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I enjoyed reading this book. The Hudson Siblings specialize in cold cases when the police have given up. Dahlia has hired them to find her missing sister. As the investigation begins it becomes obvious Dahlia is in danger. Grant decides to protect while investigating even though the investigation uncovers some family secrets. I really like the characters and the setting. The mystery was good with lots of twists and turns. The romance between Dahlia and Grant was not rushed. It was a quick fun read. Enjoy

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A great mystery with all the bonuses that Harlequin spice adds. Cute couple that works well together. Not at all dull!

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“Desperate people do desperate things.”

Can Dahlia find her missing sister with the help of a broody hunk and his siblings?

• Creepy sexist cult
•Private investigator family with past ties to said creepy cult
•A very good boi named Willie (the dog)
•”we’re stronger together” vibes

This one took a little bit longer for me to finish but I enjoyed it

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This is a Second Chance Romantic Suspense, and this is the first book in the Hudson Sibling Solutions series. Normally with Harlequin Intrigue it is heavy on the suspense and action, but I found this one to have a lot of romance which I enjoyed. The suspense was good, and there was a lot of action in this book as well. I think the mix of suspense, action, and romance was really good. This book took me on a wild ride that I really enjoyed. The two main characters had to figure out how they felt for each other now after almost getting married before. I loved that we got some backstory of the two main characters throughout this book. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Harlequin Intrigue) or author (Nicole Helm) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.

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Dahlia is on a mission to find her sister who is missing who she believes is kidnapped Grant house son is a cold case investigator who ends up helping the Dahlia but also helping to keep her safe because clearly someone may now be after her.

Okay so I'm not a fan of books that feature cults in it. But aside from that this was a pretty good book. I like the mystery in suspense of it all. Dahlia such a loyal sister who was doing everything she could even putting herself in danger to help her sister. While most believed her to be dead she was doing everything she can to follow the leads and figuring out where her sister was and eventually trying to figure out how to get her out of the situation that she is in. Even in the aftermath it was interesting seeing how Dahlia was going to deal with what is going on it was overall a pretty good book I really enjoyed it.

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This is the beginning of a new series that will star the Hudson siblings as they are trying to solve cold cases as well as what happened to their parents,
The story introduces each sibling and their backgrounds that help bring cold cases warm again.
This story has a pretty good balance of introducing characters, background and stories that will be featured in the series. The story is also a slow burn romance and to my surprise no steamy sex scenes.
The author does a great job of bring readers into her world that will have everyone wanting more.
Thank you to Netgalley for advance copy.

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When I was reading romance with greater intensity than I am presently, I couldn’t wait for one of Helm’s contemporary romances to drop. More recently, with her switch to category romantic suspense, I look for the same reading pleasure. But after a few tries, I can’t say I will continue to read Helm. It’s not because Cold Case Kidnapping was such a terrible read, au contraire, it was competently done and I enjoyed the leads’ budding romance. But the suspense plot was ridiculous and the romance was at a minimum, though what there was of it was enjoyable. Here’s the blurb to give us the details:

To save her missing sister
They’ll confront a nightmare past…

A mysterious family tree. A man thought long dead. Dahlia Easton has few solid clues to find her sister, missing for a year. But she’s in danger the moment she reaches Wyoming’s backcountry. To protect her, cold case investigator Grant Hudson must confront his town’s unresolved nightmares—even as an unspeakable threat from the past is fast closing in to silence him and Dahlia for good…

Helm created two sympathetic leads and drew their growing feelings for each other in a subtle, believable way. While the suspense plot was puerile and eye-roll-worthy, Grant and Dahlia have complexity. To start, their feelings are ambivalent: there’s some attraction, but, refreshingly, no insta-lust; as a matter of fact, Grant and Dahlia spend most of their time looking for Rose, Dahlia’s sister, and pushing their feelings away. Neither wants to desire and yearn for another person. Dahlia is single-mindedly determined to find her sister and this has taken its toll on her: she’s thin, wan, sad, and exhausted. Grant and his many siblings (three brothers, two sisters…sequels on the horizon) had their own family tragedy: their parents disappeared when the oldest brother, Jack, was sixteen and were never recovered. Grant understands the pain and tries to prepare Dahlia for never knowing.

Grant and Dahlia are vulnerable and inward-looking: neither gregarious nor seeking anything beyond their own sad company. Grant has difficult memories from his Marine war service and Dahlia comes from a closed-off, if not indifferent, family. They’re circumspect and reticent and I liked this about them. My problem with Helm’s barely-a-romance was the novel’s suspense plot: Dahlia’s sister in a cult’s clutches. I would think, these days, a suspense plot with even a smidgen of political content would be the kiss of death, so nice neutral cult it is. Except the robotic cult members, their cheesy pseudo-religious talk, and vague, snort-laugh-worthy threats were ludicrous. Simply put, while I liked Grant and Dahlia (and wished more romance to their suspense), the suspense plot was silly. With Miss Austen, we would have to say, Cold Case Kidnapping “had a high claim to forbearance,” Emma.

