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Wow! I Want You More flowed with such ease, I could hardly believe I was at the end already. I wasn't expecting this to be as much of a thriller as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. I enjoyed the pace at which we see Zara start to morph into Jane and also how Jane's "reality" is revealed throughout the book. A good book generally leaves me speechless, and I can confidently say that I have no words left.

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Many thanks to the publisher for my copy - all opinions are my own.

This is a SERIOUSLY addictive book that I devoured in one tiny afternoon because I just couldn't tear myself away, and the plot flows so seamlessly from the pages. When you are thinking simmering intensity that is building to an explosive and horrifying conclusion, you would find this book as the definition in the dictionary.

Everything about this book is beautifully crafted - the pacing, the setting, the subtly menacing characters, the deepening claustrophobia, the intensity - all of it is packaged to keep to entirely invested in what is happening and what is going to happen next. Zero spoilers but hollllllly hell is it a ride and it packs a punch in the very last chapters.

This is an absolute YES for your summer TBR's - it is cannot be missed fun that will have your head spinning and your heart racing.

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ANOTHER outstanding 2024 debut by a talented new Canadian author!! I was hooked by the premise for this book that sees Persian Canadian, Jolene screwing up at working and getting assigned extra HR training only to find herself accidentally given access to all of her co-workers emails.

Funny, heartfelt and with a touch of a forbidden office romance that had me swooning and crying, this had a relatable female main character, mental health rep, a complicated family relationship, fake dating and a great cast of side characters.

Perfect for fans of The Office or The other Black girl and excellent on audio narrated by Nasim Pedrad. I can't wait to read more from Natalie Sue! Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital copy in exchange for my honest review!

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Horrifically fantastic. A terribly wonderful depiction of how a relationship can quickly devolve into an abusive one. An emotionally stunted writer with a narcissistic tv star who is desperate to keep her fame and public persona above all else. The short chapters add to the quickness with which the relationship between Zara and Jane devolves.

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From the moment I started "I Want You More", I knew I was in for a gripping ride. There was something about the way Swan Huntley set this novel up that I always felt intrigued to turn the page.

Here's a bit of the synopsis:
Zara Pines, still stunned from the death of her father and stumbling through life without finding her calling, decides to accept a job ghostwriting Jane Bailey’s memoir. Jane is the star of the hit TV cooking show ‘30 Bucks Top’ and an iconic fan favorite who feeds off the attention of others. Zara isn’t one of those fans. She’s in it for the money and can’t believe Jane wants her to spend the summer living at her East Hampton home. Zara wants to finish the project quickly and get back to her burgeoning relationship with a woman back in California. But despite the picturesque Hamptons hideout, Jane starts to shed her meticulous personality —and Zara falls prey to her manipulative antics. Just as things escalate, Jane's drama with another rising celebrity comes to an apex, thusly changing their dynamic. As Jane falls apart, it’s up to Zara to pick up the pieces. Can Zara escape before Jane controls their final days?

You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat reading this book. The beginning was so intriguing, I couldn't put it down and was excited to get back to it! As I was finishing up the book, I still had no idea how it would end and I kept allowing my mind to wander back to previous clues to help me know if Zara was the culprit here or Jane?

The best thrillers are the ones that keep you guessing all along. Thank you to Zibby Books Publishing, Swan Huntley, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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After her father dies, ghostwriter, Zara, takes a job writing for Jane, a celebrity chef who's cooking show, 30 Bucks Tops, is #1 for foodies. Things get weird pretty quickly after Zara moves in with Jane. Jane slowly starts to peel away the curated personality she keeps for the cameras and allows Zara full access, even wearing Jane's clothes. As they grow closer romantically, Jane begins to change in ways Zara didn't see coming. Will Zara be able to disentangle herself before its too late?

*Special thanks to NetGalley and Zibby Books for this e-arc.*

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The cover of the book is striking and the synopsis definitely grabs your attention, unfortunately, the writing is a miss.

Zara is a ghostwriter who takes a job for Chef Jane Bailey. To do the job Zara must move in with Jane while she’s interviewing her for the book, but once inside, Jane’s quirks become the least of Zara’s problems.

