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I had just finished book one when I was granted this ARC. I was extremely excited and had high standards going into it. The Cursed certainly did not disappoint. I loved every moment of it! The narration really brought it to life, and I feel like I need to listen to book one so I can get that same experience. It was very dark and ominous but overall a great listen. I felt like the narrator for Grey did a fantastic job sounding edgy and giving that ominous feel. A very special thank you to Netgalley, Harper L. Woods, and Dreamscape Media for this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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If you enjoyed book one you will love this one. The audiobook was amazing and I really enjoyed it. I was so excited to get this one.

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With demons, witches, familiars, werewolf-like creatures who lurk in a forbidden forest and now angels in the mix, The Cursed was another darkly atmospheric read from Harper L. Woods. Hollows Grove university for witches is now under new rule after Willow unwittingly opened the seal that contained Lucifer the Morningstar and allowing him to rise from the bowels of hell claiming his witchling as his consort as he did so. Full of twist and turns, secrets and revelations, their forbidden romance sizzles as Willow realises the full extent of her magical abilities in strength going from the easily manipulated young girl to the powerful witch, she was always meant to be, taking her place as the Covenant, but nothing is as it seems, and Willow might have yet another destiny to fulfil. There was fantastic character growth as well as Willow realised how everyone around her had manipulated her for their own ends but not before yet another shocking cliff hanger that leaves me hopeful of more from this series.

I loved the book, but the narration provided by Ellis Evans and Emilia Bauer brought The Cursed to life. To begin with I did think that Ellis’ characterisation of Gray was done in a bit of a monotone but the more I listened, I began to realise that his performance had a sinister edge to it making him sound all the more ominous and giving me all the chills while Emilia’s portrayal of the teenage Willow, torn between her love for Gray and her duty to the witches as Covenant was spot on. Together these narrators did justice to one of my favourite releases this year.

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Before going into my review I have to say that, like for book 1, I had great expectations for The Cursedbut I was disappointed yet again. Sometimes it happens that a book or a series really isn´t for us, and this series is mine. It was truly a struggle.

Thank you to Net Galley and Dreamscape for giving me the possibility to listen to the audiobook. Like always Dreamscapemedia Productions was very good, even if during the male actor chapter there was a faint noise that was a little annoying before I got used to it.
Still, the actors did a very good job voicing the various characters and I give two stars solely for this.

Storywise this book was as bad as the first one. For the first 80% nothing happens, and I really really really didn´t like any of the characters.
A couple of the side characters were more interesting than the protagonists and of all the books I have read this year I think this one was one of the worst regarding the plot.

So yeah, 2 stars, and I consider myself generous.

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Ummm obsessed!!!!!! Grey & Willow (melting) I really liked this book, however I listen to the audio and just wished the voice for grey was a little deeper.

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I took receiving this arc as my time to finally read the first one and I'm both happy and sad I waited. Happy because I did not have to wait to slide into the second one.
Sad because I didn't get to read it sooner.

I'm not sure why I thought this was going to be a duology, but thinking so I was so nervous how the whole book was going to end because STUFF. KEEPS. HAPPENING!!!!


I beg the book gods to help me through this time of need

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This was not the book for me but as far as the writing goes and the audio production, I do think it is enjoyable.

The audio was well done and fit the story well. The writing flowed well and the story moved at a good pace.

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Morningstar in part 2 of this series about a forbidden, unique relationship of the creator of vampires, Lucifer himself and his fated witchling. Demons, Angels, Witches and Vampires collide!

Now, in his true form, Lucifer aka Gray is “wed” to Willow, powerful, feared and awed by some. Willow and her coven of witches plot to end Gray in order to restore the coven from his evil chaos, while battling her deep desire and love for him. Little does she know, someone in her coven is willing to see her dead in order to do so.
Gray, on the other hand, just wants Willow to love him and build a life with her. Wants to make his home together, with her. He wants all of Willow and wants her to stay willingly, not be held captive.

Filled with serious spice and smut! This sequel will leave readers wanting more, in which the conclusion hints at a further extension…so I hope! I know there have been quite a few reviews that bashed this sequel as lacking, poor plot and writing, but I absolutely disagree! I listened to the audiobook which was super good!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC!

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Yet another excellent audiobook production! I patiently waited for the chance to listen to the audiobook rather than read The Cursed when it was released, a hard wait as I was so ready for the continuation of the series.

The Cursed picks up where we left off with Willow and Gray in The Coven, betrayal still fresh between them, but this book follows their journey together and it was yet another fabulous book in the series. I say series because while I expected merely a duology, it's clear with events in this book it will be a more sweeping series and I am here for it!

This one is even spicier than the first book and even darker. If you read and liked The Coven, don't wait to read The Cursed, be ready to delve deeper into the world of Crystal Hollow.

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I truly wanted to give this 5 stars. As i have loved this duet. It lost a star due to not wrapping things up. While i do understand that was to set up a spinoff for other characters. There is still so much for willow and gray that have been left unanswered on how it will play out. It made everything happening in the last 10% of the book feel rushed and incomplete. But overall i did truly enjoy Willow and Grays journey. The narrators were good

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I am wholly obsessed with anything that Harper writes, because it is so gripping and truly such incredible story telling. With every book that comes out, I fall instantly more in love with the characters, the world, and the story that Harper is giving us.