Nicole Helm’s Cold Case Kidnapping is published by Harlequin Books. I received an e-galley from Harlequin via Netgalley. This does not impede the free expression of my opinion, which is, in turn, not generated by AI other than the non-artificial kind.

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This was a great short read.

Dahlia is trying to find her sister who has disappeared, and it leads her to hiring an aging in assisting her.
Grant works with his family due to their own family history to investigate cases. As they get closer to the truth, Dahlia finds that she has brought danger to herself and everyone around her ,and that everything is not as it seems.

Dahlia is portrayed as someone who wants to be strong and take care of herself, and early own Grant recognizes his attraction to her Grant has some PTSD from his time in the military and is worried that his past might prevent him from pursuing Dahlia.
The author does a great job of describing that part of the country and its beauty, and explaining the fears and hopes of both characters. I feel like one part was telegraphed very early on and proved to be true , but it didn't take away from the story. A good mix of romance and action , which is what I like from this line.

I enjoyed both characters, and as this is a part of series hope to get to know the backstory of more the siblings. I don't know if the story is continued in other books ,but I would like to know what happens in the aftermath to other characters

Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for my ARC . All opinions are my 0wn.

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Dahlia hires a sibling investigating agency to help with her sister's disappearance. Rose disappeared while researching their family history and all evidence points to a cult kidnapping. The only problem is the cult was disbanded over 29 years ago, it that's what the townspeople were ked to believe.

It's non-stop action and mystery; a riveting read from start to finish. I'm hoping there's more books in the series featuring each of the 5 siblings in the family business.

Although I received a free ARC ebook from net galley and the publisher, all thoughts and opinions are honest .

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It's time for this cold case to warm up!

Dahlia is looking for any help to find her missing sister. She hires a local investigation group owned by the Hudson siblings, who know a thing or two about never giving up no matter how cold a case is. So far all the clues Dahlia found lead right to a defunct cult that used to be located near Sunrise, WY, and now she needs Grant Hudson to help investigate their town's notorious past.

I really enjoyed the fast pace of the investigation, how even the increasing danger let them know they were on the right track. The author did a wonderful job of illustrating the emotional impact of unsolved cold cases. There are enough clues that the ending isn't exactly surprising, but there's still plenty of suspense and intrigue along the way.

I love how Dahlia is not portrayed as the usual strong, take charge, determined woman. Rather, she finds the strength she needs even when it is not inherent, and she is constantly having to boost her own morale to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Grant's heart is led by his protective instincts at first as he falls in love with the gentle Dahlia. Their HEA was the most natural thing to watch as it developed so beautifully. I really loved getting to know all the Hudson siblings and am looking forward to reading more in the exemplary series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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COLD CASE KIDNAPPING (Hudson Sibling Solutions Book #1) by Nicole Helm is the start of a new cowboy romantic suspense series featuring the Hudson family of siblings based in Wyoming on their ancestral ranch. The five siblings each specialize in a different aspect of HSS (Hudson Sibling Solutions) that specializes in solving sold cases.

Dahlia Easton is searching for her sister Rose who disappeared a year ago in Texas, but she believes through her research was transported to Wyoming. She hires HSS to help her find answers.

Grant Hudson, the second eldest Hudson sibling, served as a Marine and has now returned to help on the family ranch and work cold cases for the family business. Grant is assigned Dahlia case and soon discovers it has ties to the town’s past, a cult everyone thought destroyed years ago.

As they work together to discover what happened to Rose, they find themselves at the center of a deadly threat from the past.

I really enjoyed this story and introduction to the Hudson siblings. Dahlia is a mix of vulnerability, strength, and determination that makes her an appealing heroine and Grant is a protector who feels responsible for everyone who needs to learn to believe in the strength and abilities of not just Dahlia, but his siblings as well. There is more suspense in this story with the romance being a slow burn, but it also felt as though it progressed at a believable pace. There are no sex scenes in this story. I am excited with the set up of this series as the siblings each having their own strengths and I already find them interesting.

I recommend this first in a new series. fast paced, and engaging cowboy romantic suspense. I am looking forward to reading all the siblings’ individual stories.

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Terrific start to the series. The Hudson siblings started their cold case investigation firm, motivated by the disappearance of their parents without a trace. Each of the six siblings takes turns when a new case comes in while running the family's successful ranch.

Dahlia came to Wyoming in search of her missing sister, Rose. She has few solid clues, but what she does have leads her to believe that Rose is nearby. She meets with Grant Hudson, who promises to investigate but refuses to believe Dahlia's conclusions.

Grant is still adjusting to being home after his years in the military. His experiences changed him, and the memories created a distance between himself and others. Even though he believes Rose won't be found
, he promises to do his best.

The twists and turns of this case kept me hooked from start to finish. I ached for Grant as a nightmare from the distant past is resurrected, and he is forced to face painful memories. Dhalia's determination to follow her instincts puts her in the crosshairs of a dangerous cult. Finding Rose creates further complications. I was on the edge of my seat during the final confrontation as Grant and Dahlia fought for their lives and Rose's. The resolution was intense and satisfying. I do wonder if there will be any more about the Hudson's parents' disappearance and if it is somehow linked to the cult.

