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Dark Clowder Cats

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This was a strong sequel in the Clowder Cats series, it had everything that I enjoyed from the first books. The characters were everything that I was expecting and glad I got to continue this series. Ruby Knight has a great writing style and it left me wanting to read more in this world.

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Storm, the next in line to be leader of the Clowder Cats, is struggling with cadet school. Feeling the need to always be the best, she struggles with her lack of skills and attention. When the Clowder becomes in trouble she must step up and protect all that she loves.

“Dark Clowder Cats” by Ruby Knight is a super cute story about cats. Cats, cats and more cats. It is adorable but was a little tedious and slow for some parts. It would be a good book for kids. All in all, it is a good read and I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

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Princess Fuzzypants here: There are some stories that you can pick up on the second or third book and never miss a beat. This is not one of them. Read the first book, which I loved, first. It will give you the background to enjoy this second one that focuses on the next generation of kits, especially Storm and Still, half brother and sister with a common mother. Their upbringings could not have been more different. They each approach the other with suspicion but discover a bond that may be the only hope for their two clowders to survive.

It will not be easy. Storm and Still will make many mistakes, some of the violent and deadly, before they come to realize that for their kind to survive, all cats must respect each other and their clowders and work together for the safety and well being of all. The journey will be far and perilous for both. But in the course of it, they become very different kits to whom they were when they started. And Storm develops into the leader that is needed who will make her father very proud.

It is an exciting story and the reader gets swept along in this feline world in which humans play a small but destructive role. I am looking forward to the third instalment. Five purrs and two paws up.

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