The first 100 pages of the book focus on Zara and Jane working on the interview process for the book, The story is told from Zara’s POV so her building obsession with Jane is there but very on the nose with little development as to why. However by page 101 it’s an instalove with sapphic spice littered mixed with domestic abuse and manipulation

The story lacked the character development needed for me to connect with the characters. I found Zara and Jane equally unlikable and it gave me no one to root for. I also thought the premise was a stretch; you have to suspend a lot of belief.

Overall predictable and not really enjoyable. I actually hated the ended and what the author did to the character of Zara.

Thank you Zibby Books & NetGalley for the ARC.

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I truly didn't think I would be so affected by this novel. I can't stop thinking about it. It was disturbing and at times heartbreaking. I felt like I was yelling at the TV trying to keep the girls in a horror movie from trusting the bad guys. I was sitting there watching it happen and I couldn't do anything about it and yet somehow I knew exactly how Zara felt. We start changing ourselves for the person we love because we want to please them and sometimes we don't see that it's happening for the worst because we’re inside of it. I really couldn't put this down because I had to know what came next! This was such a good novel about obsession and delusion. Something I'd recommend for all psych thriller lovers!

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Zara Pines, grieving from the loss of her dad and not sure what she is going to do now, gets a request to be a ghostwriter for celebrity chef Jane Bailey, who stars in the show 30 Bucks Tops. Zara has never heard of her, and quite frankly she hates ghostwriting, but when she discovers the fee will be $50K she quickly changes her tune. The only problem is she is insisting on Zara living at her East Hampton home for the summer .while she works on the book, and Zara just started a new relationship that seems really promising and doesn't want to mess that up. Jane Insists, so she goes to stay there, and Zara hopes she can speed things along and leave quicker than originally planned. However, the longer she is there, the more their attachment grows. Before long, Zara is wearing Jane's clothes, has her hair cut like Jane's and has even adopted some of Jane's speech and mannerisms. As the line between the two women blurs, Zara begins to see under Jane's mask, and there is a darker side that she is hiding from the cameras.

This book was so good. It was dark and twisty, and so creepy at times. Sometimes I just wanted to shake Zara and yell at her to :wake up!" , and it was frustrating when she was so blind to Jane's manipulations for so long. There are instances of physical abuse in the book if that is a trigger for you, so be forewarned. If you love a good thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you should check this out!

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Zara, a ghostwriter, takes a job writing the autobiography for celebrity chef Jane Bailey - Jane wants Zara to fully immerse herself in Jane’s life by living in her East Hampton House for a few weeks to really understand her. Zara is intrigued by Jane, she’s dynamic and beautiful, and Zara is a bit of a lost soul herself. Zara slowly, as encouraged by Jane, begins to take on Jane’s habits, mannerisms and wear her clothes, until it’s nearly impossible to tell the two apart. But sometimes there is a fine line between love, obsession, and maybe a little Stockholm syndrome…

Sometimes it’s really fun to go into a novel blind and this one was a perfect blind dive! It’s a bit of a thriller, a bit beach read and a page turner the whole way through! I picked this one up after a bunch of booksta friends had reviewed and liked it and I am so glad I did. It’s a perfect addictive summer day at the pool or beach read and what a perfect time for it to come out, right before Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you to NetGalley and Zibby Books for the ARC

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I did not expect this book to take the twist that it did! Zara is a ghostwriter who accepts a job writing for a celebrity chef named Jane Bailey. A condition of the job is that she go to the Hamptons to live with Jane while collecting information and childhood stories. While there she falls for Jane. But things in the relationship seem a little off - why do they start to dress alike? Why is she encouraged to ghost her friends? Why are Jane’s staff falsely smiling? Things are not quite what they seemed at first and Zara may not realize it until it’s too late….
This was definitely a page turner for me! I’d like to see what other books this author has written.
Thank you Netgalley and Zibby Books for the digital ARC.

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Twisted, propulsive, and weirdly believable. A fantastic read that will appeal to fans of Gone Girl and Alice Feeney titles. Huntley's style is sparse enough to be quick and specific enough to put you right in the middle of the kitchen. Loved it.