I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Grant and Dahlia. There is antagonism in the beginning, as Dahlia's belief in cult involvement butts up against Grant's insistence that it no longer exists. But underneath the antagonism are sparks of attraction that cannot be denied. Grant is surprised by the extreme protectiveness he feels for Dahlia and tries to explain it away. Dahlia, who is usually very independent and self-sufficient, is unexpectedly willing to lean on Grant for support. I liked seeing the trust develop between them and seeing them share their fears and pasts. I liked the ending and seeing them look toward a future together.

I liked getting to know the other Hudson siblings and can't wait to read their stories.

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Dahlia Easton is on the hunt for her missing sister. Everyone else has given up; she's not giving up until she has answers. She meets Grant Hudson; his family takes on cold cases for missing people.
Her sister was seen in Texas, but she thinks she is in Wyoming. Clues led to an old Hudson family secret about a cult.
Thinks get dicey when we find out the cult thinks Dahlia is the promised one.
This was a great story and I can't wait for the next book.

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Cold Case Kidnapping by Nicole Helm is the debut of the Hudson Sibling Solutions series. I thought the story was well-written with developed characters. I enjoyed getting to know Dahlia Easton as well as Grant Hudson and his siblings. Dahlia needs HSS to search for her sister, Rose who has been missing for a year. Everyone has given up on Rose except Dahlia. I admit that I did not understand why Dahlia felt her sister had been kidnapped. The evidence was underwhelming. Dahlia was not close to sister, yet she felt the need to continue hunting for her even when their parents along with everyone else had given up. The story is heavy on the romance with suspense and a touch of mystery mixed in. The twist is expected as well as a connection to figures involved in the case. I wish the story had more action and tension. I thought Grant and Dahlia’s romance progressed too quickly (they went from first base to a home run faster than you could say cold case). Cold Case Kidnapping left me wanting more (more suspense, more action, and a more complex mystery).

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This story introduces the readers to the Hudson siblings. Siblings whose parents disappeared years ago without a trace. As a unit , they have formed a company with the purpose of investigating cold cases.
Dahlia, a librarian, has left Minnesota and has arrived in Wyoming searching for her sister Rose. A sister that disappeared a year ago . The only clue she might be in the area is a picture with a man whose resemblance is that of a man that once was the leader of a cult.
Grant Hudson is the one that will help her find her sister. Grant is a man that is still dealing with his time in the military. A time that changed him forever.
Even though Grant believes Rose will not be found, it’s Dahlia’s determination that not only moves the search forward but also gets everyone in danger.
In the midst of the danger , feelings develop. Will they be able to find Rose? Will they survive the cult? Will they both realize that maybe , if they survive, they can have a future?
This is a story about family, as well as a story about individuals that are perfect in their imperfections. We have characters that are struggling with their past while looking for justice .
A wonderful introduction to the Hudson siblings and the stories to come.
I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley and Harlequin. The opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Nicole Helm, a master of intrigue, has once again captivated my imagination with her latest series. The Hudson Sibling Solutions series commences with an enthralling tale featuring a hero whose determination is matched only by his reserved nature, and a heroine whose desperation fuels her unwavering resolve. Dahlia, consumed by the quest to find her missing sister, who vanished without a trace a year ago, turns to Grant for assistance. Grant, with unwavering commitment, immerses himself in the case as they enlist the services of their family's renowned cold case company. However, their relentless pursuit leads them to the enigmatic town of Truth, a place Grant has vowed to avoid at all costs due to the profound losses his family endured at the hands of a cult. While Dahlia may not fully comprehend the town's dark history, she is resolute in her belief that her sister is held captive within its confines, compelling her to embark on a daring rescue mission.

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I've always been a huge fan of Nicole Helm's intrigues, and her new series is no different! She kicks off the Hudson Sibling Solutions series with a hero who is reserved but determined and a heroine who is desperate and also determined. Dahlia wants to find her sister, who disappeared a year ago, and she needs Grant's help to do it. She hires their family cold case company to find her, and Grant digs in until the case involves the town of Truth. That's a place Grant wants nothing to do with after a cult there took so much from his family. Dahlia doesn't understand the history but knows that if her sister is in Truth, she has to go and rescue her.

Nicole Helm has always done cults and their aftermath so well, and I'm looking forward to the future books in the series so I can find out how Grant's family was involved and if they ever solved their own family cold case. Five stars for the start of a fantastic series!

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Good romantic suspense. Likeable characters. Wonderful dog. So happy to see this is the beginning of a series. I eagerly await the next one. Lots of siblings. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

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A very good read. Had the right amount of suspense. Dahlia is looking for her sister Rose. Clues lead her to ask for help from Hudson Sibling Solutions. Grant is determined to help her get to the Truth.
This was well written, with likeable characters. So enjoyable, you can read in one sitting.
Many thanks to Netgalley for the chance to read and review this one.

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