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3.5⭐️ 3🌶️ 4🎧
- MF
- Morally Grey MMC
- Primal
- Possessive MMC
- Enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers
- Blood Play
- Bondage

The Coven was definitely one of my top reads so far this year, so I have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Cursed. After that cliffhanger I needed to know what happened next with Willow and Gray.

This book started with a bang and I was riveted! There were so many manipulations and betrayals.

Gray was the definition of morally grey and while I love him to pieces there were things he did that definitely made me uncomfortable in all the right ways, most of the time, but not always. He was willing to do anything to protect Willow even if it meant she hated him for it.

I love Willow, I really do. But there were times when I wanted to shake some sense into her. She definitely needed the tough love Gray gave her in order for her to shake off her fear and become the baddie she was meant to be.

I am a little bit confused because this was being advertised as a now complete duet but there is no way that this story is done. I feel like we might start following some other characters for a book or two, but I don’t see how this can be the last book from Willow and Gray’s POV.

I loved Emilia Bauer as Willow and while I really enjoy Ellis Evan’s voice, I still feel like his voice is too youthful sounding for Grey, but it didn’t prevent me from enjoying his narration.

I am also glad that TW are now being included in the audiobooks. I can’t tell you how many audiobooks I’ve read where the TW weren’t included and I feel like they are so necessary.

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The Maiden.
The Mother.
The Crone.

So in the first book it felt like not much happening and then everything happened in the last chapter. I feel like the pace was similar in this book however there was more information spread throughout.

I really loved this book though. It was a great continuation of the story and the ending really opened up an interesting new direction for the plot!

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Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to listen to the audiobook. I was initially excited to delve into the story; however, I discovered that it contains elements of dub-con, which is not my preferred genre. I appreciate the warning in the audio, but unfortunately, this is not a theme I'm comfortable with. I believe my feedback would be more valuable to someone who enjoys this type of content. Despite this, I want to express my gratitude for the chance to experience the book.

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I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be an ARC reviewer of this audiobook! The Cursed" by Harper L. Woods is a captivating tale woven with intricate threads of elemental magic, an independent protagonist, and a dynamic group of friends. I found myself thoroughly engaged in the mystical world created by Woods.

The elemental magic of the witches in the story is a standout feature that adds depth and excitement to the narrative. Personally, I would like to be a green witch. I love the way Willow brings the wilted gardens back to life. I really enjoyed Willow’s character development in this second installment. Her independence, bravery, and compassion make her a compelling lead.

While Willow shines as the lead, the male main character, Grey, left me somewhat conflicted. I struggled to connect with him, and I yearned for a deeper exploration of his perspective. The love story between Willow and Grey, while passionate, seemed initially reliant on their physical relationship. He came off as obsessed, more so than deeply in love. I did appreciate that he was devoted and supportive of Willow. My favorite quote was "I told you already, Witchling. You aren't alone anymore."

One of the book's delightful elements is the sassiness of Jonathan, Willow's familiar. His presence adds a touch of humor to the narrative. His interactions with Grey were absolutely hilarious.

The most compelling aspect was the genuine friendship between Willow and her friends, Della, Margot, and Nova. Amidst all the backstabbing and scheming, their genuine connection stands out in a very relatable way.

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Let me start this review by saying that the audio narrators for this book are great.
The first book in this series had a ton of potential and while it wasn't my favorite book ever, I did enjoy it and was interested in reading the second book. This book however just wasn't doing it for me. Again, I feel like it had a lot of potential and the story could have been amazing but it fell a little flat for me. I will say I love Gray and I loved the spice level of the book but I prefer my spice with a bit more plot. I thought Willow was a bit annoying if I"m being honest.

I really wanted to like this more than I did and that makes me sad.

Thank you NetGalley, Dreamscape Media and Harper Woods for the ARC Audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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3/5 ⭐️
2/5 🌶️

Didn’t love it as much as the first one. I’m slightly disappointed. It felt rushed and just wasn’t as great as the coven.

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The Cursed💀
By Harper L. Wood’s🍂


I absolutely loved the first book in the series. This was a good follow-up, but it didn’t have exactly the same level of intensity. It’s definitely a dark romance with some twisted scenes between the two main characters. If you enjoy when a female lead tries to kill the male lead, you bill definitely like this. Besides romance, this book has a great deal of action, mystery, and shocking plot twists. Witch and demon lovers, this is for you.

Please check trigger warning ⚠️

Age gap😘
Enemies to lovers🔥
Dark romance🥵
Forced marriage💍
Dark fantasy😈

4 stars

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The way I was taken, reading it in two full sittings and staying up way later than I should have. I devoured every. single. page. Set in the gothic facade of Hollow's Grove University, you are completely absorbed by story from the very first chapter. The two main characters are strong, mysterious and leave you wanting more. The chemistry between both of them is evident from the beginning and you know, things are HOT between them. There is a unique and incredibly interesting magic system hooked me right in, I desperately need to know more about it in the next book. This ticked all the boxes for me - magic, demons, vampires and a seriously sexy, broody couple, hell bent on revenge on each other. I've read both the physical and audio versions of the book and I do highly (HIGHLY) recommend the audio. Both narrators are spectacular together!

Is The Coven for you?
✔️ age gap romance
✔️ secret identities
✔️ forbidden romance
✔️ enemies to lovers
✔️ Fierce FMC
✔️ Touch her and die
✔️ Blood bonds

Thank you to Dreamscape Media & NetGalley for an advanced copy of audio version. The Cursed is available now in hardcopy and ebook and the audio released December 12, 2023.

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I really wanted to like this but it just did not meet the expectations I had for the follow up to The Coven. I don't think the book was bad at all but it definitely had a lot of unused potential. What this did have was amazing spice! It seemed like The Cursed was more focused on the romance than the plot, which is okay for some people but it left me wanting more. I needed a deeper plot, more plot twists, and more character development. That being said, this was still pretty enjoyable and I think fans of The Coven should still give it a try.

Thank you to the publishers and netgalley for this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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