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365 Talks with Jesus

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This is not your average children’s book. I have never seen a children’s book like this. It has a lot of pages! But, why not? And, I love Amy Parker books! This is a great discipling tool for preschoolers and could also be used with younger elementary age children.

This is their own book of 365 prayers. A great way to teach a child the habit of praying along with learning to develop prayers based upon what is going on in their lives.

The book contains 20 chapters including prayers for topics like-
When I am Happy
When I am Sad
When I am Angry
When I Feel Alone
When I Need Help
When I Need to Share
When I Have to do Hard Things
When I Don’t Understand
When I Wonder About God

Each chapter includes multiple prayer examples to pray with your child. The prayers can be used in order or by topic so that the child can be led through prayer during a particular circumstance. Overall, a great resource.

I received this book from the author/publisher free of charge, with no expectation of a positive review.

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Very informative and interesting book. I highly write recommend it. Very educational. Very enjoyable

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Great Book For Easter or Anytime!

Sweet Prayers for kids! This would be a great addition to your home for your child/grandchild or any children in your life! A Great Spring and Easter gift. You could also donate one to you church nursery!

I love that you can choose the prayers that can apply to what they are experiencing… being sad, mad, afraid!

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from NetGalley on behalf of the Publisher and was under no obligation to post a favorable review.

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Sweet, simple Bible-based prayers pair with adorable illustrations to create this wonderful book for littles. Read one prayer each day or search through the topics to find just what your child needs in the moment. The prayers are simple enough for little ones to understand and remember, yet profound enough to be the foundation of a lifetime of prayer. Highly recommend!

Thank you to the publisher for an advanced review copy. Opinions expressed are completely my own.

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First sentence: Dear Parent, This little book is a collection of 365 simple, Bible-based prayers to spark conversations between your little ones and Jesus. We believe prayer—seeking Jesus every day, in every way—is the most transformational tool with which we can empower our children. And the earlier we start, the better. We have carefully written these prayers to be relatable to preschoolers, in language they can understand. Each short prayer can be read aloud by the parent and includes a quick, bold line for your child to repeat before saying, “Amen.”

This prayer book for young children [toddlers through lower elementary] contains 365 prayers. These prayers are arranged in thematically into sections: "When I Am Happy," "When I Am Sad," "When I Am Afraid," "When I Am Thankful," "When I Worry," "When I Am Angry," When I Feel Alone," "When Someone is Mean," "When I Need to Share," "When I Need Help," "When I Need to Forgive," When I Need Peace," "When I've Done Something Wrong," "When I Don't Know What To Do," "When I Have to Do Hard Things," "When I Don't Understand," "When I Wonder About God," "When I Wonder About Jesus," "When I Wonder About the Bible," "When I Wonder About Heaven."

The prayers are straight-forward, kid-friendly, relatable, concise, not overly flowery, not unnaturally rhyming. In other words, everything I personally think a kid's prayer book should be.

My first impression is that I would have absolutely LOVED this book as a kid. I think I would have worn out a copy of it. Not because it being poorly made, but because I could imagine my younger self praying some of these sections through OFTEN. I appreciate the child's point of view that has been kept front and center. Will every reader find it authentic? I can only say that I found it authentic.

As an adult I appreciate the doctrinal skeleton upon which these prayers are built. There is a strong biblical foundation. I feel--for whatever it's worth--that the author of these prayers is familiar with the Word of God, values the Word of God, upholds the Word of God as being the VERY (actual) Word of God.

This book certainly could be read cover to cover, one prayer a day. BUT I think the value is in the fact that you can use it as a resource. As many times a day as you want, for example, and matching the prayer with the day's experiences and emotions. This book isn't necessarily something to "check off" a list, a "duty" to be done. It is a practical, in-the-moment guide to ease parents and young children into prayer. Again, I think the emphasis is not pray these exact prayers forever and ever. I think it is a way to train hearts and minds to talk naturally with God. I wouldn't be surprised if the ultimate goal was for little ones to begin praying their own words to God.

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