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How to Tell the Truth

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There are some books that you find yourself recommending to others, even before you finish reading them, because they naturally find their way into your conversations and present the truth in a manner which is easy to understand and share with others. Preston Perry’s How to Tell the Truth was one of those books for me. Using vivid word pictures, honest reflection, and bold conviction this book is an encouragement for people to share their faith well and a comfort to know that it does not fully rest on their shoulders.

Perry begins by telling the reader that his aim is “to help Christians who don’t see themselves as evangelists share their faith where God has placed them, and to correct the combative way we often see evangelism and apologetics done” (5). Perry sees apologetics and evangelism as being inseparable because both involve explaining faith in a manner which the hearer is able to understand and engage with. Using examples from his own life he shows the danger of letting “pride murder your message” (109). This is one of the things which I appreciated about how Perry interacted with the reader, he began by showing some examples of times when he had to learn instead of beginning with moments of great success. The approachability which he is trying to draw the reader towards in how they present the Gospel to people is the same method he used when writing his book. While the primary goal of this book is to get the reader to think about how they present their message, Perry also takes some time explaining basic defenses of the Christian faith. I appreciated his chapter about the different approaches one makes when talking about faith to people you meet throughout your day and your family.

Preston Perry is a skilled poet, and this shows through in his writing. The images he masterfully creates to express the emotions he was feeling or to paint the scene for the reader make reading this book easy. He takes the reader along and draws your attention to teachable moments from his own life or lifts your gaze to the beauty of doing apologetics and evangelism well.

Perry takes his understanding that “sharing the gospel isn’t about making others feel bad about their past. It’s about helping them see a more hopeful future in Christ” (148) and relates it to the reader as they consider their own opportunities for sharing the Gospel. He challenges the reader to think about how they are viewing the conversations they have with others, while also not making the reader feel ashamed about possible missed opportunities. He does not try to force the reader to become a miniature version of himself, but rather desires for them to look at the skills and conversations which they naturally have as opportunities to share the Gospel.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the idea of sharing or defending their faith and wanting an uncomplicated guide for beginning to think about how to do that.

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When I heard that Preston Perry was writing a book last year, I knew it would be a must read—and y’all, it did not let this (south suburban) Chicago girl down!!

Reading this book felt like being at a coffee shop with a wise godly friend. You’ll learn a lot about Preston, how he came to faith, and how the Lord led him to love evangelism and apologetics. He doesn’t share “glory days” stories though—he’s so real and honest about all the ways he got it wrong and how the Lord (through His Word and faithful Christian mentors) helped him to grow.

But Preston doesn’t only share his story. He also gives the reader practical advice to help us be more effective in reaching people with the gospel.

I really enjoyed the way he wove his stories in with wise counsel. I also loved that this isn’t just wisdom for the extrovert—anyone with any temperament could put his suggestions into practice.

This is a book for every believer! Whether you feel like you’ve been graced with the gift of evangelism or not, we’ve all been called to share the good news. It’s relatable, accessible, edifying, and encouraging. Highly recommend!!

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Really really an inspiring book written by Preston about how God transforming his life and his life will never be the same like before. This is also my experience with God, and I really keen that any other person will experience the same way with mine and Preston's. This book will equip us to tell the beautiful truth to other person about God's love to them.

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Highly recommend this book! Preston's passion for souls is so encouraging. He tells his story & how he honed his evangelistic skills. At first, he was just consumed with winning an argument with a Jehovah's Witness. But he quickly realized that witnessing about Christ isn't about being right, it's about reaching a person's heart & soul with the Good News. Perry brings practical instruction based in Bible principles. It's a really important book!

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This book was a great blessing to me. Although I consider myself somewhat of an extrovert I don’t like confrontation.

Preston Perry did an excellent job of encouraging Christians on sharing our faith comfortably no matter what environment we are in.

Through his personal testimony and real life examples he leaves readers more confident in evangelizing the unchurched and engaging in apologetics when we are challenged by those of other religious backgrounds and beliefs.

I recommend this book to anyone that desires to become better at sharing your Christian faith.

Thank you NetGalley and Tyndale House for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.

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In this book, Preston Perry shares the story of how he came to faith in Jesus and the lessons he learned in how to and how not to share it with others. This book teaches evangelism in a loving, approachable, and honest way. His approach to evangelism is so humble and real that I hope it ignites this next generation to share the Truth well! I will definitely be recommending it to the youth in my life and also as a refresher to the older generation of christians like myself.

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I absolutely loved this fairly short, powerful book on evangelism.

Preston Perry has such an incredible gift with words. His testimony is astounding and the way he tells his story is positively gripping. I devoured this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down!

How to Tell the Truth was engaging and full of practical advice and wisdom.

I couldn’t recommend this book more.

Thanks to NetGalley and B&H Pub for my gifted e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC!

Preston Perry is an amazing speaker and poet, and this book undoubtedly proves that he’s also an amazing writer. Reading his story was amazing. Getting to learn more about God’s mighty hand in his life was incredibly rewarding. Exciting to get a copy when this comes out.

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