and Raven Street Publishing for my ARC this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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I love Robert Bryndza books and I was delighted to get the opportunity to review the newest Erika Foster book. I loved the plot of the story and I was gripped from start to finish! I can’t wait to read more from the author in the future!

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Absolutely amazing. I loved this book and loved the characters. There is just the right amount of police procedure, (im not fond of authors who pad out the story with unnecesary police stuff) This is quietly gripping and I couldnt put it down. The story flows well and the characters are well desribed. Highly recommended

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Well plotted and gripping: an entertaining and fast paced thriller I thoroughly enjoyed as it well plotted and the characters are fleshed out
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this ARC, all opinions are mine

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Once again, this is a peach of a book from an author that I am most definitely a fan of.

This might be the eighth in this series but don't let that put you off; it reads well as a standalone and whilst you have missed some of the character development, Mr Bryndza's writing is so good that it's not really an issue.

The characters are really strong, the plot riveting and the pace is perfect. Who is killing high profile men and leaving them in uncompromising poses with the only evidence being a polaroid photograph with the name "Annabelle" written on the back ... who is Annabelle, how can she be stopped before she strikes again and who is going to be next?

This is a gripping and tense read for fans of police procedurals, serial killer stories and crime thrillers and one that I can highly recommend along with the rest of Robert Bryndza's work.

Many thanks to the author, Raven Street Publishing and NetGalley for enabling me to read and share my thoughts of Lethal Vengeance.

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In this 8th installment of the Detective Erika Foster series, Robert Bryndza has once again given his readers an unforgettably thrilling reading experience. A few months have passed since the previous case and Erika is puled into an intriguing situation when she accidentally stumbles upon a crime scene. A MP of the Parliament Neville Lomas is dead and he was hogtied and suffocated brutally. The case is, however, taken out from Erika's reluctant hand just after she had started the principal steps of investigation.

Things are seeming great for Erika and even her working relationship with her superior Marsh has improved slightly. But when a pro-athele is found dead in the same manner, Erika and her team face the possibility that they might have a seriously angry individual going about killing people.

But how will the team find out the suspect with little to go on? Who is killing all these people and why are they doing it? In a intriguing and tense narration, Bryndza has created a story of revenge and comeuppance, where the reader is compelled to feel empathy for the suspect as well.

The story has a lot of thrilling moments, interspersed within the narrative at perfect intervals, making up for a perfect pacing. The narration flows seamlessly after a point and Bryndza's brisk writing style only accentuates Erika Foster's character. The characters have all had a significant journey which is quite warming to read. I can't say I love Erika's character; her actions certain times are downright annoying but still she has a certain quirkiness about her that endears her to the readers.

I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait to know what happens with these people.

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Really like the main character, Erica, she is determined to connect these seemingly random and unconnected murders. Its fast paced and thrilling - a really good book to get absorbed into. Very much enjoyed it.

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Lethal Vengeance is the 8th book in the Detective Erika Foster series by one of my favourite authors, Robert Bryndza.
In short, Erika’s latest case is to find a serial killer who is targeting high-profile individuals and leaving their calling card, 3 Polaroid photos of the victim signed with the name ‘Annabelle’. As the investigation unravels so does a scandal which the higher ups are determined to keep covered.
Well I love a great crime series and Detective Erika Foster is up there with the best. Always expect gripping and twisty storytelling by Robert and Lethal Vengeance continues to deliver excellent reading. Already looking forward to the next ride!
Big thanks to Robert Bryndza, Raven Street Publishing and NetGalley for this eARC which I chose to read in return for my honest review.

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Erika Foster is investigating the death of a politician he’s found hog tied and in a compromising position.
The politicians death is ruled as natural causes but Erika doesn’t believe this for a minute but is pressurised to let the matter drop.
Not long after two other men are found dead in similar circumstances , is Erika on the hunt for a serial killer?
The writing is excellent as always from this author and the story was definitely a page turner .
The Erika Foster series just gets better with each new book can’t wait for the next one!
Thanks to NetGalley and Raven Street Publishing.

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