I could not put this audiobook down, I was listening to it all the time and falling more and more in love with it, with every second I listened.

Obsessed with this audiobook!

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This book, overall, was a 4 star read for me. The story was interesting, kept me enthralled and wanting to know what would happen next. Gray and Willow have a real roller coaster of a relationship and this book is mostly them trying to navigate their new reality after ending of The Coven. For narration, it is a 3 star read. The male narrator was fine, good variation in voices and inflection that matched the scene. The female narrator, however, was not my favorite. Whenever she was voicing a male character, the voice was the same for them all-deep, and they talked in slow motion with almost no emotion. The inflection on sentences always seemed just a little bit off, and tone sometimes didn’t match the situation.

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I absolutely loved both the book and the audiobook! Reading the book first made Gray's voice in the audiobook hit me hard – total mind-blower. The different voices for distinct POVs in the audiobook added a whole new layer of richness to the story, amping up the overall experience. The narrators did a killer job conveying a range of emotions, letting listeners really feel the characters' vibes—whether it's love, hatred, fear, surprise, or care. This book is an emotional rollercoaster, and the audiobook captures every little detail brilliantly. If you enjoyed the book, or if you're on the lookout for a gripping new read, I totally recommend giving the audiobook a spin.

A massive thanks to Harper L. Woods and Dreamscape Media for hooking me up with the audiobook ARC through Netgalley! 🎧📚

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No spoilers. Beyond amazing I enjoyed this audiobook so very much. The characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming Could not put down nor did I want to. Truly Amazing and appreciated the whole story. This is going to be a must listen for many many readers. Maybe even a book club pick.

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The follow-up to Harper L. Woods' "The Coven" we follow Willow in her continuation to gain her footing in the witchy space within the Coven. However, how is she supposed to navigate the politics when there is no more Coven? Who can Willow trust when the man she thought she cared for tricked her into using her, and killing her, in order to come back into his own body? Who are Willow's true friends, when everyone feels like a stranger?

This was certainly a very enjoyable novel, with a decent amount of spice. However, unlike the first novel I think there were some points where the plot became unclear, or some of the details became too convenient. Certainly still enjoyable though. Also some of the audio quality was slightly less desirable than the first in that the voices seemed to start sounding the same, and one or two became slightly wearing. I would still recommend to anyone wanting a decent romantasy listen though!

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Thank you to Harper L Woods, NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for the audio ARC of The Cursed.

This one just didn't hit the same as the first book. The plot got lost in the smut which made the book feel unnecessarily long. The FMC was just annoying and there was too much drama for no reason.

I was not a fan of the the female narrator but really enjoyed the male narrator.

Overall, it wasn't bad, it was just a bit too long for me.

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I enjoyed the overall arc from The Coven into The Cursed, but felt that this one should have ended about 3/4 of the way through, rather than gearing up for a 3rd installment. It felt like everything was wrapping up nicely, and then it just kept going. End end/set up for the next book felt unnecessary.

That being said, I enjoyed the story as a whole. I think it was a good mix of darkness with some happiness, finding the light in the darkness, and power of love mixed in.

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I received this an audiobook ARC from Dreamscape Media through Netgalley. Thank you for approving me for this book, I really do appreciate it!

This is the second book in the Coven of Bones series. This series is a dark fantasy romance.

The audio performance for this book was great. I really like that it had dual narratives to match the different POVs. I would say personally, I didn't like when the female would change her voice to act out the male parts but that is strictly my opinion. Other than that, the narrators' voices matched the characters they were narrating.

The romance in this book was fantastic. The dynamic between Willow and Gray was wonderful. I really enjoyed that there was growth in their persons as well as their relationship. The spice was spot on. I would say 3.5🌶. There was spice all through the entire book, open door, and explicit. Gray could be more described as a Dom and there was a scene with "backdoor" play.

The plot was very fast paced and enjoyable to listen too. The political/religious aspect of the book was hard to read only because it went against morals, personally. but it does not reflect the story as it was well written.

Overall, the narrating, plot and romance was very good. If you enjoy witches, demons, romance, dark fantasy, touch her/him and die, spice, and a good plot. Then you will very much enjoy this book!

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Full review...see @nice_to_read_ya

oof ok. super hard to talk about The Cursed without giving anything away! This series is shaping up to be short, dark and easy to consume. I read both books in the span of a weekend and now I'm keen to see where the storyline goes. Especially with Margo's closing words!

In the mood for something dark and spicy? Give this one a go friends (after you've checked the trigger warnings of course!). Now...whilst I wait for the next instalment, you'll find me reading another of Harper's series...Of Flesh & Bone!

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This is the second book in the duet. I absolutely loved the first book and this was a good finish to the duet.

About this book:
∘ Dark Paranormal Romance
∘ Witches & Demons
∘ Elemental Magic
∘ Dark Academia/Gothic vibes
∘ Enemies to Lovers
∘ "Touch her and you die"
∘ Villain gets the girl

The Cursed picks up exactly where The Coven ended. There was so much in book one that I did expect more from this book.

I will say that I absolutely loved Gray and his character really carried the book for me.

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