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Iwo, 26 Charlie

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Thank you Tantor Audio for accepting my request to audibly read IWO, 26 Charlie on NetGalley.

Narrator: Peter Berkrot

Stars: 4.5

My first time experiencing a battle. Deutermann took me places I am humbled by as well as places I resent.
The smells, pain, cries, and fear saturated my brain and my heart. The military ranking system with the follow orders no questions asked made me cry.

Berkrot's performance has left me exhausted. While I was wiping my eyes or attempting to grasp what he was saying, he kept going. That is the beauty of an audiobook. Physically, I may have glossed over the dark parts.

I would like to read more of Deutermann's work. I would think service people would appreciate his exhaustive research and attention to details.

There is foul language. Given the circumstances and surroundings, I agree that the language would have been used. I appreciate that it was utilized sparingly.

The 4.5 stars was a language deduction, however, I am rounding up as he wrote with class, and I didn't feel manipulated.

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I jumped into this series with this book and I kinda wish that I had read the prior books first. This was a good read and very detailed when it came to the logistics and intricacies of war and how things happen. For me, as this isn't my normal jam for reading it was a lot of detail. But for those that are super into war stories they will love that aspect of it.


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Wow, my first response is W. O. W. I requested this advanced copy because I felt like my gramps would have loved it...and I would have been right. We follow the story of a young Naval Lt, Lee Bishop, on his tragic and heroic journey at the island of Iwo Jima during WWII. Iwo Jima was one of the battles that is still known as literal hell by the Marine Corps, where tens of thousands of brave men lost their lives trying to gain ground against a fortified Japanese Island. This was a gripping and fast paced novel that followed Bishops travels with the Navy and with the Marines who were fighting for ground on the front lines of Iwo Jima.

P. T. Deutermann created an incredible account of Iwo Jima. A lot of technical terms were used and explained in a way that made is so understandable and relatable. I was entranced from the first chapter of this audiobook. The account Bishop laid out made it seem like you were right there with him on the USS Nevada and then again in the trenches of Iwo Jima anticipating a Japanese attack in the middle of the night. If you're at all interested in accounts of WWII, I highly, highly recommend grabbing this one and either reading (or listening). It was tragic and heartbreaking while being suspenseful and full of (obviously) action.

Thank you to NetGalley, Tantor Audio and P. T. Deutermann for the advanced audiobook of Iwo, 26 Charlie in exchange for an honest review. Rated up for 4.5 Stars.

Publication date for Iwo, 26 Charlie is 28 November 2023.

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