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I enjoyed reading this book with my book club, it made for a good discussion. I enjoyed the writing.

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Thank you Zibby books for the free copy of I Want You More via NetGalley. This was an unexpectedly unsetting book, in a good way; over the past 2-3 years I have noticed a movement in the suspense/horror genre for more space for women's voices to creep in with these subtle stories that are written in a way that makes the reader as uncertain, off kilter even, as the main characters might be and Swan Huntley's work here reflects this stylistic movement. I appreciate it, knowing that authors are taking the time to invite a reader into a plot that is meant to throw a reader off and to move, sometimes suddenly or in unexpected ways, into darkness.

I Want You More was the kind of book that snuck up on me, I knew I wanted to figure out where the story was going to go but also wanted to appreciate the journey to the twists. The characters were messy, the kind you want to yell at, but the progression towards the end makes it all fun to enjoy as a reader!

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This is the story of Zara who becomes a ghostwriter for celebrity chef Jane. Jane asks that Zara stay at her house while she interviews her for the book and then the craziness starts. It has single white female vibes to start out, but turns into something just a bit different. It was a quick read (2 days for me) and when I had to put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this advanced reader’s copy.

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For a while there, I was questioning why I Want You More was included in the horror genre, but the joke is on me, because it has been a very long time since any book left me as thoroughly chilled and unsettled as this one. As the plot unraveled and the tension built, the characters had been so convincingly fleshed out that their anxieties and trauma seeped right into me. A fantastic and compulsively readable dive into jealousy, obsession, and all the ways a love can sour, I Want You More is scarily relatable to so many, whether with its deeply nuanced portrayal of abuse or with the more commonplace phenomenon of losing oneself within a relationship. Even better was its look into these dynamics in wlw relationships, and the ever-pervasive question of “do I want to be her, or do I want to be with her?”. The best book I’ve read in a long time - highly recommended. Thanks to NetGalley and Zibby Books for the e-ARC!

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I think I just read this at the wrong time and am going to hopefully go back to it when I'm in a better headspace to try it again. Regardless this will be a good one for many people!

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What the eff did I just read?

Reeling from her father’s death, Zara Pines accepts a ghostwriting gig for celebrity chef Jane Bailey. Jane, star of the wildly popular cooking show 30 Bucks Tops, invites Zara to live in her East Hampton home for the summer. Zara doesn’t want to go, but Jane insists.

As the story unfolds the two women become close and Zara becomes obsessed with Jane, dressing like her, talking like her, acting like her - until the line between them blurs.

You will never see this ending coming. Dark and twisty in all the best ways, I Want You More is fast-paced and intensely bingeable. It’s written with a sense of humor you rarely find in thrillers. I devoured this in a single day. Pack it in your beach bag – it’s the perfect summer read!

Thank you to @zibbybooks and @Netgalley for an advanced reader copy. All opinions are my own.


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**Thank you to NetGalley and Zibby Books for the eARC of this title!**

This one felt like it had a lot of potential with an incredible cover and a synopsis that really grabbed me. Following the death of her father, Zara takes a job ghostwriting a book for a very well-known celebrity chef.

Things get weird pretty much right away when the celebrity chef tells Zara she will be living with her, and is just a bit ~too~ touchy with Zara. I didn’t find this one to be twisty or thrilling, but I did appreciate the commentary on the idolization of celebrities. I really enjoyed the writing a lot and would give this author another chance for sure. The story just wasn’t for me unfortunately.

I think this one will work for fans of celebrity gossip, light thrillers, obsession, and the idea of meeting your idols.

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Zara takes a job as a ghostwriter to celebrity chef, Jane Bailey. As Zara begins to fall in love with Jane, she gets to know a side of her the public doesn’t see.

This story has an ending that just leaves you aghast. I was not expecting the story to take the turn it did. It’s a pretty usual and normal story (very interesting and entertaining) for the majority, and then it unravels very quickly at the end. There is a sense of doom beforehand and you have a sense it’s about to turn. I really enjoyed this book but found myself extremely frustrated at times. You’ll want to scream at the characters.

“The line between us continued to blur. But isn’t that the definition of love? A blurred line between two people?”

I Want You More comes out 5/21.

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